The Libs at the Times think Public policy will create College Jobs. Really?

The Libs at the Times think Public policy will create College Jobs. Really?


By Dr. Phil Taverna


A recent editorial by the Liberal NY Times takes the cake. This is a good time to explain the difference between capitalism and communism. But the idiots at the Times think that public policy will magically create college jobs. Now you can’t create this much stupid in one article.


So what the idiots are saying is that if you increase minimum wage, find magical equality in pay between genders and make believe genders as well. Then this will create college jobs. Really? You can’t teach this much stupid in college.


Lets start with communism. Socialism has been available in this country since FDR. And people found out they didn’t have to work any more. So back then it was considered a mixed economic model. Some people were capitalists. Actually most were. And a select few were communists.


And unfortunately with communism, when most people find out they don’t have to work any more, they would rather not work than work. and the money today just magically appears in your account. You don’t need to go down to the bureaucrats’ office. Guess they were sick and tired of dealing with you, so they resort to magic.


I am a workaholic. But at 17 years of age, if someone told me I could make tax free the equivalent of  $4 to 6,000 dollars a month, maybe I wouldn’t go to college. The problem with all communism like Venezuela, the hand that giveth can also taketh away.


So communism is all government work, and all these free handouts that no one has to pay for to acquire them. If the money comes directly from the government to pay the government workers, then it is communism. The government controls the job and the salaries are paid through taxes, fees, penalties etc. In other words in most cases they don’t make a product. In the beginning it was only teachers, police, fire and rescue and military. Now we have government positions for just about anything and in most cases it is redundant and useless.


Capitalism is easy. If it is a job that for the most part is independent from the government, and makes widgets/service and sells them, then it is capitalism. And that is the only true economy and the only one we should have our eyes on. Because if there is not enough money there, there will never be enough money to pay the government workers, their benefits and their retirement.


The Clinton Foundation exists from money donated from people and governments that want climate change regulations. This is not capitalism. The Clintons are filthy rich because of it, but no widgets are made. And most of this money contributed is from other governments and folks like Pickens who will benefit by these kinds of regulations and money donated by the governments to fight non-existent climate change.


The main problem with college is that more and more people who are not qualified are being accepted to college. Why you might ask? Because they are covered by a lot of government money. You have things like SSI, Pell grants, etc. College admissions salivate over these folks. They know they are not college material, so they sign them up for remedial courses to some how make them college ready.


Look if you don’t know how to read and speak English and Know math after 12 years of school, college is a waste of time and money. But the colleges are in big trouble.


They have expanded and wasted a lot of money while charging the middle class outrageous sums of money. The middle class finally figured out that it is not worth it to go in debt for a job that only pays $50,000 a year if they are lucky. Woman for decades have been the majority of college students. Now they finally figured out what men had learned for years, is it worth it?


I remember years ago, in the library at Wagner College,  having a discussion with some seniors graduating, was it worth the money and time and not just go out and get a job after high school. If you factor in time and money and paying back the student loan, it becomes an interesting argument. If you are good and smart you can make a lot of money without a college degree. Look at Rush. He had a talent he could sell, and he is worth millions and does what he likes to do. How many of you liberal school teachers can say that. For the professionals, you have no choice thanks to the school system to get a college degree and then some. But for the most part undergraduate studies is a waste in that scenario. The only one making money are the schools.


Getting back to the Times. The single most screw up for colleges was financial aid. Almost anyone could get a loan and aid of sorts. This was a license for colleges to steal. They could spend money like there was no tomorrow. But unfortunately with the Obama economy there is a tomorrow. And now the colleges will have to pay the piper. I wonder how many professors will accept minimum wage for the sake of educating the masses.


They called the beginning of the Obama economy the Great Recession. That was a joke wasn’t it. It is not a recession if most people are working. If you are not working there was tons of money for you to grab a hold of. This is like ObamaCare. This will add to Obama’s legacy. He called it the Great Recession because he is an idiot and if he turned the economy around he would be the big hero. And if he didn’t, he had an excuse.


What Obama did wrong and continues to do so, is use communistic approaches and not capitalistic approaches. If you are a company with capital, you would be an idiot to spend it on factories in the Obama world right now. You are going to wait for Trump to take office and see what capitalistic changes he actually makes.


If they are good, then the money will roll in America. If not the money bags will spend their money elsewhere. One problem that the commies never seem to understand is that the poor spending money helps the economy on a very small level. You need to counter that with all the money that is spent on government workers just to hand out the money. There are millions of people employed by the government to hand out all the money to the poor people, the social security and disability recipients. Again this is communism. This does not help the economy. It causes taxes to go up and diminishes any hope of businesses building here. Why should they? They could make more money if they build in China or Vietnam.


Wouldn’t it be better if we made the people work, cut taxes and keep the power and jobs in America. Commies at the NY Times will tell you all we need is public policy and the college students will have jobs. And Obama agrees with them. If you have a half a brain or more, I would hope you would whole heartedly … Disagree!


Have a great day!



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