The Lies of Immigration Part 2

Immigration is once again a hot-button issue for the Progressive socialist left.  Once again the corporate fat cats and leftists have gotten into an uproar over the same policies that their Muslim in Chief Obama made a part of the politics of bringing down America. In the fall of 2013, unaccompanied illegal minors inundated our country and spurred the start of catch and release. Even former DHS Secretary Jeh Johnson claimed a few days ago the “catch and release” does not work.  Democratic Texas Rep. Henry Cuellar appeared on CNN and admitted that the Obama Administration also had family separations but was covered up by both the administration and the media. The policy of letting these illegal free to run into our country and be released will be a detriment to the law abiding people of this country.  It is not asylum that the majority of these people are looking for, but economic betterment through the largesse of the American taxpayer.

Under the former administration of Obama, the federal government initiated through the Senate’s Permanent Subcommittee on Investigations on the placement of these minors into homes for child sex trafficking, forced labor, and situations that can be considered nothing more than modern forced slavery. Only 5% of these cases between 2013 and 2015 were ever investigated. Even Rosie O’Donnell, that bastion of tolerance, talked of children being in federal custody before being shipped out to child traffickers and it wasn’t until she tweeted her self-righteous indignation was based on an article and investigation from January 2016, when Obama was president. The progressive socialists continue to ignore or make excuses for the Obama administration for the exact same situation that they demonized President Trump for, hoping the American people will not notice.

And what is the progressives socialists response?  Part of the reaction is to call these people coming over our border “immigrants” rather than what they are “illegal aliens.” The ACLU, along with the George Soros sponsored MoveOn. Org and the cheap labor advocate group National Domestic Workers Alliance continue to proclaim that Donald Trump is Hitler.  Not mentioned is the fact the DACA as put in place by an executive order by Obama was unconstitutional, or that ICE is doing nothing more than enforcing the laws as placed to Congress.

Celebrities, pivoting off the ignorant positions that they took on guns, have now clamored for more immigrants. It makes sense that they would be up in arms, after all, they don’t want to pay their housekeepers, maids, and pool boys,  They wring their hands over separating children from their parents as required by law, and as stated by Obama. The pictures that have been splashed all over the pages of the media were from the Obama administration. Even politicians on the left are continuing to lie about the conditions people are being held. And refuse to recognize that 80% of the children coming illegally to our country are unaccompanied.

Of course, most of the pro-immigration advocates demand that both these children and the families be immediately released. We even have San Fran Nancy Pelosi calling for ZERO Enforcement, The leftist running for Governor Cynthia Nixon calling ICE a Terrorist organization for enforcing the laws that have been passed by Congress. The progressive socialists are using unaccompanied illegal children as a talking point and not being truthful about what has happened in the past, nor being willing to discuss in any way the illegal immigration reform that is required.

Progressive socialists have gone so far as the defend MS-13 and working with fellow leftist and RINO Republicans to push for open borders, to fight for sanctuary cities to protect the criminals within the city limits and allow these same criminals back on the streets o further harm the citizens of this country.

President Trump has rightfully enforced  “zero tolerance”  leading to the leftists and celebrities who no one listens to declare a “holocaust loudly”. There has been legislation proposed that would solve family separation, but the leftists under the auspices of Chuck Schumer rejected this proposal out of hand. Schumer, along with other far leftist socialists want to see the return of “catch and release” against the wishes of the majority of American taxpayers.

To further the Alinsky style the leftists are moving towards confrontation. Peter Fonda has threatened Barron, the Presidents son. Fonda wants to put him in a cage with pedophiles and let him be raped.  This type of Morality is rationalized by the claim that all conservatives are evil, and want to do as much damage as possible to “people of color.”

These leftists have found that black people are no longer buying the garbage they spew and are turning away from the very party that has kept them in poverty for the past 40 years. They need the illegal votes to maintain some power.  The new illegals will be lavished with benefits by the socialists and vote for them to keep those benefits. They are already voting in California, somewhere around 2 million voted in the last election, and more are to come with the motor voter bill that signs you up to vote when you get a license without any vetting.

Democrat Rep. Cuellar suggested that if migrants want asylum, they should follow the law regarding what asylum seekers are required to follow before being accepted. The asylum laws as written by both the UN and the United States they are required to claim asylum in the first safe nation, meaning those from Central America should apply for asylum in Mexico.

Every country is a sovereign nation with the right to protect the borders to keep its citizens safe. The progressive socialist argument that these illegal border crossers have “rights” as soon as they cross the border is a lie to continue to give thee rights to these people who are NOT American citizens. The only answer is to stop illegal border crossers at the border, and immediately deporting back to where they cam. What the socialists on the left ignore and will never state on national media is that a majority of whites, black, and even 5 in 10 Hispanic Americans support the plan to send the illegals that are invading our country back to where they came and must be held as a family until that return takes place.

It was the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals in the Flores vs. Reno decision that started the race to our borders by illegals knowing that if they could bring a child with them will be released into the country instead of being sent back. But the basic premise that is being ignored is this: If you don’t want to go to jail, don’t come here illegally. You will be put in jail, and you will be deported. Because you have a child with you will not lead to you being allowed in our country. The progressive socialists like Adam Schiff will never admit to the incentive that is causing the flood of our border, but the American people know it and will remember in November. Personal responsibility has been pushed to the side for the progressive socialist meme of “victimology” In November we must make personal responsibility paramount again.

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3 comments to The Lies of Immigration Part 2

  • 3fs

    Us military should invade Mexico, expect locals to pay all their food and health care and accommodation, and take whatever the fuck else they want, if they don’t like it too bad. If a country invades you, you have a moral right to invade theirs and take it by force and proclaim it to be yours. Fuck all this modern bullshit where you go to war then leave the fucking country, NOPE, take that fucking country like everyone else did in all human history.

  • American Coconut

    *Sigh* It’s not “even” 5 in 10 Americans of Hispanic origin. We ARE American, at least I am. I have no loyalty to any other country and if I did, it would be Spain or Italy. Now that many blacks have “woke” and are starting to see the oppression they were born into, it is very true that the demonic “Left” need illegal aliens to win elections. It has been a plan in action for a very long time, except with Obama it was escalated because the country was so mesmerized that we elected, as a nation a half black man. Although I didn’t vote for him, actually he is the exact reason why I woke in 2008 and escaped the Democrat plantation. Spiritually he simply creeped me out and still does. The point of this post is, to request to stop putting the proverbial *asterisk when including Hispanics. I love my country, the US and I am a 4th or quite possibly a 5th generation American, I grow tired of the asterisk. Just include us in your analysis like any other American. I completely understand the asterisk as the Left has labeled all Hispanics, Mexican, immigrants, dreamers etc etc but I am here to shed light on this. We are just as American as hamburgers and hot dogs.

  • John C. Velisek USN Ret

    American coconut, I understand what you are saying, but my use of Hispanic American was used strictly as an indicator of origin, most of the surveys I have seen have designated Hispanic Americans as those of Hispanic origin to differentiate from Americn. IMy family is from the Czech Republic, but I am an American and designated as such because I am from white European stock. I do find it surprising that every fro the “people of color” are disgnated as such, but we are not called “white” Americans, at least in most studies. I agree, we are all Americans and should be called such. It is the people of each class that make the designations.

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