The New York Times is just giving what it’s readers want.

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For once The New York Times actually came up with an honest headline more less. Trump Urges Unity vs. Racism. However the NYT’s loyal fans were not impressed with the headline even though it did tell the truth.

What? The New York Times tells the truth?

The Progressive leftist readers don’t like the headline?

Wow, all I have say is that we now have a big teaching moment just made that must never be buried away, like so many gaffs and things that the Gray Lady has done. Maybe in the past it was able to get away with certain things because it was a mass appeal newspaper and their were only a few voices crying in the wilderness (like William F. Buckley Jr, Rush Limbaugh, and even Paul Harvey) who were trying to hold the NYT’s of the world to account. Mark Levin to the NYT’s dismay, pointed out their support of not only Soviet Russia and its iconic figure heads, but also hands down support of Adolf Hitler and the rise of Nazi Germany. The NYT actually supported the actions of Nazi Germany of purging the Jews. Sure they were reporting on it, but treating like it’s not a big deal (i.e. bury the story at the bottom of the second and third pages or whatever). Mark Levin exposes this dirty deed in his best selling book Unfreedom of the Press.

Yes friends The New York Times under the guise of “All the News That’s Fit to Print” and the national “newspaper of record,” has been able to advance an anti-America, pro-globalist, pro-socialist Marxist overall statist agenda for so many years.

Now that the progressive mob that worships the NYT in all its glory speaks out against a headline they don’t approve of, what does the NYT do? In business you are suppose to give the customers what they want and tell that you gave it to them. Well the NYT did just that. Changed the headline in hopes that the mob would approve. The new headline; Assailing Hate, But Not Guns. No Mr. President, the NYT is not really fake news. I would give that honor to supermarket rags like the National Enquirer and the Globe, and actual satirical news sites like The Onion and The Babylon Bee. The New York Times as Mark Levin correctly points are part of the greater “Democratic Party press.” A press that has so much money, power and sway over the American people. Maybe not as much as they used to, but they can still score victories with a certain amount of useful idiots that are not just progressive but live elsewhere other than New York and Los Angeles. Suburban women if you are reading this…please take note. You ladies are on the list of Democrat Useful idiots.

Now that the Gray Lady had appeased its core audience, and gave them the spin they wanted to hear, the time has now come for The New York Times and the rest of the “unfree press” (NBC/MSNBC, CNN, CBS, ABC, NPR, PBS, Washington Post etc.) to admit their support of the Democratic Party and other progressive causes. It is also time for them to leave the likes of Rush Limbaugh and talk radio at large, the New York Post (in spite of their support of gun control), the Washington Times, and other Republican to conservative leaning news websites alone and let them cater to an audience that would like to see liberty and freedom salvaged and conserved in America.

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