The Legacy of George Soros Part 9

America continues under attack. George Soros, his organizations that are affiliated with his Open Society Foundation, the global elitists, and the Obama Administration continue to attack the fabric of our country
George Soros intends on collapsing this country as well as Europe In Europe this is being accomplished through a document called the OSIFE-Justice Initiative Portfolio Review-Ethnic profiling in Europe. The major purpose of the document is an effort through Soros and the OSF affiliate organizations to push the police of Europe into backing down from crimes committed by immigrants or be accused of discrimination. Through such Soros affiliated organizations such as the Counter Xenophobia Fund (Xen Fund) and the Justice Initiative (JI) they have spent in excess of $1.7 million to undermine the reputation of police.
These same organizations the Xen Fund and the JI have also spent substantial amounts in France, Spain and the Netherlands.
Another organization started by Soros in England is the Stop Watch campaign for the sole purpose of limiting stop and search by British police, leading to an increase in crime in London and throughout England. Prime Minister Teresa May claimed that the police force was too white and didn’t look like the communities they serve.
Over the past few weeks, a website called DCLeaks has leaked thousands of e-mails from the Soros organizations. Major media has ignored these leaks, is it because Soros and his organizations have given over $30 million to Hillarys campaign? This may be the reason that mainstream media has ignored the leaks, and have buried the story preferring to add words to Trump speeches to make him look bad, or hiding Hillarys illnesses.
The mainstream medias needs to be made to understand that all of the organizations that OSF funds are inter-related for the sole purpose of weakening the national and local governments to the point where they can no longer uphold the laws and values that are part of the local governments worldwide. The goal is to subvert the human rights, democratic principles, and unique identities that support the sovereignty of individual states what they are.
In Israel, Soros opposes efforts of the Israeli government to limit the flow of illegal immigration through Egypt. The organizations that work for Soros, both independently and through the United Nations, have worked diligently to delegitimize the Israeli people. He has funded many Palestinian and Arab groups to vocally tell their target audiences that Israel has not right to defend itself much lass exist.
Soros works under the idea that nationalism, and the honest protection of national laws and borders is racist anywhere in the world. The end game of these organizations, and Soros, is the create enough chaos and lack of respect for authority so that security will collapse, there will be mob rule initiated by the organizations being funded by Soros, and the one world government ruled by Soros and his globalist elite cronies can move forward in creating the New World Order they aspire to.
The Democrat/socialist members of this administration agree with Soros. Look at this administrations meetings with Black Lives Matter. Soros has given Black Lives Matter close to $650,000 to instigate the same chaos that they are fomenting in Europe. Black Lives Matter has worked with Soros organizations, with the Palestinians and Hamas to politicize the police in the country. As seen in Ferguson and Baltimore, the main aim is to cause police inaction in the areas where these minorities live and where action is constantly required.
Another area of agreement with Soros in this administration is illegal immigration. Soros has made it quite clear that there should be no borders and no national identity. Working with Muslim compatriots, sympathetic journalists and fellow globalists like Obama, they intend to demonize anyone who disagrees with them, using all the outlets in the power to call them “Racists” “Xenophobes” and “Islamophobes.”
Close to 75% of the citizens of this country agree with Donald Trump that there should be “extreme vetting” of anyone coming to this country and a limited number of refuges. Obama, following the dictates of Soros has chosen to ignore the will of the people.
The election of our next President must be watched closely. Once again the hand of George Soros is intruding into the sovereignty of the country. Scyti, a Spanish company has purchased software giving it power in the U.S. elections. This software was purchased from Soros organizations, and in cooperation with a company called OVUM now has the capability for end to end control of our elections. OVUM is headed by Nishant Shah who worked for the Global Business Coalition, a Soros funded organization. He also provided business services for the Acumen Fund in Pakistan run by Soros’ daughter Andrea Soros Columbel. Another employee of OVUM is Margaret Goldberg a member of the global board of Soros’ Open Society Foundation. This is the company that this administration has allowed to take over our elections. In November 2010, Scyti was contracted by 14 states to “modernize” the election process.

OVUM is a major player in what are called PPPs. Private-Public Partnerships. The aim is to consolidate public and private services under the government to control entities that serve the country. OVUM also purchased a company called Gov2U who developed software for the purpose of making transparency and legitimacy to decisions made in European elections.
Scyti along with Ovum has been able to secure polling and election in 14 states and Washington D.C. Just prior to the last midterms, the D.C. voting system was hacked.
In Florida, the Department of State commissioned a study of Scyti voting software, and the outcome was concerning:
The study concluded that the system was vulnerable to attack from hackers. The software could lead to votes not being counted, not accurately read the votes, and disclose confidential information.
Once again, Soros is in the middle of the attack of national sovereignty on our country. He has used his money and his organizations to topple governments is Serbia, Ukraine, and Kyrgyzstan, and to break the English Pound. He has been declared an economic war criminal in Thailand and was convicted in a French court for inside trading.
Through Black Lives Matter and Hillary followers he has funded the targets on Trump rallies. Through he has launched tactical strikes on Trump supporters. These attacks are to keep the majority of the citizens of this country who believe in Constitutional principles from speaking out. The intention to cause fear, to make the people afraid to speak out, to go to a political rally, even to go to town. The demoralization of the public psyche is the goal of domestic terrorists who will go to any lengths to reach the goal they have set, and with a sycophantic media calling them trailblazers they will continue to push until society becomes irrelevant.
RICO laws must be used by those attorneys and those in power to move forward. Social Justice Warriors must not be allowed to block roads, or let off with an admonition not to do it again. Civil legal action must be used to hit these activists where they will feel it. If the laws allow a jail sentence, no matter how long, use it. These civil proceedings would also bring to light the globalists and socialists who are paying these activists to behave as they do.
It is time to take our country away from the globalists who would turn us into a third world country. From Obama, to Hillary, to those RINO’s like McCain and Kasich who are more concerned with their careers than they are with the direction of the country, there will be a push back. They need to understand they will not be allowed to steal this election. Donald Trump is just the start. Rumor has it, there will be civil war if Trump wins.They may get more than they are ready for, Patriots are not afraid.
Next time, Obama is following the Soros agenda for the U.S. Look at what Soros did for Europe, and Obama is doing the same things here

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