The Southern Poverty Law Center and Conspiracy Theories

I have often written about the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) as it seems that this corrupt, left-wing organization wants the American people to believe that around every corner there are those who look to spread evil rumors about the groups and agendas that the SPLC holds above reproach. And now this hate-filled organization and its money-grubbing founder, Morris Dees, whose slander against conservatives and Christians was mentioned in a federal terrorism case, have released another “Intelligence Report.” Who are the “conspirators” that the SPLC wants investigated? Anyone to the right of Obama.

There are countless individuals and organizations in the crosshairs of the SPLC, including gun owners, conservative internet sites, talk radio, militia members, folks who oppose Common Coreand politicians who rightly accuse the Obama Administration of overstepping the bounds laid down in our founding documents.
The SPLC took shape when its founder, Morris Dees, began making money claiming to defend the “rights of the poor.” The organization recently lost any remnants of credibility as a result of unrelenting attacks against Christians who believe that marriage is between one man and one woman. The SPLC refers to these churches and individuals as hate groups and homophobes. It has even labeled Ben Carson an extremist for supporting traditional marriage. The SPLC has been pleased to marginalize the majority of the American people who do not believe that same-sex marriage is a right.

Other targets of the Morris Dees group are parents and patriots who are concerned that Common Core has led to the Islamization of our public schools, to poor educational standards and academic schemes which result in lower test scores and may even tend to damage the critical thinking ability of our children. Bill Gates, among the foremost champions of Common Core,has made it clear that socialism is the only answer to saving the world from the global warming of capitalism; government and huge tax increases must, of course, lead the way.The SPLC has called Kentucky Senator Rand Paul (R) an extremist, trying to tie him to a conspiracy theory for simply stating an opinion based on facts. But then, EVERYONE not in agreement with the looney thinking of Morris Dees is, by definition, a dangerous conspiracy theorist.

Like the good socialists it represents, the SPLC changes the terminology to fit the misguided principles the group intends to impress upon its audience. The Dees organization portrays conservatives as cunning and sinister; these members of the “radical right” are compared to Nazis who, contrary to the SPLC depiction, were in fact leftists working to impose a tyrannical government which would oversee every aspect of German life. Sound familiar?

One troubling conspiracy about which the SPLC has tried to disavow its own involvement concerns the prospect of a North American type European Union based on the North American Free Trade Agreement. The SPLC has consistently disavowed collaboration in this conspiracy. Yet to ignore the partnership entered into by the SPLC and the Department of Homeland Security, one would have to overlook government documents found and disseminated by Wikileaks which make it clear that such a plan has actually been in the works for at least a decade,even going so far as proposing a “monetary union.”

The SPLC will demonize and attempt to discredit any individual or group threatening to expose the money grasping Morris Dees’ march to social and cultural Marxism. Working with the Justice Department, the SPLC labels as extremists all who interfere with Barack Obama’s agenda of transforming the United States into a dictatorship.

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