The Scandal of the Month Club Comes to the Veterans Administration

The Obama administration has been plagued with scandals ever since it came into being.  It would have been so plagued earlier, were it not for a fawning press that cared less about the truth and more about toadying up to a man who deserved nothing more positive than the back of a hand.

The first item to appear was the Fast and Furious gun running incident, followed by the Wall Street financiers making out like bandits from the bailout legislation.  Then there was the GM “bankruptcy” engineered to avoid the law and reward the labor unions.  Finally, we came to spying on the press, spying on the public, use of the IRS for political purposes against the Tea Party organizations, the Benghazi attack and now the VA hospital matter.  Oh, don’t forget the non-functional Obamacare website, obtained for millions of dollars.  I’m sure I’ve missed a bunch.

What everyone is ignoring is that all of these incidents could have been avoided if the first priority of the administration was to govern according to traditional American principles, supporting, protecting, defending the Constitution, and doing what is best for the general public.  But this was never a priority for the people in power.  Fast and Furious was an attempt to stick and knife in the Second Amendment.  It would have meant serious trouble, except for the presence of Eric Holder and Attorney General, whose purpose in being placed there was to provide legal cover for administration malfeasance and/or crimes.  Holder buried the investigation, as he was intended to do, and as he is now attempting to do with the IRS matter.

Going back to our list, the payoff to Wall St. was in return for their financial support to the Obama political campaign and to secure future support for programs that would harm Main St. USA.  The use of the IRS was strictly political; to prevent organized opposition in the 2012 campaign cycle and stifle the exercise of constitutionally protected rights.  Spying on the Press was due to distrust of the toadies, and constituted an attempt to clamp even tighter controls on individual press agents.  The NSA spying on Americans had nothing to do with national security, but was a major step toward creating a police state, and eroding the protections afforded citizens against government investigation specified in the 4th Amendment.

The Benghazi incident is likely being covered up to prevent public knowledge that the administration is involved in gun running to Syria.  Exactly who was receiving the guns isn’t clear.  Obama’s support for islamo-fascist organizations is well established, and when he approved having bin Laden killed, it was for political reasons on his own side, and on the other, he was eliminating a figure who no longer played a useful role.  Osama was past his prime as a terrorist and had done nothing of significance for years.  If the truth of what was going on comes out, it could be seriously damaging to the Democrat Party.  Whether it will is questionable.  But it is the VA scandal that the Press has finally settled onto covering.

The reason why the Press cannot ignore the VA scandal is simple.  Support for the military is beyond political party lines.  The public has a longstanding general support for the armed forces, regardless of party affiliation, and will brook no disservice to veterans who have given their blood and more in service to the nation.  Thus, when it was discovered that veterans were being given the shaft by the agency that was supposed to be caring for them, things really hit the fan.  Of course Obama retreated behind his usual excuse; pretending that like Sargent Schultz, he knew nothing until he read about it in the papers.  This was, not only improbable, but impossible as well.  In fact, it is a virtual certainty that what happened was going on with the knowledge and approval of Obama, despite his protestations.

There will, of course, be objections to this conclusion.  Why would Obama do something so foolish?  The answer lies in his desire to bring down America.  One only has to look at his dealings with everything military for the last 5 years to see this.  Weapons programs eliminated; equipment made unavailable; staffing downsized; pay and benefits reduced; a recommendation that combat personnel be required to pay for their own medical care, social experimentation, and so on.  But Obama made campaign speeches in which he decried the treatment of veterans and promised to remedy it.  Sure, and he made a lot of other promises too, including “if you like your medical plan you can keep your medical plan.”  Obama’s desire to make military service as distasteful and unrewarding as possible to potential recruits must be at the heart of what went wrong.  He knew that there were problems, but he did nothing.  If anything, things got worse on his watch, with his quiet approval.  Only now, when public disapproval appears does his anger appear, and that anger, as ever, is a phony as the proverbial 3 dollar bill.

The resignation of Veterans Affairs Secretary Shinseki was nothing more than public posturing.  Shinseki is falling on his sword for the administration when he should have come before the American people and told them the truth; that the VA is so screwed up that it is impossible to repair, and that the administration is only giving lip service to the problem.

What many veterans and medical personnel who have worked at VA hospitals will tell you is that the system isn’t working because it is centered on the bureaucracy instead of the patients who need care.  And when only a small percentage of VA personnel are medical practitioners, it puts the entire picture into the spotlight.  The problem is the bureaucracy, which is the same problem with every other government department, bureau or other organization.  Even the military is becoming top heavy with people who will not fight when a conflict occurs.

The solution to the VA medical problem is simple.  Get the government out of the way and let the medical needs of the people be taken care of by private medical practitioners.  Pay them well for that service and they will be lining up to take on veterans as patients.  Of course, this approach is too simple and easy to gain approval.  It will be criticized as “turning our backs on the people who need help” when that is exactly what is happening now.  But with government, private solutions that work are never acceptable, while government bureaucracies that don’t are always the solution.  After Shinseki’s resignation Nancy Pelosi went in front of the microphones and said that solving the problems will take more money.  That is her only solution.  Throw more money at anything, and create more government dependent employees, more graft, more corruption and less public service.  God help the veterans, because the government certainly won’t.

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