John McCain’s Stolen Valor and Political Dereliction of American Liberty and Global Stability

Having debated leftist veterans of the United States Armed Forces, one detail of their ethos is nauseatingly clear: if they served during wartime, they were entitled by proxy to be considered exceptional American citizens. Most overwhelmingly are, and thank God for that. But just because one served his country during Vietnam where scores were drafted to fight in a war which destroyed the nation’s character does not necessarily make a man of good virtue. No Democrat needs to dispute this. John Kerry declares that theater of the absurd is not for him. 

Enter John Sidney McCain, ex-American P.O.W. of the North Vietnamese in Hanoi which serves as his lone base for political capital, having accomplished precious little aside of the scorn and derision of the American people and conservatives he has engaged in a witch hunt through statist overreach. His failed 2008 presidential bid could be explained by any one of a number of reasons, from his ignorance at basic economic principles to his tendency to side with Democrats on critical issues which sway votes astray for Senate Republicans. Yet his lone focal points as the senior GOP senator from Arizona, foreign policy through nation building, are emblematic of neoconservatism. He is an interventionist as is his close friend and fellow colleague Lindsey Graham of South Carolina who never hesitates to address any crisis without a virtual “shoot first, ask questions only if they are not dead” approach. He invoked the Reagan Doctrine of “peace through strength” during his campaign, yet could not be further removed from the paleoconservative Gipper who applied a measure of diplomacy of “trust, but verify” before rattling the nation’s sabers into an unnecessary war.

Details about Sen. McCain’s political dereliction and patriotic stolen valor will forever change the public’s perspective on the neoconservative establishment of the GOP. The matter he is targeting Tea Party conservatives through the IRS is disturbing given he considers the grassroots organization a greater threat than ISIS, whom he aided creating. He was involved with Lois Lerner too in such an endeavor, not to mention their collaboration during the Arab Spring. Through such indisputable facts and their implied details, he should at the least be investigated for treason as is his partner in crime, Hillary Clinton — except he was literally hands-on — more so than the Mafia-esque approach by the former.

Sen. McCain inexplicably supported Mrs. Clinton and Huma Abedin in the aftermath of Rep. Michele Bachmann’s letter of inquiry to IG Harold Geisel. On the floor before his fellow Senate colleagues, he denounced Rep. Bachmann’s action harshly with the sharpest of defamatory rhetoric parliamentary decorum would permit. He ignored each concern of Rep. Bachmann’s during his diatribe.


Per The Washington Times, McCain was heavily invested in the Clinton imperative for an Islamic caliphate. His role was critical in toppling the Gaddafi regime in 2011 as were his co-conspirators. 

Soon, however, the information being gathered by the intelligence community was at loggerheads with claims of the main supporters for war with Libya, which included French President Nicolas Sarkozy; Sen. John McCain, Arizona Republican; Senate Foreign Relations Committee Chairman John F. Kerry, Massachusetts Democrat; and three powerful women close to President Obama: Mrs. Clinton; Susan E. Rice, the U.S. ambassador to the United Nations; and adviser Samantha Power. 

Mrs. Clinton ultimately became the most powerful advocate for using U.S. military force to dethrone Gaddafi, both in her closed-door meetings with Mr. Obama, who ultimately made the decision, and in public with allies and the friendly mainstream media. 

Sen. McCain was direct and very involved in toppling the Gaddafi regime with respect of weapons importations from Qatar. 

“On 15th of March the ship loaded with arm[s] arrived to the seaport of Tobruk. On 4th April 2011 two Qatari aircraft laden with a number of tanks, [ground-attack] missiles and heavy trucks was arranged. On 11th April 2011 a number of boats departed Benghazi for Misrata, the shipment comprised assistance including SAM-7 [anti-aircraft] missiles. On 22nd April 2011, 800 rifles were sent from Benghazi to Misrata,” the report said. 

The same day the 800-count of rifles were shipped from Benghazi to Misrata, Syria, Sen. McCain was in Benghazi with Amb. Chris Stevens. While in Libya, Al Jazeera interviewed the senator, who proclaimed the rebel forces (who by proxy were the Muslim Brotherhood and Al-Qaeda) were his heroes. 


From April 11-14, 2011, Sen. McCain attended the U.S.-Islamic World Forum hosted stateside by both the Qataris and the Brookings Institute. There he expressed his vision U.S. foreign policy would seize the Arab Spring as the seismic event to spread to Russia and China. Mrs. Clinton would also echo the senator’s sentiment. 


Ninety days later, the Benghazi compound was sacked. McCain had unwittingly implicated himself by slandering Rep. Bachmann in June. Amb. Stevens, himself a co-conspirator and conduit for weapons smuggling, was the patsy who unfortunately knew too much to be allowed to live. 

Chris Stevens and John McCain April 22 2011

Rep. Bachmann’s letter to Geisel was the same day Obamacare was declared constitutional by Chief Justice John Roberts. It was also the day McCain and Boehner issued their shockingly sharp, virulent rebukes to her and the entire committee for slandering Abedin’s patriotism for inquiring of her connection to the Muslim Brotherhood. More recent still, both Sens. McCain and Graham presented a public commendation to Abdelkarim Belhadj, who currently is the leader of ISIS in Libya in a report by Global Research from March 10, 2015. Belhadj is heavily involved in providing training facilities in Derna. 

McCain and Lindsey Graham with ISIS Leader in Libya.

McCain and Lindsey Graham with ISIS Leader in Libya.


Abdelhakim Belhadj (left), leader of ISIS in Libya.

In a tweet from Memorial Day 2013 (May 28), Sen. McCain revealed he flew to Syria along the Turkish border of the Obama administration’s key ally President Recep Tayyip Erdogan to meet with rebels the administration armed. The militants in the photograph served in the recently-merged forces of terrorist cells Islamic State of Iraq and the Nusra Front, or what is now the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS). Sen. McCain’s collaboration with the Islamic State of Iraq and the Nusra Front could lead to charges of treason. Thus the ex-P.O.W. is in fact a contemporary Benedict Arnold, a derelict of duty who committed treason through knowingly providing aid to a classified terrorist cell, only far more insidious behind the veil than Bowe Bergdahl due to its geopolitical implications as a prelude to a third global war. 

Tweet by McCain with ISIS-linked militants (May 28, 2013, Memorial Day).

Tweet by McCain with ISIS-linked militants (May 28, 2013, Memorial Day).




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