The Legacy of George Soros Part 5

George Soros is an environmentalist who feels the United States should have a tax policy based on fossil fuels, no matter what the cost. A firm believer in wind and solar power, he has pushed for taxes through the process of cap and trade to limit the use of fossil fuel in order to limit the production of carbon dioxide. Under cap and trade, companies would be subject to taxes or fees if they exceed emissions as defined by the government. The proposal would give the government total control over energy. Business costs would necessarily increase and cause the costs to individual households to increase as well. Obama has tried to push through cap and trade but Congress looked at the increased costs and voted the concept down. Obama then used the EPA, and  unconstitutional regulations to accomplish what he could to limit CO2 emissions, and to effectively shut down the coal industries. In the past year, over 200 coal mines, plants, and companies have shut down because of regulations that cost too much to keep them open. And who came in and bought all the companies up? George Soros.

Obama, during his 2008 presidential campaign said that prices would necessarily skyrocket because he would cap greenhouse gases on coal power plants, natural gas and would force them to retro fit. There are requirements made by the EPA to bring coal into line with the limits the EPA has set, but are not yet available or cost effective. When it is finally available and put on line so that coal may make a comeback, George Soros will stand to make billions on the “new” coal industry that he and Obama had taken down to start with.
In 2009, Soros put aside $10 million for a new group, the Climate Policy Initiative. This group was to be used to assist nations to reach low carbon development and to create a new energy economy. Soros has claimed that the US in behind on environmental controls at a 2010 Investor Summit on Climate Risk at the UN. Cass Sunstein,  Obamas “regulation czar” has said it is time to discuss “re distributive justice” where the US would be required to transfer some of our wealth to poorer nations for the supposed harm we have caused with our environmental transgressions, and that this would be easier accomplished through climate policy rather than direct payments.

Another area of Soros manipulation is healthcare. In 2009 one of the most influential groups in the political debate over “Obamacare” was the Health Care for America Now (HCAN). This group was one of the guiding forces behind a single payer system, allowing the federal government to control one sixth of the economy so that citizens would no longer be at the mercy of private insurance. In August of 2009, Soros pledged $5 million to HCAN, and was expanded to includes such Soros funded organizations as the ACLU, ACORN, THE AFL-CIO, AFSCME, MoveOn. Org, The National Abortion Fderation, La Raza, Planned Parenthood and the Progressive States Network. These socialist organization were on the payroll of George Soros, getting funding directly from the Open Society Institute.

There are many Pro-Obama groups involved in setting policy for this administration. Both politically and financially they have setthe Obama agenda before his first inauguration.
Among these are the Center for American Progress. It objective is to set policy for the administration. In December 2008, CAP presented progressive talking points to the Obama administration and Obama agreed to implement many of these points before he ever became President. One of these talking points was to bring the troops home from Iraq. This led to the rise of ISIS and a complete breakdown of the entire Middle East.

Also implemented on the direction of CAP, was the implementation of universal healthcare. Although CAP wanted a single payer, federal system, what was put forth was Obamacare, a system that increased premiums, decreased coverage, and put the cost of healthcare beyond what many citizens could afford. Another project put forth was “green jobs” paid for with a stimulus that created no jobs, and put the taxpayer another $1 trillion dollars in debt. Most of the companies that were granted money were friends of either Soros or Obama, and went bankrupt within three years.
The BP oil spill was run out of the offices of CAP. The following points show just how involved CAP was in the situation.
May 4, 2010 CAP suggested that an independent commission be formed to examine the cause of the spill. A little more than two weeks later, Obama did just that.
May 21, 2010 CAP president John Podesta suggested someone be named point person for the response. Seven days later, Obama named Coast Guard Admiral Thad Allen to do just that.
On May 26th Daniel Weiss CPA’s energy expert advised the White House to force BP to set up a multi billion dollar account to pay damages. Three weeks later, Obama did as he was told.
CAP recommendations in all other areas of this administrations policies, and agenda. This leads George Soros through Cap to set the agenda for the country, and to dictate policy to the Obama administration.
Another Group is the International Crisis Group, George Soros is part if the Executive committee, and Robert Malley, the Mideast director was named as a foreign policy advisor to Obamas Presidential campaign. Malley has over the years, written many op-eds condemning Israel for all the Middle East challenges, and calling Palestinians freedom fighters who should have the right of return. Obama only severed ties with Malley when it was revealed that he had made regular contact with Hamas.
J Street is another Soros founded and directed group. It ostensibly was formed to “provide meaningful American leadership to end the Arab Israel conflict peacefully and diplomatically. J Street bases this diplomatic leadership on the Palestinians right of return, and the formation of a Palestinian state. J street has warned Israel that it would be required to have a dialogue with Hamas, and have stated that the Israeli settlements in the occupied territories have been the main obstacle to peace. These are all in alignment with Obamas agenda. J Street although hidden for quite some time, can count George Soros as a integral part of the organization. Not only does Soros contribute substantially to J Street, but the Advisory Council consists of individuals tied to Soros Including board member of the Democracy Alliance which is Soros funded. Maria Echaveste, from the Soros funded CAP mentioned above, Morton Halperin, Senior advisor of the Open Society Institute, Robert Malley, discussed above, and Eli Pariser from Move On. Org. Another Soros Funded socialist group.

Hamas, although against Soros wishes is still considered a terrorist group by the United States, although under this administration in name only. Soros has decided that Israel is at fault, and the Hamas organization has suffered terribly becuasae of Israel. During the last conflict between Gaza and Israel, Soros derided Israel for causing 10 Palestinians lives lost for each Israeli life. Taking into account that Hamas hides the fighters and weapons among civilian population, this is probably true but no fault of Israel.

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John Velisek USN (Ret.)

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