The Mueller Show Trial

There are still a great many important questions about the Mueller appointment made by Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein. Questions have arisen about what are the relationship between Mueller and Comey. Another question that must be asked is what is the relationship between Rosenstein and Comey. We know that  Rosenstein was also a staffer for Mueller in the past.

There are numerous reasons to question the appointment of Mueller as the Special Council. How is it the neither of the intelligence committees now in progress, and none of the sycophants in the MSM have questioned why Comey met with both Rosenstein and Mueller before his testimony given to the intelligence committee. Was it to coordinate that testimony so that the Deep State could continue to push for the removal of Trump? Or was it to assure that Rosenstein, Mueller and Comey could continue in the attempt of to bring down a President that it is obvious that they find illegitimate in their own minds and those of the progressive/socialists that make up the Democrat Party.

Let’s take a look at some of the achievements of Robert Mueller and see if they would one to think he would be a good fit for the position he now finds himself filling. While U.S. Attorney in San Francisco Mueller changed the rules of evidence for the FBI in the cases of Oklahoma City, Ruby Ridge, and Waco.  It was John Ashcroft who recommended Mueller to Bush as FBI Director. Mueller was named as the FBI Director 7 days before the attacks on the World Trade Center. It was Mueller who denied and downplayed that warnings that had been received before 9/11 that were ignored in the Spring and Summer of 2001. Retired FBI Special Agent Coleen Rowley named a TIME Magazine 2002 “Person of the Year” attempted to notify Mueller of the pre-9/11 failures. Mueller was involved in covering finances for Noriega, BCCI, and BNL banking scandals.

Mueller became chief counsel for HSBC Bank in London a bank that in 2015, was found to have sheltered $100 billion in client fund for drug dealers. money launderers, and arms traffickers.

Comey, who leaked information to assure that his predecessor and mentor at the FBI, would become special counsel  was chief counsel for Bridgewater Associates, the largest hedge fund in the world and was paid $6,632,616 in salary the year before becoming FBI Director. Comey also was a director for HSBC mentioned above.

It was Robert Muller who allowed the CIA to continue torture programs during the Iraq war going as far as to instruct agents not to document any such tortures in which they were involved, and if any “war crimes files” we documented they have never been found.

His twelve years of leading the FBI was filled neglect, and officially sanctioned misconduct. Whether it was because he was incompetent or because he was a political hack working for the Deep State in the FBI, CIA, DNI, and DOJ may never be known. This is the same man that botched the anthrax letter case, and the man who demanded the Muslim Brotherhood Islamists  be allowed  to rewrite FBI training manuals deleting all reference to Islam. In 2006 he raided a Representatives office without any warrant, seized documents not part of the investigation and refused to return them. Even the Wall Street Journal at the time wrote

“Mueller let his prosecutorial willfulness to interfere with propr constitutional and executive branch procedure”               


But understanding the parameters of this Special Council are disconcerting. There are no limits to the money that can be spent, the personnel, mostly Clinton supporters and donors, that can be hired, or the fact that Mueller is a political operative specifically appointed to find something, anything, to bring down this administration. Actionable intelligence has not been found to imply collusion between Russia and Trump. The fact that there is no evidence of collusion has been stated for many months now by many in the intelligence agencies. The collusion story pushed for so many months by the MSM has been exposed to be a lie. The damage done by the false narrative and the fake news that the press and progressive/socialists have inundated the American people with has done what little damage it could.

So now that there was nothing found on the Russia collusion with hunt, the mainstream media and the progressive/socialist Democrats are now attempting  to move forward with Obstruction charges. Using a statement made to a supposedly quivering, fearful FBI Director  is no basis for obstruction.  Trump stated to Comey :

I hope you can see your way clear to letting this go. To letting Flynn go. He is a good guy.”

Let’s look at what Mueller stated in the case of the Waco standoff 1993, and the impending Congressional investigation in 1995. Mueller called former Georgia Congressman Bob Barr to discuss the federal governments  massacre of the compound and the resulting death of 76 members of the cult.

During the discussion with Barr Mueller  he requested that:

“don’t go too hard on these guys”

As a matter of point, why is there a special council in the first place. What is the crime? For all the garbage being spewed for these many months, even Comey admitted there was no collusion, so what and where is the crime. Federal regulations require a special council should be appointed by the Justice Department only on the determination of a criminal investigation of a person or matter is warranted.

Rosenstein, as a fellow member of the Deep State authorized the special council on absolutely no appropriate reason. Counterintelligence is not a valid reason for a special council. A special council is not meant to be used for an assessment of whether any crimes were committed . But that is exactly what Rosenstein used as an excuse for the appointment of Muller .A special council may not be used as an information gathering process, but that is exactly what Mueller is attempting to do. If they do not have evidence that a crime has been committed, actual facts and not fake news, that the special council should be shut down.

Even now, the leaks continue. From the intelligence committees and even from Muellers office. Comeys memos of which so much was made are in the hands of the FBI, and they are refusing under an FOIA request to let anyone see them.

For many, there are many who feel that this special council is bias, and as a matter of law, not valid according the federal regulations. It is a sham worthy of the old Russian show trials. Is there any doubt that there will be leaks until just before the mid-term 2018 elections. Then the special council will publish some diatribe about Trump to damage this administration just before the election. This will cause the progressive/socialist Democrats and the sycophantic media to cover the airwaves with innuendo and lies that will continue until the election. They won’t realize that the American people are tired of all the lies and all the fake news of trying to take the President down.

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  • MikeyParks

    Trump should fire Mueller and let the chips fall where they may. He should call a press conference and detail his reasons one by one. This cannot be allowed to proceed.

  • Furtive

    Sic: counsel. ( lawyer)
    Council: a group of people convening to create policy.