The Most Amusing Responses to My Article in the UK Guardian About Starbucks and Guns

I wrote an article this week for the UK Guardian about Starbucks’ reversal of its policy tolerating gun-toting customers. Some of the 458 comments left after the article – mainly by the English – were so amusing I thought I would compile a few of them. They cannot believe that the liberal UK Guardian would publish such a conservative viewpoint. I have to hand it to The Guardian, after publishing Edward’s Snowden expose on the NSA spying when our own American newspapers wouldn’t, they actually are fairer than our supposedly more conservative mainstream media.


19 September 2013 3:30pm

I honestly never thought I would see a pro-gun article in a British newspaper, yet lo and behold there is one now.

Are you forreal?…

Ronald Wilson

19 September 2013 7:24pm

Why is the Guardian giving copy space to this redneck in the first place?


20 September 2013 3:23am

O my g** is it possible Guardian has pro gun article ?

20 September 2013 10:05am

So, on the basis that my enemy’s enemy is my friend, Guardian writer supports gun-toting over Starbucks.

Even by the contorted morality of the Guardian, that is quite remarkable.


19 September 2013 8:15pm

This is The Guardian attempting to portray all Americans as madmen by printing the ranting of an American madwoman. She doesn’t present the opinion of America’s majority, she cannot even recognise it because she only listens to those who share her paranoia.


19 September 2013 5:55pm

Hi Rachel,
This is a newspaper called The Guardian. You might not have heard of it. I think you emailed your piece to the wrong editor, but he has printed it ironically.
If you need a list of Stetson stockists in The UK, feel free to get in touch.


19 September 2013 3:24pm

This article is brilliantly, jaw-droppingly mad. Completely sums up why the rest of the western world quite often looks at the USA and thinks; ‘nutters’.


19 September 2013 3:29pm

This is why the US will never tackle the gun issue. Here’s an apparently sane and intelligent woman suggesting that a coffee shop is making a mistake in suggesting it might not be great idea to take an AR-15 semi-automatic assault rifle into a coffee shop. And her views? They’re held by the majority of US citizens. It’s like a violentAlice in Wonderland over there.

deadyeti TheDogShouterer

19 September 2013 4:13pm

While Rachel Alexander may indeed seem sane, she is most defintely a teaparty nut – check out her articales on only go there though if you enjoy large doses of lunacy and paranoia.


19 September 2013 4:09pm

If I had written a comment as stupid as this article, I hope the moderators would have had the good sense to remove it.  Can’t understand the Guardian publishing such Tosh. Or should we follow the NRA money and see where and to whom it leads?


19 September 2013 3:40pm

The fact that someone like Starbucks has to actually tell idiots to stop bringing their guns into a coffee shop just tells you how insane the gun laws and normalisation of guns are in USA society.

No citizen should freely have the right to own a gun.


19 September 2013 5:50pm

The rest of the world thinks US is bonkers allowing all these guns to be toted around uncontrolled. I have no feelings either way about Starbucks. Surely all Americans should leave their guns at home permanently. Or, even better, throw them in the nearest lake.

19 September 2013 5:43pm

The US and its citizens will kill each other to the end and still not learn a damn thing.

john jones

19 September 2013 6:53pm

Guns in cafes, guns in churches, guns every effin where . These yanks think they are still in the good ol wild west . That is probably why this small minded country falsely thinks they can go round ‘shooting up ” the world ! Even that idiot Bidon (another dubya ), whilst in Boston asked ,” why do they do this ” ? . If after fabricating reasons to start the Vietnam war ( and losing it !!!!) – yet after lying to the world and ruining Iraq – yet after bombing hell out of Afghanistan  , and Libya ….. they still have to ask why ????? Then they deserve to kill each other relentlessly ! The US of A is a seriously screwed up nation . At least if they are stupid enough to kill each other , and cant understand why … they deserve all that comes their way . The USA democracy  is via guns , bombs and hipocrisy ! A nation of warmongering THUGS !! Enjoy NSA and GCHQ > !!!!!!!!

Jonathan Hyslop

19 September 2013 9:18pm

The US ‘conservatives’ (who are actually radical reactionaries) are outside the universe of civilized debate in their opinions on this question. In no other western country do people believe that the ‘right’ to carry guns is anything to do with democracy or freedom. Are we seriously supposed to believe that the UK, Sweden or the Netherlands are undemocratic because people aren’t allowed to tote weapons around? I don’t expect the Guardian to carry this sort of garbage.


