The New Occupy Movement?


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Over the inaugural address weekend an article was published in Politico that expressed similarities between the Women’s March with the Occupy Wall Street movement. The press’s comparison was unavoidable for the fact that both protest movements are left leaning, and that’s where their similarities stop. To be fair, the comparison is understandable. We are in a post election with an unfavorable result for half the country. Now Democratic strategists are eager to find the pulse of disgruntled liberal voters, with the hopes of securing a smooth election in 2020.

To the detriment of the Democrat party many protesters are looking too far in advance. Their far-sightedness and disdain for everything associated with Trump has diluted, what would be, a cogent message of women solidarity into bland political angst that is hurled toward the president. Instead, the Women’s March became a generalized rally cry of “I didn’t vote Trump!”

Many issues that were on display at the rally ranged from pro Planned Parenthood stances, rebuking of Trump’s comments toward women, Black Lives Matters, LGBTQ, anti-fascism, salvaging the Affordable Care Act, and the list goes on…

With many unique issues to speak upon at the event one has to wonder what was the objective of the Women’s March?

It was not about fighting racism and it was not about LGBTQ rights. If it was about racism or LGBTQ issues certain buzzwords would be used in the title of the event, however, this was not the case. In fact, gender was the cherry picked issue at hand, particularly the female gender (duh). With that said, it was not about the solidarity women. Because if the march was solely about the female gender, why were pro life feminists uninvited from attending the rally? And would women who voted Republican be welcome to the protest either?

Therefore, the women’s march was inappropriately named. Instead it should’ve been called the “I didn’t vote for Donald Trump” protest. After all, the women’s march took place the day after the inauguration while it addressed every Trump scandal under the sun. It was not about the solidarity of the female gender but of liberal Democrat women distancing themselves from a Trump presidency.

Picketing a singular man solely for him being himself lacks a clear objective. Though the act of protesting a man simply for who is takes a high level of passion and tenacity to do so over the course of a few months, let alone four years. And if a self identified “nasty woman” protester is reading this, take some time to understand how the Occupy movement managed to stay as relevant as it did. Your causes will be achieved easier when they are communicated in a singular objective with a unified people.

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