The Totalitarianism of Climate Change Part2

So now the IPCC claims that weather patterns will become unpredictable. The large corporations are running to jump onboard including, Coke, Monsanto, Mars and IBM even though the theories they use ti justify the expenditures have been proven false. These and many other corporations are responding to data that has been proven to be demonstrably false. And even though the U.S. carbon pollution has increased 2.5 per cent, Obama has claimed that no one has done more to fight climate change. New pledges from industrialized nations have pledged billions in the future to third world countries for the purpose of halting climate changes. This is nothing more than a redistribution of wealth.
William Happer, climate expert at Princeton University has stated :
“ No chemical compound in the atmosphere has a worse reputation the Carbon Dioxide, thanks to the single minded demonization of this natural and essential atmospheric gas by advocates of government control and energy production”
As far back as 2010 the IPCC’s claims about global warming was debunked by the study done by the Inter Academy Council which showed “little evidence to support the claims of the UN or the IPCC. It went further to claim that the IPCC purposely pushed numbers that would show the negatives of climate change and based its findings on those numbers.
Over the past thirty years we have gone from global cooling, to global warming to climate change. It should be a given that the climate is always changing, as said before it has been colder and warmer in the past. It is part of the natural cycle of the Earth as we know it. But the government and the activists pushing climate change has turned it into a jihad on the “deniers” who actually look at the numbers and refute the conclusions. There can be no questioning of the government’s facts, there can be no refutation of the “facts” that they roll out. In the words of Tom Harris of the International Climate Science Coalition:
“in formulating public policy on climate change, our leaders gloss over the uncertainties and close the door to evidence that does not fit their activist agenda”
It has been found by credible scientists that it has been warmer in the past, and it has been colder in the past. The warming we are being warned about now only occurs in climate models and not in the real world. If you look at the IPPC reports that have been put out in the past, you will find that the warming is exaggerated to the extent that even the numbers do not add up. From the numbers originally promulgated by Al Gore and others, the climate of today can not be explained. That’s because the numbers back then, just as now, are conjectures, assumptions, and a great many unknowns. It is these unknowns that the government and the IPCC will exaggerate to attempt to spread fear throughout the world for the purpose of redistributoin wealth to third world countries, and to their own pockets.

Secretary of State John Kerry, in a position of dubious power claimed at the Atlantic Council in Washington, D.C., that the Republicans were foolish not to follow the lemmings rushing to climate change and the human aspect of making it worse. He claims that the bogus numbers being put out by scientists on the UN and government payroll should be acknowledged and should be universally accepted. It would be a big assistance if those numbers were not exaggerated, fudged, or outright lies.
We are being told that we have no time to waste, and as mentioned in my first column, 97% of scientists agree. At least 97% of those on the government payroll. This “consensus” has been debunked in peer reviews, public policy organization, and credentialed scientists who almost 100% say global warming has stopped. My Kerry has stated that 2015 was the warmest year of all, a statistic that was almost immediately proven false. It has been shown that the climate models being presented as true by the IPCC, various studies, and, of course, Al Gore have vastly overestimated the warming they proclaim is happening.
And then there is Joe Biden. Following in the aura of our Secretary of State, Biden gave a speech that was the same as Kerry’s. This government expects all members of the administration to toe the party line, and have started an assault on companies and individuals who have proven that the climate change concept is a hoax. Everyone will be made to tow the progressive line. Everyone will be made to care.
The government is clearly in a position to affect the course of the climate change discussion. Government grants, and higher salaries for those who assist the government in moving the climate change hoax forward including the NGO’s like the Wilderness Society, the Sierra Club, The Environmental Defense Fund among others.
The climate change mafia can only say the science is settled, even though many of the facts they base this hoax on have already been shown to be false. The evidence is not thought of as authentic, and every day shows other areas where the entire climate change hoax is nothing more than a lie.
Even those scientists working for corporations and the government who work in the climate change area can not explain the past 18 years of no global warming. All they can do is proclaim a pause, a “hiatus” in the global warming cycle. If that is the case, why didn’t the climate models they base climate change on show that this may happen. They have no explanation for it, so they just ignore it. Warmists have been caught ignoring variables that do not fit the climate change they are trying to prove. Such luminaries as Steven Milloy of the Cato Institute and David Evans, a former consultant to the Australian government have already written about the faking of many of the processes used in the climate models. Many people find it difficult to understand that these scientists want us to believe that a hundred years from now a catastrophe will be cause by global warming when they can’t be sure what the weather will be next week. I am still looking for a warmist that can tell me about the weather next year with any degree of confidence.
The major challenge to warmists is that the lies and discrepancies of the studies can not be replicated nor show any credibility.
This administration does not care about the proof of climate change, nor do they seem concerned about following the rule of law. The United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change, the predecessor to the current climate change treaty that Obama signed in Paris was sent to Congress for approval. The Foreign Relations Committee specifically made part of that agreement that all future climate change emission targets be ratified by the Congress. Of course, Obama has ignored that statute. Once again, constitutional law means nothing as he does whatever he wishes. In a breach of the Constitution, Article II Sec 2, the question now is will the Republicans fight back, or once again cave to the dictator in the Oval Office.
So with a President that does whatever he wants, it won’t be long until they start prosecuting corporations and individuals who don’t agree with the warmists under RICO type regulations. Gore and a group of Attorneys General from various states are trying to push for prosecution of “climate change deniers” using “creative ways” that they needed to develop. The first Amendment appears to have not been discussed in the efforts to push the agenda forward.
Free speech by those who see the climate change hoax for what it is should not be put into a position where they need to defend themselves from the lies and coordinated hoaxes being pushed by those on the government payroll and in the United Nations.

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