The Shutdown Clown Show

The progressive socialist Democrats are an interesting lot aren’t they? Attempting to force the GOP to cave on the DACA deportations is a lesson in ignorance of what it is the American people want.  They want to force the GOP leadership to negotiate with Chuckie Shumer and little Dickie Durbin not only for the DACA recipients, but their parents and up to 3 million other illegals that did not register for DACA for starters. It needs to be understood that “DACA” and “Dreamers” are not the same thing. The “Dreamers are those how came illegally with registering for DACA and number over 3 million. Chuckie Schumer discussed an amnesty for the DACA recipients without any talk other than discussing the wall but not funding it. There was no mention of chain migration, or diversity VISA or the mandatory use of E-Verify.

If DACA was so important, why wasn’t it discussed during Obama reign of terror. Remember it was an unconstitutional Executive Order that Obama put forth that originally imposed DACA on the American people.

It is Dickie Durbin who insisted that DACA  must be addressed as part of the spending bill and has been adamant that a promise to negotiate DACA as a separate entity is not enough. This is the same group that promised in the past to discuss illegal immigration in the past and when they passed what they wanted, completely forget the negotiations that were needed over immigration.

This is the same Dickie Durbin that admitted at the Gale Community Academy in Rogers Part on Martin Luther King day that he was using a possible lie about President Trump calling third world cointries s888holes as a bargaining chip. He and Chuckie Schumer then declared the only way President Trump was not a racist was to give the DACA recipients amnesty. More than a blatant lie, but also seemingly thinking they can lie to the American people and get away with it. Another sleazy tactic that has failed the leftists.

Interestingly, Jennifer Palmieri As part of Center for American Progress, a George Soros funded organization sent a memo to “interested parties” a memo that clearly laid out why the leftists needed DACA this little gem

“The fight tp protect Dreamers is not only amoral imperative, it is also a critical components of the Democrat Party future electoral success”

Jennifer Palmieri also refuses the  claims that the courts would have found the DACA program constitutional. They do not mention that it was in the courts and if it had been ruled unconstitutional it would have ended then.

The leftists along with Never Trumpers and RINOS like Flake and Graham have forced a government shutdown that has no end in sight. RINOS Lindsey Graham, a corporatist hack , Mike Rounds, and Never Trumper Jeff Flake, who could not win reelection in his home state of Arizona have defied the majority of their constituents for interests of the corporations that donate to their RINO ideology.

These are the leftists that got so upset about the shutdown started by Ted Cruz about Obamacare. It was Chuck Schumer who stated:

“The Republicans are anarchists and legitimately killing Americans and was effectively holding American s hostages until everyone agrees with their view. He wants to hold the cancer patient hostage who won’t get treatments if NIH  shuts down. Social Security recipients will not get their checks. And he (Sen. Ted Cruz) thinks he has the right to trample the needs of the American people.”

This is the same man who said a government shutdown over immigration rights would be governmental chaos.

What changed Chuckie? What changed from a 2013 when 68 senators voted for $42 billion for border security including wall funding.

Even Obama lashed out at Republicans for doing exactly what the leftist progressive socialist are attempting to do now for DACA.

The Childrens Health Insurance program (CHIP) has run out, and the Democrats want it extended ten years, while the CR has made provisions for six years.

Why are the American people against illegals? After all they are all fine hard working people who are only trying to get ahead for themselves and their families. Right? Some things to keep in mind:

43% of all food stamps are given to illegals

41% are on welfare

Two third of all births in California are through Medicaid for illegals.

Two thirds of all of the most wanted in California are illegals

The American citizens are footing a $26 billion bill for illegals.

And then there is the senile bag lady from San Francisco,  Nancy Pelosi. She felt it was necessary to demean President Trump once again, giving him a “F” grade for his leadership. Obviously she conflated illegals and DACA recipients as citizens and she wrung her hands and stuttered through her accusation :

“The Republicans are being blinded to their duties to the American people” and

“Despite controlling the White House, House and Senate, their incompetence meant they couldn’t keep the government open”

This is the same talking point that the media uses and the low information viewer may actually believe it. They all need to back to civics class in high school and remember that a funding bill requires 60 votes.  Oh, that’s right. They do teach that is school any more, they have “progressed “ to transgender studies.

Jim Acosta, the CNN flunky that whined about government vending machines not being filled during the shutdown, got slam dunked by Mulvaney during a press conference, but the leftists and media continue running with this story, hoping the low information voters won’t figure it out. But if they get the voters that Soros backed Palmieri is pushing for, they will have those voters they need.

Which “American people is she talking about? The 12 million illegals who help themselves to our benefits, or those that give us the finger as they march with their Mexican flags.

It appears that the progressive socialists have blinked. They has just agreed to vote on the CR and immediately take up DACA. They finally have realized that Chuckie and Dickie can no longer hold on to the lies that have permeated the talking points and the hashtags that they use that have no meaning or policy of character behind them.

Will this end in amnesty for dreamers? Perhaps. But it should not allow the illegals who are living in our country to move forward to become Democrat voters. There is a need to control our borders as I have written about before. Steps need to be taken to protect the American people:

Looking at how Progressive socialist have already made illegals voting in states such as California should be a wake up call to all citizens. The progressives will attempt to block government spending until and unless that get the deal that want for DACA. Our members of Congress who believe in the majesty of this country and the founding principles of the country must resist the upcoming dangers that DACA will bring into the country.

There are steps that must be done to get control of the immigration debacle that pervades our country right now:

  1. Enhance border security. More border guards and customs agents, more assets from the wall to drones to sensors and barriers. The demise of “catch and release”
  2. Immigration enforcement. Facilities to process and turn back illegal aliens. ICE agents must be increased and allowed to do their jobs without interference by the judicial system or politicians. Along with an expansion of the 287(g) program ignored by the Obama administration to allow the training of local enforcement.
  3. Defund and shut down sanctuary cities and expedite removal of criminal illegal aliens. Arrest and conviction of local officials who ignore the Federal supremacy clause and allow criminal illegal aliens to walk.
  4. Stop conflating legal and illegal aliens. The progressive socialist Democrats continue to talk about immigrants. No one says immigration should not be allowed as long as it can be controlled. It is ILLEGAL immigrants that are the problem.
  5. Give citizenship in our country the respect it deserves. Under the Obama administration citizenship was made worthless.
  6. Eliminate the Visa Lottery program.
  7. Eliminate Chain migration
  8. Reform the agricultural guest worker program.
  9. Implement the biometric entry system
  10. Make E verify mandatory for all businesses

Without these steps we will back in the same situation in about three years. Stand up and let the government know we will not be run over again.

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