The Leftist Profile

An accurate profile can accurately predict certain behaviors.  To construct an accurate profile of most Leftists, all you need to do is consider what motivates them.  (By the way—to clarify: I am talking about “Leftists” here, most of whom are assuredly not “Liberals.”  “Liberals” believe in the free and open exchange of ideas.  Instead of burning, pillaging, destroying, rioting, and assaulting in response to the expression of ideas with which he or she disagrees, a true and honest “Liberal” will say: “I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it.”  I ask you—does that sentiment hold any discernible sway in any notable Leftist institution or individual nowadays—apart from rare exceptions?)

So, an accurate Profile of a typical Leftist can be boiled down to one supreme motivation:  Control.  (And to clarify further—I intend an evaluation of the Leftist ruling class.  The rank-and-file people on the Left may personally share this motivation, to one extent or another—or maybe not at all—but I want to examine the larger agenda of those who actually drive the movement; it is not my intention to impugn the sincerely-held convictions of individuals, but rather, to diagnose the root cause of what defines the Left as a movement).

I submit that if you carefully examine virtually any policy position advocated by the Left, you can trace it right back to this wellspring of Control.  This explains why the policies of the Left are, at every point, antithetical to freedom and liberty—because freedom and liberty are the opposite of tyranny…And what is tyranny but an implement of Control, as exercised by bullies with either fists on the playground, or with guns and tanks on a larger scale?  No wonder that Leftists are trying to destroy Religious freedom; because Leftists think they should be the ones to be obeyed, that makes God their biggest Competitor!

CLARIFICATION:  It will be indignantly protested that the Left is all about “freedom and liberty.”  However, in many cases, whenever the Left does ostensibly embrace the notions of freedom and liberty, what it is actually advocating is the abuse of these concepts—such as what you see the Left has done in the realm of sexual hedonism, for example.  But, this is no argument in favor of the assertion that the Left supports genuine freedom and liberty in principle, because the abuse of freedom and liberty is the quickest and surest way to ensure the destruction and loss of freedom and liberty, leaving a person desperate and, thus, vulnerable to—surprise, surprise—someone else’s control.  And if you don’t understand that, then you are part of the problem…

Here’s another noteworthy example:  Except in the case of genuine or self-imposed ignorance, Leftists understand very well what stimulates and strengthens an economy (as did Republicans Calvin Coolidge and Ronald Reagan, and Democrat John F. Kennedy)—but Leftists would prefer to exercise more control over a less prosperous economy, rather than have less control over a more prosperous economy (although the vaunted central planners of Socialism always make allowances for themselves to reside in opulent ivory-tower palaces and Kremlins, regardless of the squalid rat-holes in which their hapless subjects are forced to exist).

Apply this Profile like a reverse algorithm to almost every Leftist policy, and it will lead you right back to the same starting point.  You’ve heard the old maxim: “Follow the money”—in this case, just “Follow the motivation.”  Leftist Control equals—no freedom of Speech (because such a “Liberal” idea will only be considered subversive to the Supremacist State; “Freedom of Speech” is only beneficial to Leftists when they are in the minority, as a tool to propagate their poison ideas and sell them to the masses, but free expression will be swiftly quashed whenever it has given Leftists the advantage of a “controlling” majority and, thus, outlived its usefulness—just look at nearly any college or university campus for microcosmic evidence of this)…no Religious freedom (because the Supremacist State simply cannot accept anyone saying: “We must obey God rather than men” [Acts 5:29]—for obvious reasons)…no Second Amendment…no economic freedom (which is what “Capitalism” really is, in a nutshell)…no secure borders…no Right to Life for unborn babies (because what can strip unfettered sexual “freedom and liberty” away from a mother or a father more thoroughly than the burdensome and constraining responsibility of an unwanted pregnancy?)…no Strict Constructionist judiciary that abides by the original intent of the Constitution (because, obviously, the Founding Fathers designed the Constitution to be a protection from the Supremacist State, not an implement of it—and the only way you can pervert the Constitution from being a defender of freedom into being a destroyer of freedom is to divest it of any and all objective meaning whatsoever—which distortion is most conveniently within the purview of its “interpreters,” which is why Leftists love judicial appointments).

And it is no coincidence that, for the most part, the same depraved Leftist thinking that strongly approves of taking the life of an innocent unborn baby also disapproves—with equal tenacity—of taking the life of a guilty murderer.  That sounds an awful lot like a Biblical reference from the book of the Hebrew Prophet Ezekiel, on an occasion when God was pronouncing woes against “foolish prophets,” the kind of people who desire to “put to death some who should not die, and to keep others alive who should not live”—and what is the mechanism for this twisted advocacy?—”lying to My people who listen to lies” (Ezek. 13:19, NASB).  “Lying to people who listen to lies”—isn’t that a perfect description of the Left and its victims (whether willing or not)?

Try it for yourself, and just see if you can’t accurately predict what a Leftist position will be on almost any issue whatsoever.  (I say “almost” any issue, merely because I have not considered every possible issue imaginable, and I want to leave some room for a potential exception—which, I strongly suspect, even if there was one, would be an extremely rare and insignificant anomaly).  If you could predict sports outcomes with this degree of accuracy, you would sweep Vegas like a wildfire—and you would be quickly escorted out of Vegas by those who prefer to exercise more “control” over the betting outcomes of their gambling interests…

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