The second Coup attempt against Brett Kavanaugh

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I have my doubts about Brett Kavanugh. I feel that as a judge on the Supreme Court he will not interpret our Constitution as our founders intended (and the laws that were passed and signed by our government) but rather uphold some of the greatest travestys’ (and keep our courts a super legislative body as the leftists radicals wanted) that the progressive mind set imposed…regardless of which political party was responsible.

It was a Republican appointed judge that gave us Roe Vs. Wade which was as its real goal was to advance sexual liberation for women. That was the real “right” here which not too many women have admitted until recently (ask Jill Filipovic, Alyssa Milano, Ilyse Hogue who have all admired that abortion/preborn baby murder was about women’s sexual liberation). It was another Republican appointed judge that gave us same sex marriage and making God’s plan for marriage meaningless…after all, it was about who you loved and all you need is Love…that is the only rule right? Before that same sex ruling we had another Republican appointed judge that upheld the so-called Affordable Care Act aka ObamaCare that forced everyone to buy and have insurance.

Still leftist women like Filipovic, Milano, and Hogue have their doubts about the courts unless the judges are all appointed by Democrat Party figureheads. These wicked women and more control that party and they will make sure that their sexual freedom will not be violated…as they violate the right to life for others. They have their reasonable doubts about Brett Kavanugh and they wanted him borked so badly. With Robert Bork you knew were he sat before he stood and Edward “Chappaquiddick” Kennedy (aka Ted, Teddy, The Swimmer) was right (not really, but anyway) to oppose him, turning Bork’s confirmation hearings into a dog and pony show if not a circus. Kennedy really hit Bork hard on his stance regarding Roe V. Wade and eventually we got a judge instead that continued to advance the Free Love agenda with giving the LGBTQ what they wanted…just not all at once (Anthony Kennedy).

Like I said, radical leftist women have their doubts that the Republican judges will do the right thing in their eyes…and they doubt Kavanugh on this very badly. So badly they have tried the same dog and pony show that Kennedy did with Bork…only this time they are not likely to win. They lost the first time and it looks like they shall lose again. Hey sticking it to President Donald Trump is a big plus.

Their was a right way to bork Kavanugh, and that way would be to look at his record and force him in the hearings to answer why he ruled the way he did on certain cases. I am sure someone like Mark Levin would have call the game correctly and say he might be a good husband to his wife and daughters but this man is not the kind of person we want sitting on our court for he would be another John Roberts or whatever, and his views on Roe Vs. Wade are troubling.

But no, the radical left who has taken control of the Democratic Party coupled with their fear that Roe vs. Wade could once again be put on the line, went for the juggler and stooped to the lowest of the low and played the same card in hopes that it would work on Kavanugh. They tried it on Clarence Thomas which turned out to be failure and so far its failure not only to prevent Kavanugh from getting a seat on SCOTUS, but attempting to remove him from SCOTUS.

The courts in the United States is where the progressives have scored their victories in their desire to fundamentally transform America from a nation that honored God to one in which the mob rules, fear runs rapidity, tribalism, class hatred, racial intolerance (in spite of the progress and achievements in civil rights), and Christians (and then some) who are not able to practice their faith and are being forced to submit to wickedness as those who seek personal pleasure and/or power are able to claim it and they don’t care who they hurt along the way to get what they want. Even someone who just might allow for abortion to continue as it has since 1973.

That my friends is the Law of the Jungle in a nutshell. What is happening to Kavanugh once more is sicking and depraved, but what do you expect from depraved women who are more interested is protecting their right to sexual pleasure without the gestation. We don’t want to be like the “Old Woman in a Shoe” with so many children you know. But it is those children in which God blesses that very woman (especially if they raised in the Fear of the Lord)…but I digress.

Does Kavanugh deserved this kind of judgement? Is it an act of God if he is truly an unrepentant soul regarding something that we don’t know about? Maybe so but in that case, we are no different than Kavanugh. The best we all can do is to take a knee before God and ask him to forgive and save us from our sins…and save us from very wicked people. God’s Law is much fair and not as painful as the Law of the Jungle that the pagan progressives prefer.

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