The Real Barack Obama

On October 3, 2012 we finally saw the real Barack Obama, unprotected by the media or by an incompetent opponent. 


When Mitt Romney initiated what some observers are calling the “Mile High Meltdown” of Barack Obama, there was only one thing that this writer could state in response:  Its about time.  It was known, but not well publicized that Gov. Romney was a well educated and very sharp individual.  Private capital managers have to be sharp to be successful because they work in a high risk field filled with financial and political minefields.  Romney’s success speaks volumes about his ability.  The only question was whether he would bring that ability and intelligence to bear, or would he roll over and play dead as John McCain had done 4 years earlier.  Fortunately, the real Romney showed up and forced the real Obama into the limelight where we saw a petulant, ill-prepared, and inarticulate individual who was forced to resort to shopworn sound bites instead of real substance.  He was obviously angry, and unable to stomach anyone opposing his omnipotence and omniscience.  He could be sure of both qualities because so many people had been proclaiming them from the rooftops for years, himself, included. 


But this writer never bought into it.  And while Dinesh D’Souza’s assertion that Obama is an actively malevolent individual, trying to bring down the USA in a warped tribute to his purported biological father, may be correct, it is also true that he would not be in a position to do such a thing without the help of a significant number of other people, including, particularly the Media, whom Pat Caddell has recently labeled enemies of the American People.  


So who is the real Barack Obama?  The answer is not that he is some hyper-intelligent angelic figure sent to bring blessings to the earth.  He isn’t really all that smart, or he wouldn’t have been run over by Mitt Romney so easily.  He certainly would have put up some kind of resistance and had the facts and figures at his command to do so.  But he didn’t, which points directly to a fact that pundits on both the left and right have ignored; Obama is a man of average ability, and average intelligence, who isn’t all that well educated, and who lacks the ability to think analytically.  He is also an ideologue, which militates against intellectual development.  An ideologue cannot discard ideology, thus, when confronted with facts that do not fit the belief system those facts must be discarded as invalid and “the party line” substituted in their place.  The total package prevents creativity, and its products, which in part accounts for the repeated reliance on big government as the answer to all problems despite that history has proved it to be a “failed policy of the past” and a dead end as far as economic prosperity is concerned. 


It seems that much of the media (again both left and right) have forgotten that it wasn’t so long ago that many of them were proclaiming Hilary Clinton the smartest woman ever to live, which is virtually the same praise that they have heaped on Obama.  What kept Hilary from the Democrat Party nomination in 2008 was largely that she was deserted by the media and by party functionaries in favor of the new kid on the block.  The Clinton’s past success had also made them some enemies and these enemies rebelled.  Obama stepped into the opportunity, which speaks to another of his qualities.  He is an opportunist. 


He is also a rabble-rouser and not a leader.  He is clever and manipulative, but not really smart.  He has his shtick, which, with that help of a sympathetic audience becomes believable, but is nothing more than a con.  Of course, a lot of politicians have been con men / women, but if they are properly vetted, they their ability to do damage is limited.  The press is supposed to be an equal opportunity gadfly that takes on all comers.  When it fails to do so, it fails in its duty.  See the Pat Caddell item above. 


Last, but not least, Obama never wanted to be President.  Now don’t get me wrong.  He wanted to live in the White House, have servants, a fancy airplane, parties, fawning attentions and the ability to schmooze with celebrities whenever he wanted.  But he never wanted the duties and responsibilities of the presidency.  That was simply too much work and would interfere with his golf and basketball games.  But tearing down a nation, whether or not you subscribe to the D’Souza 2016 thesis or not, does not require an active, engaged, and involved person.  Someone negligently failing to do his duty can do it just as easily. 


Which Obama will show up at the next debate?  One thing is certain; he and his wife don’t want to throw away their all expenses paid lifestyle.  He will probably return to the debate venue in attack mode, hoping to throw Governor Romney for a loss.  But Romney is no fool.  He will likely be prepared for such an eventuality and use some verbal judo to maintain his advantage while making Obama look foolish. 


As Rush Limbaugh occasionally says, modern liberals like to create fantasies about the opposition.  They call them uneducated hicks who are out of touch, and have no understanding of the real world.  The Liberals then tend to believe this fantasy, and when reality broadsides them they fail to understand how or why.  When the next debate occurs and Romney again shows his mettle, the fantasy may well be over. 

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