The Psychology of Blame in 2015

In 1941 when the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor no one sat around wringing their hands and wondering “why did they do this to us?” Instead, they responded that if the Japanese want war, we will give it to them. They then declared war and went off to fight.  Compare that with today when we have people still looking for motives behind terrorist attacks, including in some cases, the 9-11 attacks.  They still want to figure out that question of “why?” and assume that somehow we are responsible.  They cannot understand the possibility that the perpetrators may be doing so because they are simply disposed to


This sort of thought process appears to have originated in the cultural changes that occurred in the 1970’s when “blame the victim” somehow became fashionable. Then it moved on to blaming America, even when America was the obvious victim. Thus, if we were to apply this idea back in 1941, America was to blame for Pearl Harbor and the Japanese attacks on US and other locations because we embargoed raw materials they wanted, due to their invasion of China. The fact that Japan had no reason to invade becomes irrelevant, because America is evil, even when it comes to the aid of a victim of aggression.


Or, we could also assume that Charles Manson had some sort of legitimate reason for the Tate-LaBianca murders other than his stated desire to start a race war.  He didn’t.  He was and remains simply insane, which is enough to understand. Likewise, there have been and continue to be nations run by “leaders” who desire to build an empire for any number of reasons. They decide to engage in international aggression because they believe that they can get away with it, as Hitler did when he spouted his speeches about creating an thousand year long German Empire.


Now, we see that same logic carrying over into the Southwestern Asia and the question of Iran’s desire of atomic weapons. Some individuals I’ve heard state that because we have them, every other nation on earth should too. This, of course, assumes that every other nation is politically stable, and has no interest in misusing such weapons at any time in the future, short or long term. This is rank foolishness. No nation is every completely stable forever, and with things the way they are in the United States right now, one has to be concerned that our store of military hardware could find its way into the wrong hands quite easily due to the actions of an incompetent government that doesn’t understand the proper purpose of a military.


But with more specific reference to Iran, Alan W. Dowd has penned an excellent piece describing exactly why we should not trust Iran under the terms of this or any other “deal” simply because they cannot be trusted. And this goes to the heart of the current situation.


America is being blamed for the trouble and war that has broken out in that part of the world. And the US is partly to blame, largely because the leadership either did not understand, or refused to understand the nature of the situation. Invading Iraq, then leaving it defenseless created a perfect opportunity for the “Islamic Steve” imperialists. And they are doing this for two reason. First, because they believe that they can get away with it, and second, because they have a convenient excuse to do so. This is the history of that region whenever its people undertake conquest. The Iranians are no different, believing that they can bring about the culmination of an end times prophecy by starting a nuclear war. In other times we would think that they were crazy. Today, our so-called leaders blame ourselves and try to pacify them with concessions, not understanding that these concessions make us seem weak and give them all the more encouragement to continue their warlike ways.


Blaming ourselves never works. It is like drowning in self-pity instead of doing something about the problem. The people we are supposed to be dealing with understand only one thing and that thing, unfortunately is brute force. Their atavistic society breeds this attitude and way of life, and until that society is forcibly dragged into the 21st century’s way of life, they will continue to pursue their desire to impose a violent monoculture on the rest of humanity, regardless of the cost. Art, music, literature, and historic sites must all be destroyed in the name of their desire for power. It isn’t the will of some barbarian god that we are supposed to submit to. The pagan religion that they cling to is only an excuse for slaughtering people. The sooner we understand that and stop blaming the victims then we will be on the road to recovery and to proper handling of the situation, at home and abroad.



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