The Legacy of George Soros Part 2

Soros has been called a philanthropist by many, and has total net worth is located offshore so that there is no way to view the source of his funds of what he does with those funds. The Washington Posts columnist Harold Meyerson, praised Soros for engineering the “privatization” of the Democratic Party. Meyerson, a member of the Democratic Socialists of America, calls Soros a means to bypass the incompetent Democratic political machine altogether. Barack Obama has been a favorite of Soros who called him “someone with the charisma and vision to radically reorient America. This is the foundation that Obama has used when discussing “fundamentally transforming America”.

Soros has now implemented “the U.S. Programs” to take a more head on and aggressive direction in relation to the Republican Constitutional stand. Where the Republicans believed in the marketplace and personal responsibility, Soros implemented the programs to push the inequality that he felt was apparent and to promote public interested instead of personal responsibility.
Soros, who advice from his partner, Jim Rogers made a fortune in the defense industry at the start of his rise, has formed the Center for American Progress,, an organization that calls for massive defense cuts. Center for American Progress in funded through the Open Society Institute.
There are other institutions that are a part of Soros overall plan to destroy the United States.
The ACLU is the leading recipient of Soros Open Society Institute. The ACLU wants the legalization of all drugs and refused to join the Combined Federal Campaign, or take money from the Ford Foundation because he refused to accept adopting measures to not employ terrorists or support terror activity. Aryeh Neier who was discussed in part one worked for the ACLU for 15 years. One of Neiers close associates was Frank J. Donner an identified Communist Party USA member. Although refusing to identify as a Communist USA member to the House Un American Activity committee, Donner was just of the Communist sympathizers listed in the book “ Taking Liberties: Four Decades in the Struggle for Rights” with a foreword by Neier.
There are other groups too numerous to mention at one time that Soros and the Open Society Institute supports financially. Some of those that are well known are:
The Arab American Institute -a group that push for Islamic rights in this country, even to the detriment of Constitutional law. The claim that Arab Americans are unfairly targeted, and that post 9/11 regulation and security measures are unreasonable.
The Mexican American Legal Defense and Educational Fund –the leading legal institution for Mexican American and other Latinos for the advancement of Latino right.

The NAACP Legal Defense and Educational Fund – the litigating arm of the NAACP with advocacy for promoting structural changes and achieve racial justice.
The Gamaliel Foundation – teaches “social change techniques”
People for the American Way- founded by Norman Lear to fight the influence of the “religious right” and the advancement of “progressive values”.
Democracy for America – has trained close to 10,000 recruits, all of the Soros socialist meme to focus, network, and train grass roots activists in the skills and strategies to take back our country.
The Midwest Academy- teaches radical in the tactics of direct action, namely violence.
The Emma Baker Center for Human Rights- founded by Van Jones, a known communist and former Obama Cabinet member.
Project Vote-the voting arm of the socialist led, corrupt ACORN of the past. Since renamed various different names in different areas of the country, ACORN still is funded by the OSI, and Project Vote has been accused of massive fraud and corruption. One of the leading proponents of disallowing voter ID laws.
There are others including ABC, The American Prospect, Columbia School of Journalism, Media Fund, Media Matters, National Public Radio, Pacifica Foundation, the Feminist Majority Foundation, NARAL, National Abortion Federation, NBC, the New York Times, the Alliance for Justice The Sundance Institute, the American Constitution Society for Law and Policy, Catholics for Choice, the Institute for Policy studies, the New America Foundation, the Urban Institute, Center for Constitutional rights, the Lynne Stewart Defense Committee, Amnesty International, The Tides Foundation, and the Council of La Raza.
There are commonalities in these groups. Most are willing to let the United States collapse to the point where the public interest will turn to chaos and anarchy. Soros has stated that his intention is to diminish the role of the United States in the world, devalue the dollar like he did in England to the tune of a $1 billion dollar profit. Soros also proposes the Special Drawing Rights be implemented, where rich countries would use these SDR’s to help the poor internationally. Soros has stated, “We need a global system of political decision making” This would include healthcare, as Soros is a believer in government controlled healthcare and giving the government control over the resources and decisions of treatments that are a part of healthcare. The Open Society Institute has given money to pro euthanasia groups such as Death with Dignity.

Soros and the Clintons

When Bill Clinton became President, one of the tasks he took upon himself was the relationship of the United States and The Soviet Union. President Clinton appointed three men, Treasury Department Lawrence Summers, Vice President Al Gore, and State Department official Strobe Talbot. Talbot had high regard for Soros and actually called him a National Treasure. It was under these circumstances that Soros was brought on board as an adviser on US-Russian relations. Soros had been funding the Harvard Institute for International Development which was assigned by the US Agency for International development to oversee Russia’s transformation to a market economy after 70 years of Soviet rule. This lead to Jeffrey Sachs, director of the Harvard Institute to represent the US on economic matters in Russia, and with Soros led to mass corruption, including the diversion of $100 billion out of the Soviet economy.If nront of a Congressional committee Soros admitted using insider access to take over in an illegal deal a majority portion of Sidanko Oil and that some of the missing assets may have made their way into his personal portfolio.
This is the same man who, in 1995, “I have great access in the Clinton administration. We practically work together as a team.” This is the same man who Hillary Clinton called Soros a courageous man who is fearless and willing to step up when it counts.”

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John C. Velisek USN (Ret.)

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