The Media and Antifa Part 3

Portland, Berkeley, the G20, San Francisco, Sacramento, and various other sites around the country have become the focal point of anarchy being allowed within our country by the media and politicians. Many on both sides of the aisle have declared groups such as antifa, Black Bloc, and BLM as heroes in the battle for free speech. The mainstream media has been all aglow about the heroes of antifa, and how the alt right is complicit in racism.

No word of blame must part the lips of our degenerate media and politicians who only look to claim the mantle of leader of “identity politics” on the alt-left is to be spoken. These animals whose only agenda is to shut down the opposition and do as much damage as possible to those who disagree with them are nothing more than domestic terrorists brought back from 1930 Germany.

The left wing violence has been with us for some time and it increasing. From the assassinations of five law enforcement officers by supporters of Black Lives Matter to the shooting at a ball field by a Bernie Sanders supporter at Republican members of our government, and many other attacks of conservative people and values, the media is complicit in the silence. The shooting at the ball field was informative, in as much as a black talking head blamed Steve Scalise’s voting record for the shooting. But there was a bright side for the progressive/socialist Democrats, at least it gave them the ability to demand gun control again. Imagine how badly it would have gone, if the two security officers not shadowing Steve Scalise had not been armed or not there. In the ensuing bloodbath, would the Dems still blame Republican? Of course they would, remember, never let a crisis go to waste, even one, such as antifa, that you have propped up to continue the violence. Of course, the violence of people like Micah Johnson, the Dallas shooter, or James Hodgkinson, the ballpark shooter, were just madmen unaffected by the vitriol in the media and pouring out like sewage from the other side.

It was Donald Trump that caused the mainstream media, the sycophants of antifa, to clutch at their hearts and sweat profusely over their lies. The cacophony of anger was ear splitting because Donald Trump blamed both sides. Someone should get smelling salts for the progressive/socialist talking head Don Lemon of CNN. Or you can look to CNN host Jake Tapper with his furrowed brow and perfet hair telling the American people that he was concerned about President Trumps competence the to be President. Most Americans understand that these seel involved, narcissistic panderers will do anything they can to take down the President. The Russian story failed, calling him and his followers is failing, so now that next story is that he ismentally deranged. I don’t remember you saying anything about the unconstitutional actions by your Messiah Obama as being mentally unfit.  So spare me your concern now and along with the rest of your sycophants with their little Romper Room antics just go away. Noone believes anything your pathetic little CNN says, and leave the American people in peace. This laughingstock of thinking people virtually declared the world would end because of something the President said. You see, President Trump had the temerity and downright gall to blame both sides for Charlottesville.

MSNBC, one of the bastions of fake news and lies discussed with Progressive/socialist Democrat Rep Steve Cohen and was told the violence coming from antifa and other far left organizations was not compatible with the violence purportedly from the far right. Blaming the violence on Nazis and Confederates, he claimed that was the only reason antifa was there.

Democratic Rep. Ruben Gallego called Sebastian Gorka and Steven Miller “Neo-Nazis” and declared Donald Trump a racist. I would appreciate any information he might have to prove that. It’s always the same, when you call them on it, you get an answer something like “Well, look what he is doing to the marginalized people in this country. When you ask for specifics you get the same generalized answers.

The media and politicians of both parties have been rushing into line to sing the praises of antifa. The media, who disagrees with basically the culture, premise and policies of the right have a deep visceral hatred of anyone who has beliefs different than the ones they espouse. Knowing that most American patriots do not agree with their agenda, the Left pushed hard to make all opposition “Nazis” and “Racist scum as espoused by our learned professors in some of the most leftist universities in the country. The media coverage has declared antifa “a non story”, why? Because they say so and they expect the American people to blindly follow. High in their ivory towers and with degrees in nothing more than self esteem and stupidity, they believe that they are superior over others and have the right to shout down anyone they disagree with.  With the exception of low information voters, no one believes them anymore.

The mainstream media is complicit with pushing the antifa narrative that labels conservatives as bigots, racist and fascist  and in the steps being taken at universities and media to suppress the free speech of those that disagree.

Is it now written into our Constitution that you MUST comply with the agenda and opinions of one party or organization? I deplore the Nazis as much as the next person, but where in the constitution or any regulation does it bar them from holding a rally. Up until now, when they held rallies, everyone from the media to the everyday citizen, would shake their heads and ignore them. Now, because of the identity politics that the progressive/socialist Democrats have inculcated into our culture, there must be violence. And since when is being a confederate considered a sin other than by the elites attempting to destroy American history. No, it won’t stop with Confederate statues, it has already moved on to Washington , Lincoln, and even Christian statues.

Reuters, another bastion of lying, hypocritical sycophants went so far as to label antifa “Peace Activists”. It makes one wonder if Reuters, MSNBC, CNN, The New York Times and others have an office at the DNC to better coordinate the biased coverage so easily, or do they just use e mails and the phone?

The tantrums from academia are laughable. Professor Bart Knijnenburg has declared all Donald Trump supporters “racist scum” demanding that they denounce their affiliation. He went on to say that holding the opinion  that “everyone is equal  and nobody deserves a handout is naïve at best and covertly racist at worst Turning a blind eye makes you complicit in what is happening now.” Just a little over 250 years ago, this country was based on rugged individualism and the compassion to help others less fortunate. Neighbor helped neighbor, and all worked as one. With all due respect Sir, socialism was tried at first and was an abject failure. Why would we want to go back to that? I am one of those cis white males that you are so angry about. I worked for what I have, including 20 years in the American military. I know that is probably another dark spot on who I am to you, but honestly, I DON’T CARE!  It appears you would enjoy the violence that you are attempting to foment, but bottom dollar you would dare to stain your hands with such violence, only get others to do your dirty work.

This will not end well until the progressive/socialist in the Democrat Party, media, and academics are forced to understand that the America people do not want you are trying to sell them, and understand that all this is being done to distract from the advances that have been made under the Trump administration for all people. And no longer will you be able to shout down those who disagree with you. If it continues that violence will be used to silence speech, it will only make the American people  more stalwart in their allegiance to Trump. Be very aware, that the violence you are attempting to push on the American people will come back to you if this sort of diatribe against a duly elected President continues.

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