The Progressive Socialist Agenda Must be Stopped Part 2

Our bastions of higher learning have felt the revitalization of the progressive socialist agenda. What was once an oasis of diverse thoughts has now become the land of indoctrination. Students are instructed in the victimization of our country. The exploitation that this land supposedly pushes on the victims of all the –isms and –ists our nation holds. Class warfare is an integral part of the curriculum, including small business owners who are the lifeblood of America. The result of this indoctrination is that the government grows bigger and gets to pick winners and losers. The top 1% that is so reviled by the progressive socialists is the only group that moves forward.

Being told by these academic halls that the government must take care of these hapless victims also puts to the side and semblance of personal and moral responsibility. If it is the government that has all the power, there is no independence, no sense of duty, and no reason to attempt to make the right decisions on a personal level. If things aren’t going well, many of these students being taught today expect someone to pat them on the head and tell them it isn’t their fault. Also, through the government, using other peoples money, the powers that be will do everything they can to make your decision right. Not understood is that personal liberty is also lost where it gets to the point that you have the right to make decisions. Under the progressive socialist agenda, our society will become impersonal and individuals unimportant, leading to what we are facing today with the progressive socialist infanticide agenda.

So we are now saddled with moral relativism where all opinions are considered valid. We turn away from infanticide, genocide, and murder is explained away. This war against religion has been ongoing since the 1960s when the socialists of the day demanded prayer in schools be banned. Later any reference to God and the Christian foundation of our country would be forced out of our schools. It was replaced with the only religion accepted in school, atheism. (Although, in today’s world, Islam is also accepted.)

In today’s society, more than ever before there is no right or wrong. Another part of relativism is multiculturalism, where we are told all cultures are equal. This is mostly pushed by elites that live in gated communities who dare not live in any culture that is different from what they know. It is also believed by the sycophants who look upon these elites with baleful eyes and drink in the venom that they spew forth. This is not only an affront to the culture we have here in the United States, but turns our streets that the progressive socialists rule into a replica of third world countries.

Our President, his followers, and any citizen who is not a follower of the progressive socialists has been called a Nazi. You can be called a Nazi for believing in our country, our flag, the rule of law, and even private property. Antifa calls themselves Anti-fascists although they are the brownshirts and rioters used by Hitler and Mussolini to take power. It was Stalin who did not want the challenge of the left-wing fascists to his precious communism. So he told his socialist followers that fascism was right-wing in an attempt to discredit it. Both communism and fascism accept the individual only so far as it agrees with the agenda of the state. Socialism is the same, where the government controls what you deserve and allots the lean production that always results in government control of production to the 1%. The current group of thought leaders in the progressive socialist party are sociopaths giving the orders to further their agenda to those who do not comprehend the damage they are doing. Taught relativism in school, they are willing accomplices to the violence perpetrated on victims that are the normal everyday people who make this country run.

The progressive socialist party is under the assumption that they have everything under control. They speak of utopia, knowing that it is not possible. Life will always have winners and losers based on personal choices. They will lie to you to win, and they will become violent if you disagree as violence is linked to the agenda they want to force on us. It must be. They need violence to come to take your home, your way of life, and your beliefs must be destroyed. They want to citizens submissive and to bow down to those who have authority over us. For too long, the American people have not understood that they are the power in this country. We are sovereigns that control this country, and the authorities that we put in control are our servants only as long as they follow the commands of the populous. Our government wants us docile, and to not speak angrily about what they have done to our country. They do not want us to challenge the authority that they have taken unto themselves.

But he progressive socialist “Democrats” are not the only group that we are fighting for our rights. There are RINOS and Never Trumpers who are so full of sanctimony that they also feel only the agenda they have been pushing for many years and made money from is correct. The progressive socialists realize that with the election of President Trump, they have lost the control of the government that they use to make the fortunes they have amassed and gave them protection. They continue with the progressive socialists to try and take President Trump down through whatever means they can. They understand they cannot control him. Even though there are times when President Trump can act like a bull in a china shop, he gets things down. His only thought is will what he does be good for the country and the people who legally reside in it. They know our President cannot be bought. What surprises the progressive socialists and RINOS is President Trump fights back. Our President is not a man to slink away and apologize for having ideas and beliefs of his own that work for our nation.

Those who have disgraced our nation will not leave quietly. The actions they have taken to tie the hands of our President even to this day are deplorable and a dishonor tour country. Our representatives in local, state, and federal government have forgotten that they too need to follow the law. There will be a significant action taken to hold those people accountable, no matter who they are. The progressive socialists will then create as much chaos as they can in our cities in an attempt to disrupt the country.

When we have newly elected congressional members like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez claim that we must allow illegal immigrants to stay in our country because our country is actually theirs and that they have a right to stay is a bastardization of the rule of law. I would like to see where in any founding documents is says illegal aliens have rights. It also doesn’t say healthcare is a right. The rights given to us in our founding documents are not to be rewritten for what the progressive socialists fell is a right.

It is our duty and responsibility to say no more. You will listen to us. Will this lead to a civil war? Perhaps. I know which side I am on. The government does not want us to know that we still have the right in our founding documents that have been given to us by God. They will find more and more ways of controlling the citizens of this country. They will attempt to stop any activity that challenges the government’s power or reveal the corruption rampant in the Deep State operatives that continue to function.

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