The True Makeup of Trump Supporters

Trump voters have been alienated and marginalized by the MSM since the beginning; and, they’ve yet to learn any lessons as to why Americans have all but written them off completely.


Has any bloc of voters in American history been so ostracized not only by growingly hostile & intolerant fellow Americans; incessantly inspired to do so by countless examples of this nation’s modern-day nobility passing disdainful judgment upon Middle America and any American whose principles fail to align with the ever-changing tides of what’s deemed “socially acceptable”. Trump supporters in this nation have been indicted and judged by those far removed from the real world of everyday citizens;  judged from the Ivory Towers of the nation’s elitists, or by celebrities doubly blessed, apparently with predispositions for both theatrics and State Stewardship, able to define who is and who is not “qualified” for the office of the President of the United States and the intellectual aptitudes of entire swaths of Americans who support their president. 

The Trump voters and conservative patriotic people who reside in flyover country practice family values in a time they’re fast disappearing; they’re the traditional and hardworking people who aren’t at all guilty of the hatred, racism, or having “deplorable” characters as had been unapologetically suggested first by a so-called “leader” who sought (and continues to seek?) to lead this nation filled with citizens she’s alienated with unacceptable rhetoric. A leader who felt no shame brazenly insulting and demeaning half the country while simultaneously helping to inspire much of the hate-filled political “discourse” we’ve seen endure since she lost the election remiss of any semblance of class and/or dignity. A leader who sought to lead not just those laughing at the surreal boldness to alienate Americans she loathes, but all of those she openly  loathes and holds in disdain included.

When I consider to which political affiliation felons and convicts are more likely to be drawn, a demographic known to be exponentially more likely to suffer from bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, and any number of mental health issues (not to mention an affinity for breaking the law), I can say with unwavering certainty the number is either entirely or near entirely aligned with the Democratic Party and their “virtues”.

When I think of what most of the lowest common denominators, sick weirdos, social outcasts, and dangerously out of whack – I’m thinking, again, it’d be an overwhelming majority who’d identify liberal. 40 year old virgins? Democrat. Play the knockout game on elders and strangers? Make excuses for everything that sucks in life? Life sucks sometimes more or less for everyone, but making excuses for this fact of nature is a democrat thing to do. Always having to blame someone or something even if there isn’t anything or anyone to blame. What’s blame ever really gotten anyone anyways? We blamed a lot of people, many horrible people, during the fallout from the economic collapse in ’08 and Obama, literally in the next year after bashing these people for months, literally staffed almost all financial appointments with the very same guys complicit in the corruption.

I think of conservatives, contrary to all the rage at the moment, and the accusations of “fascism” for Trump and his supporters, I think of middle American, hard working, America loving, people who value family, principles, and tradition. Of course, there are plenty of outliers but I think most conservatives remain silent and watch all of the insanity in awe.

The Trump voters I know, conservatives I know, are the majority of the marine war veterans with whom I’m acquainted, who are now family men; suburban middle-class workers tired of watching our decline and so many traditional values shat upon for too long. And really most are so freaked out to confess their affiliation they say nothing, indicative of how online and social bullying over politics has become acceptable and encouraged at this point. It’s unpopular to voice opinions unaligned with liberal orthodoxy, so I do because I can. I don’t concern myself with opinions of the herd. 

People are afraid to even speak their minds be it on campus, at work, among peers, and are relegated to censorship and living in times eerily similar to Orwell’s 1984. The thought police are real and tolerance is a joke extended solely to leftist non-conformists. 

It’s so strange how elitist the Democratic Party has become. Liberals are no longer at all reps of the counter culture, they’ve become status quo. Liberals are constantly banning words, books, and promote censorship and to silence dissent in a country where debate and compromise are supposedly a necessity.

Liberalism doctrine and those who subscribe to it seem to wish to eradicate conservatism from the face of the earth and will throw all manner of tantrums for that to happen, like ruin an unwelcome “outsider’s” first term with fabrications of Russian collusion and give the media nonstop, never-ending fodder, unprecedented leaks the media doesn’t bother even remotely citing, maybe a “according to someone familiar with someone familiar with the conversation”.

