The Latina Divas (Shakira and J-Lo) share the blame in the sexualized culture

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Christians and other Conservatives leaders have been rightfully crying fowl over this years Super Bowl Halftime show. One such leader called for the return of Marching Bands based on how that musical collective must truly work together to make their music and movement work. It would be a return to some kind of family friendly entertainment, and parents would not have to put the kids to bed early because of some kind of pagan pop culture mess that has become the new normal regarding the halftime show at the Big Game.

I wrapped my series on Beauty with this last minute topic called the Super Bowl LIV Halftime show. Now that I have dealt with lack of Beauty and how to reclaim it. I want to attack the deeper social and cultural ramifications regarding Shakira and Jennifer Lopez’s (or J-Lo) halftime show.

Now I would agree with the likes of Franklin Graham and John Stonestreet (of the Colson Center/Breakpoint) that the men are getting the benefits of the so called sexual liberation. Stonestreet went even further (but in a different piece) and pointed out how publicists, stylists, and talent management companies actually mold up and coming artists into their image and not necessarily to their benefit…nor their honest and true self. In short these pop musicians are becoming a character and what even more dangerous than playing your character on record or in concert is becoming that character 24 hours a day, seven days a week. No wonder the entertainment industry is dysfunctional in so many ways. Where is Mr. Rogers when you really need him? His message about children just being who they are…sure some common sense improvements can be made, but just being who they are and what God created them to be and who they can be.

That said, how much blame does Shakira and J-Lo share? I say that they do share a good amount of blame. Certain women especially those who call themselves feminists complain about being sexuality exploited (yes and no), but on the flip side they want to use their own sexuality to empower not only the “fair sex,” but certainly themselves…hands down This is one reason why our media actually defend the actions of these popular music divas. They do it because it actually advances one of the many causes they believe in. That being the empowerment of women if not full blown feminism (including abortion/preborn baby murder) and couple that with the stealth free love agenda.

British media personality Piers Morgan who is no Conservative by any means, did call out Ellen DeGeneres and the UK girl pop group Little Mix for showing off way too much skin (well Ellen showed other men and not her skin), but that struck a nerve with the Grande women. Both mother and her famous daughter Ariana tried to beat Morgan in a social media handicap match but Morgan held his own. Women can be sexual and talented and yes Ariana has the body and the voice to match, but is getting naked and scantly clad going to too far? Shakira and J-Lo might have not locked horns with Morgan, but I am sure they strongly agree with the Grande women. In fact I strongly think most pop divas have the same mind set including the grand dame of popular music in our age Madonna.

The bottom line is the women are equally guilty as the men in all of this. Yes it is still a man’s world statically when it comes to management in the business world. I am not for sexual exploitation and we need to enforce any sexual crimes. But we need to hold the women accountable as much as we hold certain creepers (all men can be to various degrees) and other men who take in the skin.

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