The Legacy of George Soros Part 7

A substantial amount of Republicans have disavowed Donald Trump by saying he is unstable, a loose cannon. Trump speaks for the people, and although I too have reservations, Donald Trump would be a welcome change from the totalitarianism we have been subjected to for the past eight years.
For those of you who feel Hillary would make a better President, what are you thinking. Her lies are there to see, he experience in politics is a series of greed and incompetence. Tell me one thing in her thirty years of public service the she has done that didn’t serve herself.
What about now? Has Hillary finally changed and shown any responsibility to the American people? I have always been told that you can tell a persons character by the company she keeps. So let’s take a look at one of the people that Hillary has extensive ties with.
George Soros.
I have written about Goerge Soros before (, links are at the end of this post) and have found more recent activities of Soros and the myriad of those liberal “new world order” types that march in lockstep with a man who has been called a Nazi collaborator.
Ann Beeson and Bill Vandenberg wrote a document titled “special Funding to seize this Transformative Moment” Ann Beeson is the former director the The Center for Public Policy Priorities and Vandenberg is the director for U.S. Special initiatives and partnerships at the Open Society Foundations. In that document, these two members of the Soros regime wrote:
“ The global economic crisis elevated the risks and opportunities for building a better society and is the perfect storm for real change.”
The questions is what changes are the Open Society is looking for? Immigration right, LGBT equality, women’s rights. While wanting total equality as an agenda is commendable, the Open Society Institute, feels that the group that would take over this agenda should be the National Council of La Raza. This group feels there should be no borders as does OSI, and illegal aliens should be allowed to vote. Obama is doing his best to assist in this, negating nati0onal sovereignty in the process. Hillary goes along with the agenda. Her Presdiencey would increase amnesty and refugees entering the country by over 500%. This has been given no transparency in the complicit media. Now called “Unity 2009”, it also includes large scale economic changes, including redistribution of wealth to minorities. Leaders of “Unity 2009” include John Podesta from the Center of American Progress, a far left wing progressive group and Hillarys campaign manager and Andy Stern, the former president of the Service Employees International Union”
Soros also funds the “Black Youth Project 100” a group that stormed the Manhattan headquarters of the NYPD union. The demands they made included divesting from the police, effectively ending the police force. Much like Ferguson and Black Lives Matter, it is nothing more than an attempt the create anarchy amongst the citizenry, and to further break down the communities that they live in. They the same the next day at a police station . This group has a funding grant from the Soros OSI with one grant totaling $350,000, and is based at the University of Chicago. This is what our children are learning at the universities in this country.
Soros also financed a document called “Extreme Polarization and Breakdown in Civil Discourse” This sounds like a discourse that would assist in making both sides of the political spectrum more appealing. But what is discusses is opposition research on those who disagree with the administration of Islamic radicalization that is taking place all over the world including the United states. Once again, John Podesta from the Center of American Progress and Hillarys campaign manager is the leader of this smear campaign. Soros has supplied a $200,000 grant to CAP for the Anti-Muslim Bigotry Project, the opposition research and a smear campaign of those that they felt were critics of radical Islam. It has also been found that two others grants for this purpose were sent to CAP totaling $500,000.
But what does this have to do with Hillary? Soros has known the Clintons since 1993, and has supported Hillarys campaing since 2013 with a senior role in the “Ready for Hillary Group”. Soros has also given over $15 million to pro-Hillary groups. AS mentioned above it was Soros who assisted the Black Lives Matter movement to the tune of $33 million and caused the social unrest and rioting in Ferguson, Baltimore, and last week, probably Milwaukee. This was also the same group that criticized Bernie Sanders and cause disruptions during his campaign to assure that no one but Hillary would be the nominee.
Internationally Soros was deeply involved in the Ukraine. In the chaos caused when the Soros backed foundations created situations that caused the overthrow of the Ukrainian government and establishment of a government handpicked by Hillarys U.S. State Department. It was during this chaos that Naftogaz, the state owned energy company was privatized. The assistance of the U.S. Secretary of the Treasury Jack Lew advised the Ukrainian government to seel the company. The one person to profit from the sale of Naftgoz was George Soros. The deaths of 10,000 the displacement of close to 1.5 million people are nothing to Soros if there is profit to be made.
Soros is intent on causing international chaos and creating a global governance agenda, with national leaders becoming his pieces to push forward his agenda. This culminates in such anomalies as increasing the number of refuges that this country will take in without any vetting and working to give them the right to vote. Soros is also funding Marc Elias, called the Democrats superlawyer involved in cancelling voter I.D. laws. Soros $5 million grant to the DNC for Marc Elias has brought cases in Ohio, Arizona, Virginia, Wisconsin, North Carolina and Phoenix.
These are the people that Hillary continues to have at the top of her list. These are the people she goes to for advice. I wonder how may of those 30,000 emails she deleted had something to do with these people, and how many more times does she expect to be able to lie to the American people about her determined destruction of this company. She will effectively continue Obamas “Fundamental Transformation” of this country into a Third world country that will only profit the globalists like George Soros.


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