The Real Cowardice


In the wake of the continued drumbeat over “racism” as supposedly evidenced by recent incidents, including the Ferguson, MO shooting of Michael Brown is a marked failure in the so-called mainstream media for an accounting of what is really going on. Only a few dare speak out and they are generally ignored because their message goes against the popular cant that the fault lies with “racism” or “the system” or some other nebulous entity that cannot be specifically identified. It is an easy way to claim victimhood without having a specific, identifiable victimizer. It is also convenient because without a specific villain to be vanquished the claims of victimhood can go on, theoretically forever.


The claims of victimhood are made to seem real when the environment of poverty is thrown into the mix. High unemployment, run down neighborhoods, drug use, crime, and so on combine to provide the appearance of a place that must be subject to some sort of concerted activity to prevent success. After all, who would want to live in such a place if they had an opportunity to do better?


The seeming answer is that nobody would want to live in such conditions. The correct answer is that some actually choose to do so because they take the lazy and cowardly way of life. They become parasites on the rest of society courtesy of the welfare state. They are told that studying and becoming successful in a skill or profession isn’t “black” so they refuse to become successful. Then they blame the nebulous enemy that is never truly identified. And while they profess that Barack Obama has motivated them to become the next (whatever) the motivation never manifests and becomes further suppressed when Obama, himself, comes forward and blames the non-existent enemy.


The unfortunate fact is that the “Great Society” has sabotaged the Civil Rights Movement of the 1960’s by permitting and encouraging a culture of laziness and blame to which so many have been willing to subscribe. But it is also cowardice born of an unwillingness to face the real world and real achievement; unwillingness to work when government money can be counted on to arrive regularly, so why work. And when you want something that you don’t have money for, or don’t want to spend it on, just steal it. After all, you are a victim and you should have it because the other guy who has it now doesn’t deserve it. It is, really, rightfully yours. It was probably stolen from someone else, anyway, so stealing it from him isn’t such a bad thing; it is justice. And so the litany goes.


It is this sort of mentality that people such as Ben Carson and Star Parker rail against. Carson, in his book One Nation describes how he made choices in his life that allowed him to become tremendously successful. And yes, there were elements of luck that played a role in it, but the choices were Carson’s. If he had decided to pursue a different path his life would have been markedly different and the world would have been poorer by one superb neurosurgeon.


Star Parker, the self described welfare case for 7 years was finally motivated to get off the dole and make something of her life. Now she does here best to motivate others to do the same.


But Carson and Parker relied on a combination of faith and hard work to become successful. The modern, statist, big government does not agree with this because it presents competition. Self-reliant individuals are not government dependents and cannot be counted on to support the ambitions of some to rule over a nation of compliant sheeple.


Meanwhile the Al Sharptons line their pockets by, again, blaming the nebulous enemy who they claim is holding people down by failing to give them enough money to live in the lifestyle to which they would like to become accustomed to. They

also are cowards because they find it easier to lie about the situation than to tell the truth. They don’t want their followers to become self sufficient because it would stop the money train that leads to their bank accounts.


So, in a sense, Eric Holder was correct when he said that America is being cowardly on the subject of race. The cowardice exists in failing to hold underachieving Black Americans responsible for their own plight and blaming Michael Brown for his own confrontation and resulting death. It is cowardice that says that Black Americans who fail to work, achieve and keep up their neighborhoods are victims. If there are victims, then there are also the victimizers because they are the ones who destroy their own homes. They are also the ones who blame the police when something goes wrong, but also blame them for doing their jobs. These are people who have to decide which side of the law and of society they are on.


When all of the supposed victims turn their lives around by deciding that they are not longer victims and that they can do the same as anyone else, then their world will change. But until they decide that they control their own lives and that they can make a difference, then they will continue to be failures and yes, cowards.

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