The “Leading From Behind” Failure

The United States under the leadership of this President has lost the will to win. Instead we are giving in to the political correctness of those in leadership positions, allowing Islamic terrorism to spread and gain footholds in many different areas of the world including our own country. This administration has ignored this spread, leaving an opening to the vulnerability of attacks here in our country.
Not being willing to take on the Islamic State and all other organizations of radical Islamic terrorism has lead to the expansion of radical Jihad, and allowed recruiting to expand because they know that the United States who should be a world leader is “leading from behind” which means no leadership at all. By our actions we are condoning the premise that Islamic Terrorism is a form of political expression, and that our nation under this President will continue to make excuses for the deaths of innocent citizens. It will come here, and it will be caused by the ideological shortcomings of this President and this Administration.
We have a leader who is more concerned about global warming that the threat to national security that radical Islam has become. The only way to secure our national security is to be on the attack, to overwhelm the bastions of terrorism that are spread throughout the world. We need to remove rules of engagement that preclude strikes that may involve casualties of civilians. Islamic terrorists are among the civilian population, as Hamas does in the attacks on Israel. We need to let those generals on the ground to make decisions for force protection.
Border security is important. This administration must be made to understand that our borders are the first line of defense for protection of this country. Obama claims that he will do everything in his power to maintain security of this country and yet will not close the borders. He wants the American people to believe it will never come here even though it has been proven that there are Islamic training centers in this country, and over 1000 FBI investigations ongoing. They are here, this administration knows they are here and has done nothing to stop the influx of terrorists into this country.
Contrary to the opinion of these politicians there is no moral obligation to take in Syrian refugees who are not vetted. The moral obligation is to the security of this nation, something this administration has been proven to ignore. Obama has even increased the number of screening outposts in Iraq, Lebanon, and the Middle East to further the influx of refugees before the American people demand a stop to the flow of unvetted refugees, many men of fighting age to this country. And who is in charge of this vetting process that Obama speaks so highly of? They are clerks of the DHS who the intelligence agencies have turned over the vetting process to, even though they have already stated that there is no way to vet these refugees.
Whaqt can we expect from a President that has alienated our allies and treated our adversaries as equals. We have President who is willing to negotiate with the Taliban, and now floating the idea of diplomatically taking with the Islamic State. Everyone outside of this administration understands that IS will not be beaten diplomatically, and whose only concern is world domination and a new Caliphate. This is the same President who abandoned the gains the blood and treasure of this country gained in Iraq. Our President cut and run from Iraq to make a point that he was not Bush. Iraq was on the path to a democratic way of life until Obama turned and ran, and now we have the Islamic State who threatens all. Afghanistan will fall as well, but it will be after Obama leaves office and the next President will be blamed.
Obama has no coherent foreign policy for the protection of this country or the leadership skills required to do anything but capitulate to the goals of others. Obamas foreign policy is to force America to be and look more like Europe. Our foreign policy is adrift, and is being damaged worldwide by this administration and its show of weakness. This vacuum of leadership has turned the world into a cauldron of fiery attacks with nothing coming from this administration but excuses. There is no follow through on policy. The “red line” for Syrias use of chemical weapons was ignored to the point of Obama saying he never said it. This allowed Putin and other world leaders to discount the word of Obama and once again showed his weakness. The opportunity for Russia, China and Iran to change the world to meet the expectations they have are no longer limited.
Rather than change his foreign policy as needed Obama spends his time touting his policies that have been proven failures, both foreign and domestic. Obama was an articulate black man who came along at the right time. He was elected our President not for any talent or his ability to bring people together. That was his campaign promise. Race relations have turned ugly, and more and more of the people in this country are choosing to tune out of the challenges that this administration has forced upon us. There is no substance to Obama, he is nothing more than a community organizer who likes to give things away for votes. Obama can’t do the hard work required of a President of the largest free nation in the world. Obama is more comfortable in dictating what the country and world at large should do. He feels that no one should dispute any of his proclamations, the proclamations of a narcissistic dictator.
The Islamic State is expanding throughout the world including here in the United States because they understand that “political correctness” has stolen from the western world the preparedness to win a global struggle. They understand that the progressives worldwide have fallen back into an isolationist mode that attempts to use diplomacy in all circumstances, and have lost the will to use force to protect the citizens of their countries. In the minds of the progressives, this is a legal issue, and attempt to hold terrorists criminally liable for their actions. They fail to understand that this is a global war, a war of submission, a conflict that will only end in the destruction of one side or the other.
In contrast we have a President who sees no conflict in bringing in more refugees. He used the refugees to attempt to denigrate Republicans, saying they were scared of “widows and orphans.” Women have been used as suicide bombers and children as young as three are using teddy bears to learn how to slice infidels throats.
Let’s look to some of these refugees that had been vetted before the mass exodus of refugees we are facing now. There were the Boston Bombers Tamerlan and Dzhokhar Tsarnaev. Ramzi Yousef, let through JFK Airport without documentation, to plot the 1993 World Trade Center bombing. Mir Aimal Kansi, the refugee who committed the CIA headquarters shooting in 1993. Nuradin Abdi convicted of planning a shopping mall bombing after entering the United States twice. These are just a few, how many more are laying in wait. And these terrorists were all vetted. With the advent of sanctuary cities the illegal alien and refugees challenges have been compounded
Our country is under siege, from both actors outside our borders and within. With a President who has no love for this country and prefers to let others do the heavy lifting while “leading from behind” it will be a tumultuous year until Obama is gone and our pride in our country can be redeemed.

John Velisek USN (Ret.)

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