The Never Trump Cult is Wearing Thin

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When Donald Trump decided to make a run for President of the United States, I admit I was among the skeptical. At the time, I honestly felt that Trump was not the kind of businessman I would want in politics. The guy made deals with both political parties and used them to his advantage.

Sadly with a media wanting to promote another blood member of the Bush family either because they know that their agenda will still get advanced (but not as aggressively as the Democrats can and will do), or maybe, Just Maybe, it would have helped Hillary Clinton make history and give the Democratic Party bragging rights for they were the ones to put a woman first into the oval office. Just as the Democrats put a Black Man into office…or someone with African heritage into office.

How Did Trump Do It?

Trump actually said the right things that made an appeal and truly was a bold statement to middle America, and actually did raise them up. For a very long time, middle America was being talked down to by the Democratic Party and its leaders. In the late 1970’s it was Jimmy Carter and during most the 1990’s it was William Jefferson Clinton (who fortunately was forced to the center thanks to Newt Gingrich) and worst to date Barack Hussein Obama II. Obama was not just the one who told us that we could keep our doctors and private health plans (he lied), but he also told us that we did not build a darn thing and that we needed the help of the things and people that the government industries and the things that the government funds. He also told us to embrace “the new normal” when it came the economy. Obama and the Democrats knew they would hurt America’s economy as they attacked and tried to destroy our free market, but because the major media had Obama’s back, he (and the Democratic Party) could get away with the damage and come out smelling like a rose; for they themselves are Democrats and/or at least had a progressive worldview they want to impose on America.

Donald Trump tapped into what middle American thinks and to the best of his abilities put himself in their shoes. Because he could do this, because he could cut deals, he knew how to make a proposal and the people bought into it. Honest conservatives like myself did have reasonable doubts. The only thing we could do is look at his record as a business man and as a private citizen. As such, we found them to be less impressive. Sure Reagan could not keep a marriage together either, but Trump was truly worse than Reagan on that one. I think I remember an episode of The Apprentice in which Trump himself owned up on this fact.

The Never Trump Movement in 2016

Also we had our doubts about him taking bribes, making deals, imposing unnecessary tariffs just to name a few. When Donald Trump got the nod over Ted Cruz (who I felt was the better candidate), I decided to leave the Republican Party once and for all along with other principled conservatives (Steve Deace) and yes certain DC establishmentarians (Bill Kristol) in tow. However their were those who were in it for Trump along. Most notable was Mrs. “Stop ERA” herself, the late Phyllis Schlafly who passed away before she could cast her vote for Trump, long time Denver radio personality Peter Boyles, and the House Speaker that kept Clinton in line Newt Gingrich. Colorado Springs radio and new media personality Tron Simpson was ready, willing and able to vote for Trump should his favorites failed to make the cut (Ben Carson and Ted Cruz in that order).

Steve Deace and Ben Shapiro were among my favorite conservatives who made the choice to vote for their principles & conscience, and used their other options for President of the United States on the ballot, rather than “hold their nose” and forever vote Republican. It was Dan Bongino’s case for Trump (which he made when he filled in for Mark Levin on his radio talk program during the 2016 election cycle) that convinced me otherwise. Hillary indeed was a woman who had contempt for the Secret Service, not to mention those were men who were not on the level with her…and sadly the Secret Service were just lemmings to her (and many Democrats feel the same way). Yet she wanted the forbidden fruit and she wanted to sit in the oval office with the power of POTUS.

Up to the Present Day

With Donald Trump elected president, Deace and Shaprio ended their Never Trump stances but remained consistent in their principles. Still others like the David’s (Leech and National Review’s French) and Kristol’s, have continued their Never Trump stances and its only proven to be a stance in vane…and they have only aliened themselves as they lose their once loyal fans.

I remember Gingrich saying it best on Life, Liberty and Levin (Mark Levin’s weekly interview program on Fox News Channel). He admitted that Trump was not a conservative, but rather Trump was anti-progressive. That is a fair and accurate statement and remember Gingrich was all in for Trump. For all of President Trump’s flaws, he has advance a cause that conservatives for the most part can get behind. He is at least trying to fulfill his promises when others tell him to break them. Our American embassy in Israel is finally in Jerusalem rather than in Israel’s metroplex called Tel Aviv. Also Trump is trying to close the borders between us and Mexico and salvage what is left of our nation while he fights those who want a “fundamental transformation” of America coupled with a the Democratic Party that wants to forever control the White House and never EVER lose that control.

Memo to Never Trumpers…GET OVER IT!

I am not saying or even telling you to get on the “Trump Train.” I am saying and telling you for your own good, bury your hatred of Trump. That does not mean we support everything he does and if he is about to go astray, we hold him to the fire and make sure he does the right thing. That is THE principle of our American government. The people holding those in power to account and now allowing them to abuse that power.

The Never Trump movement was a great cause during the election cycle. With Trump winning the presidency, it has become meaningless and unnecessary…and to be quite honest, it’s getting old.

P.S. Even if Trump is a man that does love America (I really believe in they honestly does love his country), I still have no regrets leaving the Republican Party. That party is still full of losers and jokers who will not stand up to the Democrats and other progressive activists.

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