We’re lost. Chelsea Manning is heroic among the left, yet was tried and convicted as a traitor who stole state secrets, gave them to WikiLeaks, all over being rejected by his first gay lover. Don’t ask don’t tell wasn’t really so terrible… Dems love the dude, Obama pardons him, we pay for the treasonous “transformation” when 70 years ago he’d have been hung after a military tribunal for less. His betrayal cost us dearly, and many lives.

Shortly after WikiLeaks and Assange were celebrated as these heroes of freedom to information (troublingly, considering the young lives that information compromised and put at risk), in spite of the young lives lost as the virtue signallers slept soundly on their Futons, fast forward to Hillary and the DNC being revealed for the race peddlers they are, with such loving nicknames for entire American segments of people as “tacos” and worse. Did they apologize? Did the media voice outrage over such blatant hypocrisy? NOPE! They actually expressed outrage at some conspiratorial BS Trump colluded with Russia for our votes.  They expressed outrage and never before heard calls for Assange’s immediate arrest. They almost even pulled that off. The man was afraid to go to his balcony at the Ecuadorian Embassy.

No, she just sucked that bad. Really bad. We’ve watched her suck terribly with cringed faces for 30 God forsaken years. Id sooner vote for a zombie incarnation of Michael Myers. The press tried misogyny, but we’re more than ready for a female president, but why should we just grant it to a horrible person who happens to have the preferred gender, has felt entitled and the office inevitable, and has been told so by everyone who isn’t us, and isn’t like us for a lifetime. Russia. Lol. It seems apparent that this country is overwhelmingly ready for a president of any race, gender, ethnicity; however, according to the MSM, that’s untrue simply because we didn’t elect the first major female candidate to office in spite of a multitude of misgivings and evidence of corruption. 

Blame Russia and Trump for being exposed as a total fraud, forgetting you once hailed transparency and WikiLeaks before deleting your work email and running a private server free from FOIA requests, convenient for a Secretary of State who used her position for personal gain, and I know that without having email verification (it’s widely known, published in “Clinton Cash”, corroborated by the NYT among others).

Let’s get back to Hillary Clinton blaming anyone but herself for sucking so bad. Russia sure as hell had nothing to do with my vote, man. It’s not some inexplicable miracle the woman lost; she really is nasty; her authority voice hurts my body. She’s got a dubious past with many more dubious questions that’ll never be answered. She betrayed her supposed women’s champion BS by assassinating the character of Bill’s victims, labeling 21-year-old intern Monica an attention seeking lunatic that had an unhealthy obsession with her husband on national television. She led the team made to destroy the kid’s character. Yet she champions women. Okay.

Clinton and the MSM are in no place to label Trump supporters or anyone else deplorable. She hates our military, it’s widely known by many; several of her secret service agents have written books of her abuse and utter disregard for them and military, ordering general staff not to come to the White House in uniform as she hated to see them. Secret service doesn’t typically do that so thoroughly about one person, but she’s infamous among secret service while incidentally, they LOVE Bill. Who wouldn’t?

It’s beyond hypocritical of the Democratic Party and their Mainstream Media to stereotype Trump voters in the ways in which they’ve been doing for over a year now, considering the Democrat Party of 2017 is the political ideology which draws, lures with material rewards which never materialize, and recruits, the least informed, the least involved, the least educated, the least principled, the most resentful of this country, the illegal immigrants, the occupy Wall Street and Antifa crazies. Would it be fair to assume the Democrat Party and all who voted Barack Obama as those radical elements who are hardly representative of the Democratic Party as a whole (even if the numbers of these lunatics seem to be rapidly increasing with the passing of each day of the Trump presidency)?


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Hans Comprix is a marine veteran of the Global War on Terror & conservative writer. He’s a contributor for Intellectual Conservative, having previously contributed to ‘American Thinker’ and ‘Now its Dark’ magazine. Email hans.comprix@com for comments, questions, or hate mail. 

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