The push for gun control

We, the American people are being inundated with the fallacy that we need more gun control to protect us and keep us safe. We constantly hear that we need gun control “for the children”, another direction that the government has taken to divide this country on the 2nd Amendment. Once again the government is doing all they can to take our guns to protect us from us. We hear of “assault rifles” and “weapons of war” to instill fear among the people to take our guns. It is Democrats who staged a sit in for the supposed purpose to force a vote on legislation to control guns even more in this situation, but was actually a fundraising ploy that the progressives could use to extract funds from ill informed citizens who fear guns. The FBI files show that there were 8124 murders of handguns in 2014. There were also 1567 by knives, and blunt force trauma (hammers or other devices) were 435.
In that same time frame there were more than 1 million iatrogenic deaths. What does that mean? Those are deaths by misdiagnosis of errors by doctors or hospitals. Does that mean the government will also force “doctor control?” And I fail to understand those who get all upset and firearm deaths, and yet are perfectly fine with the death of over 1 million soon to be born babies through abortion.
If you are all upset about the firearms in this country and yet are perfectly fine with the death of over a million fetuses, mostly black and in inner cities, please don’t expect me to listen. This is hypocrisy of the highest order and you need to reflect on your priorities.
Let’s look at firearm homicides and what props up those numbers. Gangbangers killing gangbangers, or those nearby are by and large the highest numbers. Home defense is another large numbers of those afflicted. If you participate in something that is against the law, or illegally enter someones home, you may expect to find the business end of a gun with no one to blame but yourself. Of course the media doing the government bidding will not tell you that. You chances of dying from a gunshot are very low once you take out those acting illegally or terrorists which our government continually tries to tell us do not exist.
This administration and those pushing for gun control are of the firm belief that only agencies of the state should have any type of firearms. Democrat Congressman Jerrold Nadler admitted that this drive to control firearms is to give the government a monopoly of legitimate violence. Why else would government agencies be buying tactical weapons and ammunition to the point where the ordinary citizens can’t find the ammunition they need for personal use. There are now more non military government employees who are allowed to carry firearms that there are U.S. Marines. Between 2006 and 2014, the US Government agencies spent 1.48 billion on guns and ammunition. The IRS alone spent more than$11 million on guns, ammunition and military style

equipment. The EPA? 3.1 million. What is this administration planning, and why are even postal service employees armed and trained. And there is a waiver to allow these government agencies to use magazine of 30 rounds. Is this the “National Police” that Obama speaks so fondly of? The administration believes that if the government controls all firearms that they can subdue a determined people.
Perhaps this is inline with the sentiments of Charile Rangel that members of Congress and other elites “deserve” and need people with guns to protect them, but the average American citizens do not have a right to self protection.
This government wants all Americans to believe that someone bent on committing a mass murder will abide by the law. That “gun free” zones will stop the slaughter of those who do commit mass murder. Do they actually expect those who want to commit the atrocities to leave gun free zone to perpetrate this crime? Most of the murders that have been committed since Obama took office have been in gun free zones.
The government, the media, and entertainment are all working together to force a coercive propaganda upon the American people. They continue to use the attacks within our country as a false premise to confiscate every citizens means of self defense. It is not up to the citizen to show a compelling need to bear arms, but the governments need to demonstrate a compelling reason for the prevention of the basic human right to bear arms.
Those who disagree will soon be considered enemies of that state, and undoubtedly be placed on the no fly or terrorist list. Due process, as stated by one senator is no longer relevant in this administration and in the progressive party. We do not need to be compliant to this government, or to blame the NRA or “gun lobby” for the tragedies that we have seen, and will unfortunately, continue to see. Whether for home defense or for use for hunting, or even for use in a civil war if it comes to that, the ownership of a firearm is a fundamental right that most of the citizens of the country will not willingly give up. The elites feel frustrated and angry on those who will not listen to the lies decreed by those same elites who have bodyguards and are armed themselves.
They are those who revile the everyday man, and will continue to call us killers or worse, and will not stop until they take all our guns. They will continue to lie, and do the best they can to destroy the due process granted to the American people in the Constitution. They have even gone so far as claiming the Republicans have decided to sell weapons to ISIS. Low informed Democrats may believe that, but everyone else see it as another lie to further a political result that the progressives could not legislate. It is easier to just lie and slander than have an actual conversation.

If they can’t take our guns, they find another way. Once Congresswoman, Carolyn Maloney of New York is pushing regulations that would require gun owners to have $10 million of liability insurance, raising the cost of gun ownership to basically take the right to have firearms from most citizens of this country. Even the Surgeon General of the US uses the bully pulpit for gun control when he tweeted, “Tired of politicians playing politics with guns, putting lives at risk b/c they are scared of the NRA. Guns are a health care issue.” Another sycophant who most assuredly knows nothing about firearms and has no basic understanding of facts about firearm possession.
It has nothing to do with fear of the NRA, it has to do with the fundamental rights given to us by the founders of this republic .All of the tyrannical dictatorships from Nazi Germany to the banana republics of South America to the tyrants in Asia have fundamental principles that kept them in power. The confiscation of money, rights and most important, guns.
Since the beginning of the republic until now, the man or woman who is willing to shed blood for the defense of freedom has been a thorn in the side of progressives and are a sector of our population that will not be persuaded or forced to give up the freedom of the 2nd Amendment. Only in this way can the people keep the government from the calculations and controls of a tyrannical government.

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