The Progressive Socialist Agenda Must be Stopped Part 3

In this election cycle, the Democrats, or as I call them, progressive socialists are going with the kamikaze plan of full socialism. It doesn’t matter who wins on the progressive socialist side; they are trying to outdo one another with pandering to illegal aliens. They are going full bore on taking from the citizens and giving to the illegal aliens what Americans have worked so hard for. San Fran Nan of feces and needles fame wants to turn the rest of the country in a third world hellhole like her own city. And she sees nothing wrong with forcing the American people to work harder for the benefit of people who expect freebies from the taxpayers. Her quote is:

“These newcomers make America more American. Therefore, we want them when they come here to be fully part of our system. And that means not suppressing the vote of our newcomers to America.”

Newcomers? They are here illegally; hence, they are illegal aliens. Call them what you wish, but that will not change. And no amount of dressing up H.R. 1, the garbage For the People Act will change that. The progressive socialists need the votes, and the illegal aliens need the benefits. It is a match made in Hell, and I can safely say the America people will not allow it to pass.

The progressive socialists have learned to give themselves credit for the advancement of race relations in this country. Because we don’t teach history in this country anymore, and academia is all progressive socialist, this is what our younger generations have been taught. For some, even some African Americans, the truth is learned later in life. For others, it is never learned, and they blame Republicans for the attitudes and hatred that they feel. In 1896, Plessy v. Ferguson was wrongly decided by the U.S. Supreme Court. The decision allowed states to establish segregated schools under the “separate but equal” doctrine. In 1954, the U.S. Supreme Court put an end to the Jim Crow laws that made segregation viable with the ruling of Brown v. Board of Education. The Brown decision faced obstruction from Democrats in Congress whose only hope was to keep the Jim Crow laws in place. The progressive socialists at the time even had a name for the obstruction. It was called “The Southern Manifesto.” The Democrats claimed that the Supreme Court had abused its power and vowed to use all means to bring back the Jim Crow laws. This manifesto was actually to both houses of Congress and signed by 2 Republicans, and 97 Democrats.

The KuKluxKlan was a Democrat aberration. Ralph Byrd belonged to the KKK and used the term “white nigger’ of television to claim he was not a racial bigot. Lyndon Johnson, who has been hailed by Democrats as the leader of the civil rights movement and according to Kevin Jackson article “Civil Wrongs” Johnson declared.

“We have to enact the Civil Rights Act to placate the uppity negroes and to give them a little something, just enough to quiet them down but not enough to make a difference.” The little something he spoke of was welfare legislation that he thought would lead blacks to a permanent voting block for Democrats.

About this same time, Johnson told two Southern Democratic Governors while on Air Force One and as written by Ronald Kessler , “I’ll have those niggers voting Democratic for the next 200 years. And what did this legislation lead to? It leads to generational welfare, instability in the American families, illegitimacy, and destruction of morality throughout the American culture, both black and white. No longer were fathers to be considered the foundation of the family. This led to the downfall of personal responsibility, the collapse of many communities, the massive incarceration and loss of prosperity in all communities.

In the world of today, charlatans such as Johnson still exist. In the worlds of people such as Jesse Jackson, Louis Farrakhan, Al Sharpton, and in our government, Eric Holder and Barak Obama continue to push racial grievances and division to retain control. All of those mentioned here are progressive socialists with an agenda of fundamentally changing the attitudes of the citizens to be more violent and more divisive.

I have considered Martin Luther King Jr’s “I Have a Dream Speech” as a hallmark speech and the foundation for racial healing throughout the country. I have been told by some blacks that, being white, I cannot have an opinion. Too bad, I do. And this is it. The essence of the speech to me was that black people would be free to work and live their lives and achieve in their lifetimes according to the ethics and morality that we all share. It meant everyone has a right to live as honest people and live justly amongst their neighbors. The dream was set, and the implementation was moving forward. It was the start of the healing from past injustices, and the black families of the time were experiencing prosperity and growth alongside their white neighbors. It is depressing that the progressive socialists use the phrase ” promote the general welfare” in the U.S. Constitution to use as a crutch to provide welfare benefits to illegal aliens. Before it was in full flower, Dr. King was murdered by a Democrat. Martin Luther King Jr. was a Republican. The progressive socialists of today hold up Dr. King as a champion of the Democrat Party even though Dr, King reviled the Democrat Party.

The mainstream media has been forced to admit that the progressive socialists, through the DNC. Have a “God” problem. What is not being explained is that the DNC is attempting to solve it by manipulation and lies. The DNC has hired the Rev, Derrick Harkins and is the Senior Voce President of the Union Theological Seminary in New York. His claim to fame is the celebration in the “queerness of God.” It effectively reinforces that the progressive socialists are anti-God but claim to the American people that the use of snippets of Scripture for the benefit of socialism is misunderstood. Everyone from San Fran Na to Occasion-Cortez has misapplied the teachings of Christ to advance the socialist agenda. They call themselves Christian but have given their full support to infanticide, homosexuality, gay marriage, and transgenderism. All of these are being pushed on the American people s a form of religion, but that religion is not Christianity. I mentioned this to a socialist the other day and was told if I eat shellfish, then I could not be a Christian. We are all sinners, but the intentional bastardization of God’s word is beyond just misinterpretation and is evil. The progressive socialists support sanctuary cities, open borders, Islam, LGBT agendas, and the removal of anything that mentions God from society in an effort to make this a secular nation. Calling the beliefs “Progressive Christianity” is leading to the destruction of the church and more division within society. The agenda they espouse is based on debauchery, crime, and lies that are i our society now.

The goalposts continually move for the progressive socialists. Remember Obamacare? We were assured we could keep for doctors and plans, and that Obamacare would never lead to single-payer. We were told our immigration laws would be strictly enforced, another lie told by the elite leftists who feel they are our betters. Pelosi has already claimed that it should not be a crime to cross the border illegally, According to the law, it still is. But we all know the politically correct leftists can ignore any law they feel cannot help fill their agendas — the national security implications of allowing open borders links directly to individual security. This is a concept that gout elected officials are sworn to uphold. A breach of this trust is tantamount to allowing rapes and murders by those here illegally to continue. Judges are part of the problem as well, using whatever steps they can to let these criminals go free or with probation.

And while all this is going on, the progressive socialist running to president promise not freedom, but free things. College will be free, healthcare will be free, and all student debt willingly agreed to will be forgiven. Once again, no responsibility for one’stown actions will be enforced upon all with e the American taxpayer.

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