The Temper Tantrums at CNN

CNN lies. Anyone with a modicum of sense can see that.  Doing their best to push the liberal agenda has made them the laughing stock of news to a large majority of these people. For me, it started with the war in Iraq. Within two hours of the start of the campaign, talking heads on CNN were talking of being in a quagmire, and how it would never work. The only setback for the American fighting troops was when the Messiah of CNN, Barak Hussein Obama pulled all the troops out and led to the start of ISIS. Of course, none of the whiny sycophants of CNN and the other Mainstream media would tell you that.

The liberal agenda that is such a part of the baseline of the people on CNN is ludicrous.  One of the most repulsive idiots at CNN is Chris Cuomo.  I watch for the laugh factor in his pronouncements that he makes is such a serious manner, deploying his intellect which I find lacking and his demeanor which only makes me laugh.  His entire premise is that he considers the irredeemable portion of our society is anyone on the right and disagrees with his agenda.

Let’s take a look at the progressive socialist bobbleheads who work at CNN for what they really are.

Chris Cuomo has called the references to left-wing mobs “deceptive and divisive”. He claims the Republicans called the women who lied during the Kavanaugh hearing and the paid Soros schills that set up the shot of them yelling at Jeff Flake “vicious”. Then tell me who or where that was said because I never heard it and I doubt anyone else did.

And what is your opinion on Nancy Pelosi saying to Paul Krugman that if there is collateral damage for conservatives on the way to forcing the progressive socialist agenda on the American people, so be it? Is that okay with you Chris or your whiny friend, Jim Acosta? Sooner or later both of you will have to learn you are not all that important, both of you could be replaced easily.

You are perfectly fine with a rapper who makes a video depicting Melania Trump, the first lady as a stripper but get upset when President Trump make a derogatory comment about a porn star? Another resident flak, Chris Cillizza declared “ Donald Trump assesses women almost entirely on how he thinks they look. Really? Where were you when Bill Clinton was getting oral sex in the White House, or raping women? Keep your mouth shut, you disgust the moral people in this country.

And Brian Stelter, what are your thoughts on this? The First lady of our country can be shown as a stripper, but a porn star can’t have anything said about her? Speak up Brian, we can’t hear you, or is that because you think it is perfectly fine? Your moral high ground is the mud of the sewer, and you have right to spew the hatred over the airwaves of those you consider your inferiors and truly show that your compassion and tolerance is nothing but a joke.

The only voice at CNN that I can find with any sense of morality is Kate Bennett who is assigned the FLOTUS beat who called the rapper video disrespectful and disgusting and to portray her in this way because of politics only furthers the divisiveness and bias in our country.

I was perplexed by comments you made about amnesty as well. The endless immigration challenges that we face will be portrayed by the progressive socialist at CNN as President Trump being cruel to poor immigrants that only want to move ahead in their lives. Not mentioned is the progressive socialist who foment and fund these immigrants with no regard for legality. Chris, can you honestly say that you don’t want to let them all in to assist the progressive socialist party in helping them to vote and turn the United States into a third world country.

Let’s talk about the mobs that the progressive socialist have unleashed.  Of course, to CNN they are not mobs, have never caused any trouble and are only concerned citizens. A news reader called Brooke Baldwin defended the constitutional right of mob rule, calling it fearless acts of free speech.  She, of course, brought up Charlottesville as a mob but failed to mention some very important details. The NAZI alt right march was the night before. The next morning, most were there to protest the destruction of a statue. It was Antifa that created the riots, it was Antifa that caused property and personal damage. It has never been proven that the accident that killed the young girl was planned or set in motion by anyone on the right, after all, it was behind the lines of Antifa where no right-winger would have been.

And let.s look at CNN’s treatment of Antifa. Cuomo was at the forefront of calling them freedom fighters, and that the violence of Antifa was against the “alt-right” ( whatever that is) and therefore just fine. Others in the mainstream media, not only at CNN but elsewhere, has defended this domestic terrorist group, the basic definition of an “angry mob” that CNN now needs a fainting chair if they hear the word Mob. Cuomo has the highly thought comment that “All punches are not equal morally”. It is imperative to know that Cuomo and the rest of the progressive socialists are offering the cover of a false morality for political violence as long as it is not targeted at someone on the side of the Alinsky socialist principles that they espouse. It has been made quite clear by CNN that violence is now justified, against law enforcement, small business, including black businesses, any conservative, or conservative supporter.

Even Don Lemon got into the subject and finally told the guest to “Shut up and let me do it” because he could not defend the actions of the progressive socialist brownshirts that the progressive Socialist Democrats have unleashed on the country. So, Donny boy, according to what you said on air, that:

“According to the constitution, you can protest whenever and wherever you want. It doesn’t tell you that you can’t do it in a restaurant it doesn’t tell you that you can’t do it on cable news, you can do it wherever you want.”

So little Donny, will you let the conservatives in to protest you? No, I didn’t think so.

It is always the same on CNN when you start to show the duplicity and agenda that the progressive socialists have requested that CNN and the rest of the mainstream media follow, they tell you to shut up, change the subject or go to commercial. Yet, they consider themselves brave warriors bring forth the truth.


Of course, these are the same liars that clutched their pearls when Pelosi was yelled at. Ignored was attacks on conservatives by such as a Soros paid Democratic operative named Wilfred Michael Stark III who attacked Kristin Davison a Republican candidate for governor. Why did that not get the round the clock coverage of President Trump calling a porn star Horse face?  It was CNN who tried to portray MS-13 as sympathetic. They actually broadcast MS13 members saying that if they murder someone they will be taken away from their families.

Then there is CNN talking head Symone Sanders declaring that all these protesters confronting Republicans are “one-off instances. And it is just citizens raising their voices. Starting from September 2018, let’s look at what these concerned citizens have done:

September 6, 2018          Arsonists hit Albany County GOP HQ in Laramie, Wyoming

Media and leftists harass Rep. Devin Nunes and his family

September 10, 2018      Broadway Star Carole Cook says “where’s John Wilkes Booth when we need him?”

September 11, 2018      Trump Hater attacks  California House GOP candidate with a switchblade

September 20, 2018      Judge Kavanaugh and family receive death threats

September 25, 2018        Ted Cruz and wife harassed out of a restaurant, CNN defends.

Septemebr 27, 2018        Republicans have names and addresses put on Wikileaks by Dem operative

September 30th               Georgetown professor declares GOP Senators deserve miserable death over Kavanaugh vote.

October 1, 2018              Vandals hit GOP Headquarters with Rape graffiti

October 2, 2018                Leftist protester kicks pro’life woman

October 2, 2018                GOP Congressman Andy Harris assaulted by protesters.

October 8, 2018               ANTIFA takes over Portland, Mayor tells the police to stand down

October 9, 2018               Hillary Clinton says there can be civility until Democrats win

October 11, 2018             Truck left overnight at bar torched because of Trump 2020 bumper stickers.

October 12, 2018              ANTIFA smash windows and ruined doors of Metro Rep HQ in Manhattan


These are just a few from a list at AP of the more than 603 incidents of the media approved violence against Trump and his supporters. So for some like Symone Sanders, to attempt to tell me and my fellow Americans that this is just organized disobedience and a concerned citizenry just raising their voices is a lie. This is nothing more than organized thugs paid for by the progressive socialist in an attempt to foment enough anger to start the civil war they so much want. There will be a backlash, it will be on election day. And then we can finally get back to draining the swamp, no matter what the temper tantrum that the children over in the mainstream media feel they have to throw.

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