The Strange ‘Black Lives Matter’ Movement

The Black Lives Matter movement is a bizarre new phenomenon that doesn’t make a whole lot of sense. Instead of addressing real issues of racism, the activists focus on a few incidents where a black person has gotten into a deadly confrontation with law enforcement — but where there doesn’t appear to have been any racism. In many of the incidents, the officers themselves were black or Hispanic. The high-profile accusations and scrutiny have resulted in ruining the careers and reputations of many law enforcement officers, who are often forced to resign, subsequently facing civil lawsuits and even criminal charges.

The activists are getting bolder, most recently interrupting two speeches by far left Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders. Instead of working with him — a fellow radical leftist and strong ally — these activists are shouting him down and not allowing him to speak.

The newly radicalized young black activists never had to experience sitting at the back of the bus or segregated drinking fountains, yet they act as if we are living in an era worse than Jim Crow. Just 20 years ago, they weren’t complaining about these incidents. Since there isn’t any more racism now than there was 20 years ago, what happened?

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