19 September 2013 11:25pm

I logged into the US site by accident and could hardly believe this article, which just illustrates how huge the cultural gap between the US and the rest of the modern world has become.
Without wishing to be critical or pretend one is better than the other, I have to say that the idea of anyone in a developed industrial nation in the 21st century feeling the need to carry a weapon, let alone walk into a coffee shop brandishing a firearm, would seem crazy just about anywhere outside of the US.
To be honest, if I was to walk into Starbucks and see someone sitting their packing a gun, I’d turn around and get out of there pretty fast.


19 September 2013 11:28pm

What the hell do you need to defend yourselves against? Other Americans with guns! [email protected]#king madness!


And on the other hand:


20 September 2013 3:34pm

Why does anyone think that a published op ed by a conservative has anything to do with the opinions of the editor? The Guardian makes some effort to publish a variety of opinions.


19 September 2013 5:41pm

Did I just read this on the Guardian??

Great article. As for Starbucks, I don’t see why they can’t just say, “whatever our customers are doing, so long as it’s in accordance with local laws, we’re happy to have them” and leave it at that.

DouglasSnyde Patrician

20 September 2013 5:52am

I had to make a comment to reply to this easily the dumbest comment I’ve seen.

The UK suicide rate rose EXPONENTIALLY the past two years.

Your suicide rate is now 11.8. The US suicide rate on the other hand is 12.0

Instead of shooting yourselves you miserable Brits are hanging yourself :P.

Also note how Switzerland has a far lower suicide rate than your country despite being saturated with guns. Also a lower homicide rate (Switzerland 0.7, UK 1.2)

You guys have a higher violent crime rate than the US such as more rapes per capita friend.

Don’t let facts get in your way though.

9milerancher newpad

19 September 2013 5:12pm

No amount of this type of nonsense would persuade us of the need to go your way.

Despite the Second Amendment arising out of rebellion to Crown policies, Brits, as proven on the pages of Cif, don’t hold much perception into the American mindset. That’s understandable.

Go your own way. So shall we Americans.

The notion that we should, under very different circumstances, adopt your policies is as ridiculous as the notion that you should adopt ours.

We’ve already demonstrated we have no desire to replicate your model. So, please, dispel yourself of the typical British arrogance in assuming we should style our country after yours.

Starting with semi-automatics would have been a start

Ever seen this photo of Mr. Obama? Review it and you’ll begin, perhaps, to comprehend that your reference to semi-automatic weapons is, essentially, a display of ignorance in regards to the usages of semi-automatic firearms.

You see, it’s obvious to me and anybody else who is familiar with firearms that you really don’t know what you’re talking about. Naturally, we dismiss the opinions of one such as yourself; who would give credence to one who has little knowledge of the subject?

To which somebody responded:

whood 9milerancher

19 September 2013 5:18pm

Get yer own internet newspaper, then.

Mark M

19 September 2013 5:22pm

As the store manager of a Starbucks I’ll say this: My state allows open carry of rifles and concealed handguns. I welcome armed customers in my store because I feel safer knowing they’re here in the event a criminal wants to attempt to use force to get what they want. I won’t enforce an infringement on people’s rights.

vermontgn Faux_News_Lies

20 September 2013 6:12am

really Vermont , Maine , New Hampshire three most safes states and lowest crime rates at same time pro gun states.
Vermont most lax gun laws in the Country and lowest or second lowest crime rate in the Country in last 5 decades followed by Maine and New Hampshire,

9milerancher nibbles

19 September 2013 7:41pm

The problem ultimately is something to do with the US Psyche

It’s called the 2nd Amendment.

Up and until the Constitution is amended otherwise, the situation will remain the same.

Let me know when an effort is organized to honestly address amending the Constitution(and one might give some consideration as to why the powers that be don’t embark upon such an effort – the mere notion of placing issues in initiative form in the hands of the voter causes the powers that be to grease their undies). Let me know when someone can provide a practicable solution to dealing with the 300 million guns(legally owned, the vast majority) already in circulation. Let me know of any gun control measure recently proposed which would have prevented the shootings in DC.

Anyone? Anyone at all care to honestly propose a workable solution or shall we simply engage in another inconsequential ***fest?

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