The Nuttiest Moments From the Democrat National Convention


“Wah, I’m not going to get all the free stuff!”

The 2016 Democratic National Convention has produced a treasure trove of nuttiness. It began with the surprising and embarrassing, and quickly moved on to all-in moonbat crazy. It’s worthy collecting the nuttiness in one place, so here goes.

It all started the day before the convention with the firing of the DNC’s chairwoman, Debbie Wasserman Schultz. The DNC’s emails had been hacked, revealing that she and her comrades were using the DNC to boost Hillary Clinton and torpedo Bernie Sanders. One of the hacked emails from the party of tolerance suggested they should let drop to Southern Baptist Democrats that Bernie is Jewish and likely an atheist. After the hacked emails emerged, Wasserman Schultz gave a pre-convention speech and was practically booed off the stage by Sanders supporters.

Thousands of Bernie supporters also showed up outside the convention to protest the Hillary nomination. They marched through the streets of Philadelphia to FDR Park, danced, chanted “Just Go to Jail Hillary,” and waved signs with upbeat messages like “Handcuffs for Hillary.”

Perhaps put off by the restraint of these protesters, Black Lives Matter went a step further, yelling, “F*** Hillary Clinton, she’s killing black people.”

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