The Lies of Islam come to Congress

If you pay attention to the mainstream media you would be under the impression that the 2016 elections were a rebuke of President Trump’s policies. The progressive socialists picked up a little over 40 seats in the house giving them the majority but failed to gain any ground in the Senate. The Republicans still hold the majority in the Senate with a few RINOS making the whole process interesting.

Not only did the progressive socialists regain the house but also increased the number of radical socialists and for the first time added Islamic radicals to its majority as well. Nancy Pelosi has already decided to obstruct in every way available any agenda that President Trump may have.

One of those who was elected was Rashida Talib (D-MI) who claims she is “real” and working towards the impeachment of President Trump.  Talib and John Bonifaz wrote an op-ed with only generalities about the reason why President Trump should be impeached. It is a list of subjective opinions with ho reference to actual law, and fabrications of supposed crimes in a clearly partisan attempt to remove a duly elected President. In the very first part of the op-ed, she called our country a Democracy, when our country is, in fact, a Republic. Perhaps she should take a high school civics class before she spouts off a diatribe on our President and country. A country she has shown to have no allegiance for. She is, in her own mind, the person who can assure that President Trump has “met his match”. Her attitude is that, although a freshman representative from Little Mogadishu, she is the one who is going to force Trump to deal with her. She called President Trump a “bully,” which along with “racist” are used in the attempt to silence anyone who disagrees with them and is used as a valid excuse for violence.

The day she was sworn in to defend and protect the Constitution and the United States she used vulgar language to describe our President with her little boy standing by her side. The clapping bobbleheads that listened her thought it was epic rather than vulgar and debasing of a political party beyond the realm of normal citizens comprehension. Her foul mouth in front of her children, and the clapping for her vulgarity does not make her an avenging angel, but more a boorish Islamic sycophant whose intention is to demean our entire culture.

 The transformation of our culture and country will never succeed but will take all patriotic citizens to push back as hard as it takes to retain the laws that have made us the greatest republic in the world.  The reception was hosted by, a George Soros organization who also helped to finance her campaign. Of course, she did her best Maxine Waters impression and whined for impeachment based on no evidence and no report from Robert Mueller to even suggest any “high crimes and misdemeanors”. The next day she ran from reporters who wanted to talk to her about what she said and her vow to impeach President Trump. Not surprisingly, she ran away, much like Alexandria Occasion Cortez has in the past.

In a statement released by one of her staff, she declared President Trump as being unfit for office, has claimed his actions has hurt people in her district.

 But then, the progressive socialists have already declared that they will impeach Trump even for no reason. I find it interesting that all through the run-up to the election, the progressive socialists tried to keep the intention of impeachment silent, Only Maxine Waters continued to talk about impeachment after being told to hide their intentions. Eric Swalwell and Adam Schiff are claiming they already have evidence that is hiding in plain sight but refuse to show anything even close to impeachable offenses. None of this matter to Talib however, she will push to have President Trump impeached because she does not agree with his policies and has worked towards a solution to Islamic terror, something an Isamist sycophant like Talib will never allow.

Even her own party has denounced what she said in not keeping with the decorum of Congress, and called what she said inappropriate. Of course, Nancy Pelosi is her uppity senile way agree with Talib without saying so, blaming the comment on sexism, As if any male would use such vulgarity on the floor of the house or the Senate. Pelosi flapped her dentures telling us how she would not establish language standards, even though such standards have existed for many decades.

Sworn in on a Koran that was first described as Thomas Jefferson’s to imply that Muslims have always been with us, she shows where her true loyalties lie. She proudly declares that “Muslims were here, in the beginning, a knowingly fabricated lie for low information voters. The truth is that Jefferson was in the midst of a war against the Barbary Pirates who were taking American merchantmen as slaves. Of course, this is no longer taught in our schools because Islamists consider it as degrading and the cowardly politicians on both sides have already made the decision not to offend our Islamic invaders. It was Jefferson and the newly minted Marines who stopped the enslavements. This is the reason for the Mention of “to the shores of Tripoli in the Marine Hymn. The copy of the Koran that is part of the Jefferson collection is not even the Arabic version but was translated in the 18th century by George Sale. In the opening lines of Jeffersons Koran, Sale called the Koran a “manifest forgery”. In the margins of Jeffersons Koran is his personal commentary attacking and undermining the Islamic doctrine.

This is the same woman who just before being sworn in as a representative of the people of her district and one of very few in a position to defend the laws of this country and the Constitution, tweeted out.:

“Americans have spent decades raping and pillaging my people. What goes around comes around.”

Rep. Talib, you are an American or should be, yet you show allegiance to Palestine and the destruction of Israel. And being a Muslima will no doubt have any reluctance to use Taqiyaa against the people of this country. You did lie in the run-up to your election, why would you change now?

My next column will look closer at the supporters of Talib, and where her true loyalty lies.

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