The Precariousness of Evil Hat Corporations: Mix up or just plain stupid?

Card games are often mischaracterized as welcoming Satan into their homes, with Dungeons and Dragons. PC games have been mischaracterized by this as well, but a game like the Fate of Cthulu, by Evil Hat Productions, proves that video games, are made by Woke PC culture warriors as well. The Fate of Cthulu is a table top game, where much of the game is a corrupt version of HP Lovecraft’s work. In one instance of the game, instead of going insane, which is clearly to help not trigger people with mental illness, it’s the very woke nature of the rule that makes Evil Hat Corporations another moniker for “get woke go broke” attitude for their interpretation of HP Lovecraft abysmal.

This is one of the rules of the game, and it seems like a ploy to gain more support, which is disingenuous to people with mental illness. This writer has mental illness and he finds no problem with Lovecraft’s vision of mental illness.

The notion of this controversy starts with Evil Hat creators pointing out HP Lovecraft is a racist, while profiting from the material itself, without understanding the material. The material of lunacy is a staple of HP Lovecraft’s work, (read and watch Color out of Space, and it details mental illness clearly) and to not allow a character to go insane is betraying the work itself. You have to separate the man from the material. That’s always a reason why most interpretations of Lovecraft get it right, (the 2020 film adaptation of Color out of Space, The Call of Cthulu, and The Sinking City) and others get it wrong, like Evil Hat. Calling out HP Lovecraft’s racism does not automatically make them honorable, but more of a nagging pearl clutching grandmother that has no real idea over what they are yelling about.

Profiting from a man’s literary work, or interpretation, and then missing out on the key elements of a man’s work, is a misinterpretation, and uncreative process to writing, and art, in general. As to the notions of Lovecraft’s racism, is debunked, purely, that his first and only wife, Sonia Greene (, who was a Jewish writer, who they met in between friends, and then later divorced. What Evil Hat wants is to be the moral good guy when it comes to representing Lovecraft in their work.

The problem is no matter how you disregard the idea of xenophobia, in an author’s work, it doesn’t prove the adapters are virtuous, but virtue signaling, to try and make there game and company seem like the good guys for denouncing the author’s thematic subjects. It’s called “brave” but most often, in times today, is a plea for likes and the woke culture’s approval.

Evil Hat clearly has no idea what they are doing, and it makes easier to make fun of them for it. It’s the nature of business to make money, but not understanding the material of an author’s work is what at stake in the controversy surrounding The Fate of Cthulu.

Evil Hat are allowed to make money, but create your own monster, because Evil Hat doesn’t have imagination to make up a game. Side stepping around a man’s artistic quirks is not brave and nor does it make an authentic interpretation. An Artistic vision shows when an adaptation is truly genuine and can accept the demons, or aliens, a writer infuses into the work. No matter if Cthulu is in the game, it won’t make it better.

HP Lovecraft is a genius who didn’t live by anyone’s writing rules except his own. And maybe if we pray hard enough, the doors to Rylah will open, and swallow Evil Hat up into the Mountains of Madness.

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