The Legacy of George Soros Part 11

In the past I have written extensively of the machinations of George Soros and his intentions of forming a New World Order along with the other corporatists and globalists. I have shown the megalomania that infects this man, stating that he feels he is a God who should rule. From Nazi collaborator to Black Lives Matter, all the darkness this man is responsible for would place anyone else in jail. But being worth billions and billions of dollars allows you to manipulate entire countries to do your bidding as he is attempting to do today in Hungary.

Two factors are on display inhis relations with Hungary. One, they are shutting down his University in the country which is being used for unknown purposes and the running of his NGO’s and, Two, they will not accept the migrants and refugees that are entering the country. This will be discussed later to more fully fill out the scheming of George Soros in the entire scheme.

Here in the United States, Soros is planning what can only be called sedition. His plans, if they come to fruition will end in the violent overthrow of our way of government. Harkening back to his days within the Nazi regime, Soros is financing his present day “brownshirts”- the black clad anitfa crowd.  Nothing more than ignorant thugs, the were created for only one purpose, they are the street animals who will createthe violence, the looting, the burning to shut down any other voice. They realize that law enforcement, academics in charge and others in position of authority will continue to be cowed and allow them to just destroy anything and anyone who gets in their way. Obama was complicit in this, but it is Soros who is funding the various factions to work together.

Calling themselves “anti-fascists” they use the process of fascism in the attempt to control others. The riots in Berkeley were peaceful until some “activists” dressed all in black appeared. Called the Black Bloc, and financed by Resist Fascism which was financed through the Tides Foundation, a non profit funded by Soros that gave $50,000 to the organization.

A group that worked in coordination with Resist Fascism was named the Peace Development Fund, a group that claims it fights for Human Right and social justice, but defended the violence at Berkeley which left Trump and Milo supporters bloody and with injuries that were bad enough to need trips to the hospital. All for wanting to exercise their free speech rights to listen to a lecture. In essence they used violence to preclude Milo from speaking because they claimed his exercise of free speech would cause violence. The crowds have a specific way of creating their violence. A crowd will gang up on one person and beat them, and when comes they run away. One on one they know they have no chance, fairness is not part of their doctrine. These are the people that Soros is financing in our country.

Resist Fascism has called for more violence, and continue to call those who disagree with them fascists and claiming that those who want to exercise their rights under the Constitution are working towards the Nazification of our country. The theme is running rampant in our politics and media today. Our President has been called a Nazi and worse.

Soros, through his hedge funds at Soros Fund Management also has donated tens of thousands of funds in the political realm to Republicans who fought against the candidacy of Donald Trump. Targeted were pro-amnesty, open border on both immigration and trade, and virulently anti-Trump.  Among the Republicans receiving money was House Speaker Paul Ryan, Lindsay Graham, Marco Rubio, Roy Blount, John Boehner, and John McCain.  At the same time, through these same funds millions and millions were donated to failed Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton.

An initiative was started called the “Global Engagement Center” whose purpose was to fight propaganda from other nations, now being termed “fake news”. After ignoring the Russian threat, going so far as even to attempt to demean Romney during the election, the Democrats are now embraced the ignored fact that Russia can be used as an all around bad guy that can be blamed for all our ills. The initiative will lead to a diminution of news from around the world and even further confrontation with Russia, which is what both Soros, who is financing the project, and McCain a sponsor of the initiative want. Using the hysteria drummed up by the Democrats over the past elections (of which there is still no proof), it will further erode any opportunity for rapprochement and working with the Russians on counterterrorism operations.

It is Soros and his band of over 140 organizations in the US and worldwide has been inundated by a disinformation campaign by the media by a small cabal of geopolitical kingpins who need the chaos of refugee resettlement inn the United states as a further step in the creation of the chaos needed for the New World Order. If they can convince the American people that Trump is Anti-Muslim and convince the Middle Eastern Muslims as well, it would be a propaganda head start of the violence that are attempting to foment.

Once again, the organizations involved all point to George Soros being the middle of the Anti-Trump operation. His Democracy Alliance, another globalist operation met for three days in Washington, D.C. after the Clinton loss with such people as Nancy Pelosi, Elisabeth Warren, Keith Ellison and other progressive/socialists.

Soros continues his “color revolution” here in the United States. As he did with Charter 77 in Czechoslovakia, he will attempt to create chaos here in this country with bands of roving youths bent of violence and destruction. Soros is also doing his best to infiltrate patriot groups, conservative sites, and discussions to declare that Martial Law is needed to clean up the country. This would be another step forward in the Soros plan. Declaring Martial Law would remove power from the legislative, executive and most importantly the judicial branch of our government, making us a lawless country divided by political affiliation, exactly what George Soros wants for the United States.

The media is complicit in all this. The mainstream media is inciting violence against conservatives and legitimize the violence by attempting to delegitimize Trump. The riots organizers funded by Soros still call for more violent protests, to destabilize the country, create a false narrative of law enforcement over-reaction and then be able to claim victim status.

There is a hard truth in all this. I m sure some to those who are protesting are sincere in not agreeing with Trump. I think it is safe to say that not ALL Trump supporters agree with him ALL the time. But becoming a larger part of these protests are masked thugs who are paid professional agitators being financed buy George Soros for the sole purpose of breaking down the barriers to common decency and disrupting our country to the point of collapse. These people are following Saul Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals step by step and have every intention of bringing this country to its knees. When even the former President, a Muslim/Marxist supports the destructive violence that is building in this country, perhaps he belongs in jail as well. Other politicians, the progressive/socialists also support these thugs whose only intention is to bring the patriots in the country to the point where they can no longer fight back. There will come a time when we have a President in charge of either party who may declare martial law and turn our country into apolice state with no distinction between the law and political power. This will only happen if the patriots do not stand up and push back against the likes of George Soros and the globalists.


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