The Lessons of The University of Missouri

I really love and will always celebrate liberals eating their own like this. Live by the sword, die by the sword!

University of Missouri President Tim Wolfe resigned this week under pressure from students and faculty for essentially nothing that can be discerned with any intellectual honesty. Really. Here’s a timeline of events and if you can identify a real threat or institutional problem in any of this, I’ll retract this entire article. Click HERE

This is a remarkable event. Not that a group of people were able to force this resignation (actually the football team and loss of revenue was entirely responsible for that even though these clowns have a worse record than the University of Kentucky. I for one would use this opportunity to rescind all the football scholarships and start over), but that a group of people could mobilize over NOTHING AT ALL.

First of all a swastika, whether drawn with shit, sharpie or blood is an anti-Semitic slur and has NOTHING to do with African Americans. Somehow these idiots think it was directed at them.

Next, how is the University responsible for students hearing racist language and jokes from people who are unidentified and possibly not even a student at the university? How??

The other terrible offense here is “coded language” or “trigger words”. This means that if YOU hear racism in something completely innocuous I say, like using the word “niggardly” for instance, that I am responsible for your lack of education and I am responsible for the chip on your shoulder that makes you imagine that it was directed at you. (David Howard resigned as an aide to D.C. Mayor Anthony Williams in 1999 because someone was offended by his use of the word. Laughably, after it was revealed that he was gay, he was re-hired by the mayor under pressure from LGBT groups. Being liberal is hard sometime when the lines are always moving.)

This is all absurd of course, and I, like you educated, reasonable people enjoy a good laugh at the stupidity of people and the willingness of people who are ostensibly NOT stupid to capitulate to the worldview of idiots like these Mizzou protesters.

The problem is that we are paying for this lunacy to be perpetuated and taught to people as if it is perfectly reasonable. These people will soon graduate and become the same fools who work for the EPA and will poison an entire river system while sending armed agents to shut down a guy’s farm because there is a puddle which is home to some left-handed, red-headed, one-eyed bug that some other bureaucrat has decided must be preserved.

The home for ALL these people? The protesters, the EPA workers, the President of the University, the guy who doesn’t know what niggardly means, and easily offended people all over the country? The Democrat Party.

The Democrats have assembled an awesome constituency of ignorant people, lazy people, weak minded educated people and just plain evil people (like the Planned Parenthood ghouls) through whom they are establishing their idiocracy.

I don’t pretend to know how close we are as a culture to being unable to re-claim any sanity or moral authority in the world or at home, but it is clear that we are going in the wrong direction. I hope that the recent Kentucky election is a harbinger for the entire country and people all over will begin to throw out the politicians and replace them with civil servants again instead of the overlords we have now.

The University of Missouri has succeeded in schooling the entire United States on one subject – the importance of voting.

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