The Soros Media Machine

After composing a column last week about the media bias that is so prevalent in this election last week, (,I decided to look a little closer on how this is being accomplished. While it is a foregone conclusion that the mainstream media in this country has colluded with Hillary and her campaign, there are other forces at work as well. The same socialist Nazi collaborator George Soros has his hands on the media including such progressive media outlets as NPR, which accepted $1.8 million from Soros. Others who have received Soros money and influence is such organization as Project Syndicate and Public News Service.
“Democracy Now” a progressive daily TV and radio news program, the same organization that has called Breitbart followers “Electronic Brownshirts”. I am sure this brought a smile to Soros, after all, it was the Nazi brownshirts who were his first mentors. Soros, although claiming he has no influence over media has spent more than $48 million and has a multitude of journalists that serve on the boards of the vast Open Society Foundation and its subsidiaries. Even his self serving propaganda that Soros put out in his latest glorification of Himself “The Philantrophy of George Soros” was written by a former New York Times sycophant Charles Sudetic who also works for the Open Society Foundation. Nancy Pelosi, that bastion of compassion and liberalism engaged in a conference in Boston calling for Media reform. Of course, Soros had his cronies there in the form of a group called “Free Press” which was the beneficiary of $1.4 million dollars from Soros.. The agenda of the “Free Press” group is net neutrality and government funded media. It is astounding how these organizations, as well as the majority at this Boston conference were all Soros funder apparatchiks.
There are other groups, such as “Center for American Progress started and still under the supervision of John Podesta, Clinton’s former campaign manager. Others include the Center for Investigative Reporting, Media Matters and the laughingly named “Center for Public Integrity”
I find it interesting that these groups could attempt to convince the gullible public that a government run media would be honest and trustworthy. We are already there with the media during this election cycle. If you are just a casual observer of mainstream media, you would not even know about Hilarys e mails, or Wikileaks.
And NPR, funded with taxpayer funds has been given grants that total $3.4 million dollars to subvert the opinions of the citizens through “special programs” Through an entity called the “Media Consortium” Soros has funded virtually every progressive/socialist media in the country. The sole purpose of the Media Consortium is to push the message they want to public to acknowledge and repeat it over and over until it becomes mainstream, is given the airtime they feel it deserves, and a response that falls in line with the agenda they have set out. This gives them disparate impact on the politics of the nation, particularly among low information voters. If I remember correctly, Joseph Goebbels has much the same mindset. Again, a mentor of George Soros.
Another mindset that is held my the media under the control of Soros is groups like Alternet, a liberal group who calls Christians “hatemongers” and despises anyone who speaks out about wanting less government control.
These groups, along with the other machinations of George Soros, such as Black Lives Matter and similar groups have done their best to stifle free speech that is contrary to the agenda that they have. It has showed itself in the riots over the past years and will continue to intensify over the next few years in order to create chaos. BLM has discussed creating enough chaos to have this administration declare martial law, which Obama would easily do if it kept him in power. Domestic terrorism by both Islamic and non-Islamic powers in this country will continue. It is Soros who favors the decline in the United States, and whose organizations have worked toward the collapse of the country to be reformed in the vision of Soros and the New World Order he is so fond of.
Sors has called the United States the “main obstacle to a stable and Just world Order” and declares that China has a better functioning government.This man has fomented violent revolution throughout the world. The violent street actions that he finances has been seen in Damascus,Tblisis, Cairo, and even in Venezuela. A member of the CIA controlled Charter 77, Soros was responsible for a third of the funding to the group.
But why is any of this important? Why should we care about what a madman does in Europe?

The answer is simple, this administration colludes with Soros and does his bidding. Black Lives Matter is allowed to run rampant precisely because it will lead to the chaos that Obama needs to maintain power. Hillary has colluded with Soros on many subjects. Mush was made during the debate about “implicit bias” as stated by Hillary Clinton. The first mention of that exact phrase is in a leaked Open Society Foundation document on how the phrase would work better than “racism”, a long overused and ignored word at this point. It is being used to be the reason for an overhaul of anti-discrimination laws and make it easier to file discrimination lawsuits because there would be no reason to show intent. Mush the same as the DOJ uses racial disparity.
Perhaps even more important at this time is the discussion of voter fraud, a subject that could fill three columns and may in the near future. But to put a fine point on it, is how a company called “Smartmatic, UK based and whose Chairman, Mark Malloch-Brown, both sits on the Soros OSF board, and is a consultant for the Clinton campaign was allowed to have 16 states use the equipment that he provided and which is not on the federally certified list of providers for election systems. Malloch=Brown was a partner at Sawyer-Miller and also a consultant to FTI Consulting working with Jackson Dunn who spent 15 years as a Clinton aide. There has been no discussion of this on the mainstream media, neither has Congress done an investigation.
Hillary, her administration and her staff are all complicit in Soros and his destruction of this country. Podesta has exchanged e mails that have been leaked with Chris Stone, the Open Society Foundation President about police reform. Stone bragged about how things looke dwell for the Hillary campaign and suggested putting federally funded bureaucrats in charge of policing.
Leaked emails has shown the Hillary hates everyday Americans. And the corruption that permeates her career in politics is astounding. Before you vote you must consider what this country will become with Hillary Clinton as President and George Soros as one of her top advisors.

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