The Legacy of George Soros Part 8

The legacy of globalist George Soros continues to grow. With the election of Barack Obama to the presidency, Soros has a willing accomplice in the destruction of the American way of life. Calling the election of Obama a “make or break” moment for transformative change, Soros has moved forward in the creation of chaos with American Society.
A leaked memo from 2009 written by Ann Beeson, the former director of U.S. Programs in the United States for the Soros Open Society Foundation, and is currently the director of the Center for Public Policy Priorities, and Bill Vandenberg, the program director for Special Initiatives at the OSF, makes clear the agenda of Soros and his foundation.
Due to an economic crisis that Soros had no small part in creating, and the priorities of the Obama administration, the Soros foundation pushes for chaos and has provided $10 million dollars for his “projects”. Those projects are wide and varied, with over $33 million being given to the Black Lives Matter group to create animosity and violence throughout the country. Along with Black Lives Matter is a group called “Black Youth Project 100” whose protocol includes storming police stations and demanding defunding of all police activities. They claim to be member of an activist organization to create justice and freedom of all Black people. Of course, the money saved by defunding the police should go to blacks. This is another group that creates chaos and that Soros is funding , to the tune of at least $350,000 and located in Chicago. This group , as many others of Soros groups is for no other reason than to foment chaos and to try to silence any and all detractors.
There is a specific agenda that the Open Society Foundation is working toward:
Make advances on the challenging issues of the day-immigration and open borders, incarceration, income inequality, equity in economics, the public participation in policy reforms through violence, and crating more movements and organizations to further assure the destruction of American values and culture.
One of the groups that the OSF has identified for inclusion in many of these areas is the National Council of La Raza, a group that still claims possession of the Southwest, believes in open immigration and benefits for illegal aliens. La Raza is only one group that now makes up the OSF Unity 09, a group of non profits that are pushing for an extensive economic program that is based on socialist-progressivism and equality in outcomes rather than opportunity. This unity 09 is run by John Podesta, Hillarys campaign chairman and Andy Stern, the Socialist union leader of the SEIU.
Soros has also founded a group that has targeted those criticize radical Islam through the Center for American Progress (CAP) run by John Podesta. Prominent critics such as Pamela Gellar and Robert Spencer and many others have been targeted for speaking out on the radical Muslims that are already in our midst. The excuse was that members of the Arabic community needed “high quality opposition research to combat Islamophobia”. They claim the those in the “Islamophobic movement” have worked together to move forward false narratives and flawed information to stop the introduction of progressive counter terrorism. Mush like Obama they are blind to the destruction that Islam has caused over the past 1400 years, and intend to use the terrorists to further degrade the security of the country with the end result resulting in the effort of combining the BLM movement with Islam to create enough chaos to have Obama to declare martial law. The ramifications of martial law will be the usurping of all rights of American citizens and the implementation of unconstitutional law. This will be the destabilizing force that Soros is looking for ( and will take the United States back to an era of chaos and civil war.
But what does Soros believe in, what will be the end result of all the chaos he is creating? We only need to look at what he has done in the past. In the 1980s and 1990s Soros spent a great deal of money in companies like Czechoslovakia, Croatia, and others. He sent the money to opposition parties, publishers and newspapers in these countries to destabilize the administrations. Putting himself and his organizations in the middle of the chaos led to new aminstrations lacking the skills to run the government effectively. Using people such as Columbia University economist Jeffrey Sachs who was the Soros payroll to convince these governments to privatize all the public assets, Soros bought them pennies on the dollar and made billions on reselling the assets he had already accumulated.
In 2004, Soros turned his attention to the United States. He then made a profit of over $1 billion on the housing trade collapse through a series of bets on the market. Funneling money through organizations such as the Tides Foundation, Center for American Progress, and The Democracy Alliance to bypass election laws in one way the Soros can fund a myriad of organizations that will give him political power. Democrats go along with his agenda to continue to receive the assets that Soros provides. Among the higher politicians that have received funding from Soros are Joe Biden, Barack Obama and the Clintons.
The power that Soros will continue to use if Hillary is elected President is tantamount to a co-presidency. It will be Soros who sets Democrat party policy. From immigration, to income inequality, to Islam terrorism, Soros will be pulling the strings of the Hillary puppet. With the majority of the Democrat/Socialist party receiving funds from Soros, it will be difficult to keep the American way of live from further eroding.
In the Ukraine, Soros fomented a war that has caused the deaths of over 10,000 people and the refugee crisis that is part of the further debasement of Europe. What did Soros get out of the civil war in Ukraine? He has his friends, U.S> Secretary of the Treasury Jack Lew, and a US consulting company called McKinsey suggest the selling to government assets once again. Soros then bought the state owned energy company Naftogaz.
The refugee crisis that is now besieging Europe was started because two groups. The Migration Policy Institute and the Platform for International Cooperation of Undocumented Migrants, both US based organizations advocated the settlement of the refugees within Europe. Both are Soros funded organizations which and were architects of Soros “ Merkel Plan”. Te “Merkel Plan” which has led to migration to Europe of an unsustainable lever was originally created by an organization called the
European Stability Initiative whose Chairman Gerald Knaus is a senior fellow of Soros Open Society Foundation. Even the Hungarian President Viktor Orban has declared that comments made by the Soros owned Clintons are political. Soros had stated that Hungary is wrong to continue to protect national borders , (or national sovereignty) and refugees as a obstacle. The plan that Soros has is “ to treat the protection of refugees as the objective, and national borders as the obstacle”.
The intent of Soros is to destroy all national borders with the creation of global governance of unlimited power. He has found a willing accomplice in both Barack Obama, and Hillary Clinton. In our current President and perhaps our future one, he has found willing acolytes willing to let Soros pull the strings. He has already told Hillary Clinton what to do about Albania when she was Secretary of State, which undoubtedly made Soros a tidy profit.The 2nd Amendment has kept the globalists from taking our guns so far. But there may be so many regulations and executive orders in the near future, especially if martial law is undertaken, that the purpose of the 2nd Amendment for self defense and against a tyrannical government may become a moot point.

John Velisek

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