The Left is Running Fake ‘Alt-Right’ Accounts in Order to Make Trump Look Bad

alt-right-fake-accountsHillary Clinton has almost as many racist supporters as Donald Trump, so why is there an inordinate focus on the multiple, strangely anonymous ‘Alt-Right’ accounts?

Both liberals and conservatives have been worrying that Donald Trump has a significant amount of support from the “Alt-Right,” a faction of conservatives who are heavily tuned into racial differences to the point of sounding racist. But who are these supporters?

I have about 9,000 Facebook friends and followers, mostly political folks on the right, and cannot identify a single one who is Alt-Right. I posted a query on my Facebook page asking if anyone identifies as Alt-Right, and no one responded affirmatively. I have over 17,000 followers on Twitter and I have never seen even one borderline racist comment from them either.

The left is straining to make a connection between the Alt-Right and Trump, despite the fact that Trump has disclaimed white supremacists who support him. They are promptly kicked to the curb if discovered officially connected to his presidential run.

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