The Legacy of George Soros Part 6

George Soros has attempted to vilify the common culture and beliefs of this country. In 2011, Soros, through the Tides Foundation gave more than $309,000 to the Occupy Wall Street activists. In March of 2013, through his Open Society Foundation, gave $1 million to the NAACP legal defense and Educational Fund. The purpose of this money was to fight Voting rights regulations passed by state legislatures. Soros has given over $5 million to fight voting laws and regulations and to force states to abandon voting ID laws. The primary lawyer working with Soros on nullification of Voter ID laws is Marc Elias who was a lawyer for Hillary Clintons campaign.
Soros has long been an avid supporter of Hillary Clinton. Soros even went so far as to get personally involved, signing on as the co chair of the Ready for Hillary PAC in 2013.
Perhaps the most troubling, and most dangerous of the groups that Soros is funding the of Black Lives Matter and other groups. A singular, well orchestrated plan was put together consisting of outside agitators and a media too progressive to look at the facts to keep the Ferguson shooting on the front page of every newspaper and news reports. Of course the Open Society Foundation director Kenneth Zimmerman admitted that Soros supplied the funds but stated that the Open Society Foundation had not directed for there to be violence. There can be no doubt, that although no verbal orders were given, the Open Society Foundation knew and funded these groups precisely because they knew what the outcome would be. The funding that Soros gave was actually being used to pay the same activists that were causing the riots, and was the driving force behind the “Black Lives Matter” arrival on the main stage of chaos in our cities.
Through the Open Society Foundation and its affiliates, Soros gave at least $33 million to support groups that caused the riots through on the ground activism and helped to lead the anti police protests. There were many groups involved, all funded by Soros including the Center for Community Change, Equal Justice USA, the Hands Up Coalition, Missourians Organizing for reform and Empowerment, ( the new ACORN), The SEIU, a socialist union in the pocket of George Soros, pro Palestinian groups who assisted in the implementation of violence to ignite the situation in Ferguson, socialist groups such as, and atheist groups. All paid to do the bidding of George Soros. All these groups worked together, using each others buzzwords, flooding each others social media to make it seem to the mainstream media that this was an actual movement of the new majority

The rights which Soros seeks to establish are not God given rights under the Constitutional Republic that is America. They are based on the socialist/Marxist notion that rights can be given and taken away by the government to force a transformation of the society and culture of any country in a gradual process. But under the Soros organizational process, these gradual changes have given way to a straight forward use of intimidation and use of force to achieve these goals.

Soros has not been discussed in the mainstream media, mostly bought and paid for by Soros. Glenn Beck made Soros known to millions of people and was summarily fired by FOX. The main antagonist against Beck was Media Matters, a lackey for Soros to the tune of $1 million dollars donated, making media matters a high paid spokesman for the Open Society Foundation, and George Soros. It was the first step in Soros plan to curtail the First Amendment in the media.
Soros has also formed a deep lasting relationship with the Clintons. As stated before, Soros had been grooming Hillary for the presidency before he changed course and backed Obama, a more malleable candidate who believed as Soros did that America was the source of all the worlds problems. Hillary, who believed in the teaching of Saul Alinsky, was more covert, assuring the citizens that she was a centrist while working “as a team” as stated by Soros. She was the driving force behind The Center for American Progress, a Soros think tank and Media Matters, her attack dog for the media. Both were placed at her disposal. Hillary provided the names and connections that were needed to attack those that disagreed.
One of those that disagreed was Rush Limbaugh. A concerted effort was made by the two groups mentioned above along with, another Soros organization to take Rush off Armed Forces Radio to, in their words “ protect our troops from these dangerous and reckless messages”. In other words, the truth that the Alinskyites did not want to come out. One of those truths being Hillarys deep seated disdain for the military. Media matters also attempted to smear Gen. Petraeus, the Commnader in Iraq at the time with a General “Betray US” ad in the New York Times. The reaction was swift and immediate, with the Senate denouncing the ad. Very informative was that Hillary Clinton was NOT one of the Senators denouncing the ad.
Soroa and Hillary have the same causes, including gun control, felon voting, and are based on the “open society” of George Soros and the leanings of Hillary towards an Alinsky type push for power. Hillarys thesis at Wellesley college was a 75 page homage to Saul Alinsky . During her rise to power, Hillary Clinton was put in charge of the Democrat money machine. This lead to Terry McAuliffe becoming chairman of the Democratic National Committee in 2001. Hillary, being in charge of raising money for the committee, set up a clandestine network of independent fund raisers to collect vast amounts of money outside the official Democrat channels. The funds were run by George Soros and Harold Ickes. The reason for these funds was to facilitate the progress through the Democrat party of globalization and redistribution.
Today, this collaboration between Soros and Hillary have moved forward with a Member of the Democracy Alliance ( a SOROS organization), Susie Tompkins Buell becoming a founding member of the Ready for Hillary PAC. Soros has already donated $25,000 to become the co chair of Ready for Hillary PAC co-chair.
Will Soros further expend money to place Hillary in the White House? The coal industry has suffered under Obama, and are near bankruptcy. This is important only because of what will happen in the future. Over 200 coal companies have gone under, and many more are seeing swiftly dwindling profits. The Obama administration has intentions of wiping out the coal industry, or at least the present owners of coal. Once the coal industry is fully destroyed, the EPA will relax the rules, and sell these industries to cronies for pennies on the dollar, giving government more control over the energy industry.
It is informative, that over the past few months, George Soros has been buying up coal stocks on a massive scale. One million shares of Peabody Energy, and 553,200 shares of Arch coal. Both companies, because of this administrations over regulation and the cost of natural gas plummeting, are near bankruptcy. The EPA in my opinion will relax standards just at the end of Obamas tenure as president, prices will go up, and Soros will have manipulated this administration into a large payday. Makes one wonder if that hasn’t been the plan all along

John Velisek USN (Ret.)

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