The New Task for Democrats: Fall on Obama’s Sword

obmcrdmsThe Democrats, liberals and progressives in America have been assigned a distinctively political obligation to keep in step and in sync with their chosen one, Barack Hussein Obama. Why? Not to help America as a whole but to maintain the illusion of Obama’s success. They have been given a task to protect the lies of his competency and the myth of his superiority so that his legacy is untarnished and that Obama will be seen by history as not a failure that the evidence actually shows. Domestically, the Obama’s administration has exploded our national debt by spending trillions of “stimulus” tax dollars while failing to significantly improve our economy and was shown to be pathetically incompetent trying to implement his own signature healthcare legislation. His foreign policy failures are equally dismal. He has worsened our relations with every significant foreign power, both friendly and belligerent and has been completely and embarrassingly outmatched in every encounter with Vladimir Putin. Even with that all Democrats are supposed to go out and campaign on his policies, accepting the results of his mismanagement, ineptitude and failed ideology as their own and happily fall on the sword that Obama has firmly implanted in front of them.

Their only solace, their singular advantage is a media that jumps when Obama tells them to by refusing to treat his errors, failures and horrendously inept administration as newsworthy. The liberal media spends literally weeks covering Gov. Christie’s potential involvement in orchestrating an afternoon traffic jam outside NYC (yeah, that’s news) while ignoring the huge failure of Obama to deal with Russia’s unopposed annexation of the Crimea. Had Bush been in office there would be cries of “asleep at the wheel”, “a foreign policy disaster” and “Russia rebuilds as president does nothing.” Instead we have silence and even excuses from liberal pundits that Crimea was Russia’s anyway. Also not news is America’s economy continues to flatline with a jobless “recovery” and more welfare and entitlements than ever, or that more Americans have been killed in Afghanistan in the past 27 months than the whole time before, or how this administration has weaponized federal law and governmental agencies against non-constituent Americans.

In the upcoming election cycles liberals have to hope that voters will continue to believe the mainstream media with its silence and not recognize the bias that there is “nothing to see here.” Local Democrats have to pray that the debilitating issues that are crippling this administration based on a force-fed dogma of a “big government” and crippling taxation of successful Americans to maintain out-of-control entitlement spending will not be associated with them. Even though the liberal (and their media lapdogs) focus in 2008 was a mantra and one-voice chant that whomever ran after Bush was “more of the same”, the Democrats will stand way away from that stance like the plague. Each Democrat is expected to make the narrative work that Obama has not failed but instead has gloriously helped the middle class by sacrificing the reality of telling the truth, even to people who know what they are saying are blatant lies. The result is that in front of each Democrat candidate, incumbent or not, is a sword firmly held by Obama. The plan is for each Democrat running for office to uphold Obama’s performance as wonderful and his policies, including Obamacare, are successful while they fall forward as requested and hope that the blade will miss vital organs and not be a fatal wound.

It won’t be just the Obamacare sword, or the IRS sword, or the “Fast and Furious” sword, or the “I’ll act if you cross this line” sword, or the Crimea sword, the unions as a special interest sword, the selective enforcement of federal law sword, the unconstitutional gun control effort sword, or the NSA spying on everybody sword. It will also be the Hillary “WHAT DOES IT MATTER!” sword, the Lois Lerner fifth Amendment sword, the failure of socialism in every nation on the planet sword, the unsolved Benghazi 9/11 attack sword, the bankruptcy of Detroit even after the “saving” of the auto industry sword and even the economy wallowing in malaise sword.

In reality that kind of denial of reality will gut any candidate that has the (D) next to their name on local, state and national ballots. People who know they have been deceived and lied to by Obama will recognize that even a local candidate who cannot honestly acknowledge this administrations’ huge list of failures is definitely part of the problem. It is a sword firmly held by Obama, not for him to use but for others to impale their ethics, honesty and political careers.  The Democrats know that their only chance of maintaining any power in the government is based on the expectation that every good Democrat will lovingly and willingly throw themselves forward on that naked blade just to ensure that Obama’s legacy of lies is maintained untarnished.

Will they?

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