The Media and Antifa Part1

Over the past week the pearl clutching progressive/socialists, both Democrat and Republican, have been excoriating President Trump for not naming the members of the alt right who were involved in the violence in Charlottesville. The alt right has come to the forefront because on one man who took it upon himself to ram his car into a crowd. Let me be clear, this man needs to go to jail, and no excuse can be given for what he did. You don’t run into other cars and drive into a crowd at over 40 miles an hour because someone may have hit your car.

That being said, in the first speech on Saturday, President Trump talked about the hostility, the hate “on many sides.” As has been reported on many sites, the “liberal groups” were there to counter protest. And who were these liberal groups. First there was “Black Lives Matter” who has constantly called out for the murder of police. Just a few days ago, one of the leaders of BLM called for white people to give everything they have to the black people in their area. Something for nothing is what they want. Why should they work for anything when they can just claim racism and demand things from our government and the people of the country.

And then there was antifa which even the Los Angeles Times having concerns about the violent Black Bloc of antifa. These self described anarchists are the same ones that shut down free speech in Berkeley, Portland, and many other places. These are the groups that our mainstream media are calling “noble freedom fighters” that condemn violence. Idiots like those at CNN and MSNBC even pictured these animals in comparison to our fighting forces at Normandy. Only one side has been condemned by the talking heads and pundits throughout the media. CNN has even gone so far as to change a headline to satisfy antifa and what they wished it to say. Just how much collusion is there between our media and this radical far left group? They will not talk about antifa, a group who has already stated as the main agenda is to make our country ungovernable.


They media is attempting to push the false narrative the antifa was only started as a response to the alt-right. The truth is, most people have never heard about the alt-right until Charlottesville. There is a history of antifa that goes back decades. Media continues to push that antifa  is only reacting to the far right violence. No one will discuss that antifa is a threat to the established republic in which we live. They have admitted that they consider violence as an answer to anyone who does not agree with them. The media and establishment politicians are bending over backwards to lie about this group. Is it because they are in collusion or are they cowards? Many outlets, like CNN, won’t even mention antifa and have declared them as non-news. Remember this is the same groups the democrats and the media that had such glowing praise for Occupy Wall Street.

The reason for this silence on antifa is not too difficult to understand. Antifa is a violent, anti-American group  founded on the principles of overthrowing our government to replace it with a one world government being fuded by George Soros and other globalists. The antifa manual, not meant to be given to “cis” white males, non People of color, or people that are non LGBTQ who are fascists to antifa explains what they will continue to do until they fall apart under the hypocrisy of the members of the American people rise up.

In The manual they speak of the cis white privilege has controlled the media, and that the cis white male is the embodiment of all evil. Antifa will used “white shame” and “white guilt” to turn white males to their side. Antifa must work to disavow hate speech which is determined by them to be anyone critical of the movement. Comparing anyone who disagrees with the is to be called “racist” and “Hitler.” Much like the talking heads are doing now. According to the manual, it is imperative to gain control of the media, as shown in the CNN piece that discussed how antifa was such a noble group. Antifa needs to control the flow of information from all media including social media. If you have been called a “racist, homophobic, Islamophobic, gender hating troglodyte, chances are it is by an antifa trained supporter. They also are pushing for those who do not agree with them to be fired. They will threaten anyone including the President that will not conform to the agenda they have.

Antifa is not new as the media claims, but is over 100 years old and was a major cause for World War II. They started after World War I as a group intending to attacking fascists to block them from stopping the communist government that antifa wanted. The paramilitary arm of the largest German Communist group was called Antifaschistische Aktion


People like Chuck Todd, Jake Tapper, Mika and Joe, and the total left wing nut Keith Olbermann have their panties in a twist because President Trump did not name the alt-right by name. To this lady, no one as a part of our media have discussed anything about the violence caused by the alt-left. If there was such violence in Charlottesville, who were the alt right fighting with?

Our media constantly ignore the violence of the alt-left when they shut down speakers such as Ann Coulter, Ben Shairo, and Milo. The ignore the violence caused at Trump rallies, and instead whine over protesters being thrown out. Ithas now gone as far as calling all President Trump supporters “Nazis” and in the words of loser Howard Dean we have be told if you vote for Republicans in 2018, you are racist. Generalities like this cause more division, and are high school level taunting at best.

Both parties have been claiming President Trump is a racist and did not name those that caused violence in Cahrlottesville. Rinos and progressive/socialists have been heaping praise on these “heroic defenders of peace and equality. They ignore the history and agenda of antifa and whitewash the violence they have done over the past year to allow themselves to continue to bash Trump and make the rounds of the talk shows and be showered with praise. They blame the alt-right for the despicable actions of one man, but we are not allowed to consider the “religion of peace” when Islamic Jihad strikes anywhere in the world.

Hypocrisy is not only in the media, but so are our corporations. The far left animals James Hodgkinson who attempted to shoot up a ball field of Republicans, or Micah Johnson a Black Lives Matter member  who ambushed police are barely mentioned, and after the second day are studiously ignored and isolated to the person who committed such acts, where the right is tarred and feathered by those who think they are superior intellects in the mainstream media who are hypocrites themselves. Did our corporations shut down websites, or walk off the Presidents committees to assist the progress they can make?

Is this where our country are headed? Or will the patriots wake up and say no more.

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