The University of North Texas: A Liberal Sand Trap


It is impossible to avoid Liberal’s, even in the Conservative State of Texas. I was completely shocked by this Liberal agenda. The University of North Texas is entirely filled with Liberal ideals. The ideas seep from every nook and cranny. I was baffled at what they were requiring this year for new students. I have always been very Conservative, but chose the school anyway for it’s accredited academics. Everything was going quite well, until orientation. At the beginning, they randomly placed us in groups. In these groups they split us up in different, but offensive ways. We were forced to play a “game” where, we were sectioned off from each other biased on: religion, sexuality, political views, ethnicity, do we eat meat or not, and if we felt we had enough growing up. I was very disturbed by this whole experience. The school claiming from this, “we are all equal” and “we can all work together as one”. The school did all it could during orientation to embed it’s Liberal ideas into each and every one of our heads. We spent almost three days playing games of the Liberal agenda, as they attempted to brainwash our true feelings.

In the end, it appears that all the University cares about is money. They filled up three days of time so they could charge much more than was ever needed. The last hour was the only time during those three days that was worth anytime at all. However, the Liberal agenda did not stop here. A few months passed and it was about time to move into the dorms. Students were told via email to complete two mandatory surveys. One about sexual assault and one about alcohol abuse. I began to take the first survey, it was called “Haven”. The survey was very long and was comprised of some outrageous questions. There were many videos on the survey that were all about this topic and they made me feel very uncomfortable. They were shoving information about sexual assault into my head I never in my whole life wanted to learn. I was asked how many women are sexually assaulted at school and other questions I had no idea how to answer or ever wanted to know. I was not even a third of the way done with the survey and I got a question that knocked me on the floor. The question gave me a list of drugs and asked me which is the best/most-used to commit sexual assault. This was when I stopped the survey. I was furious about this question and the others before it. I have never been involved in anything related to sexual assault and was really taken down by this whole experience. It definitely took away excitement for college. After contacting the school about getting exempted from the survey, I was told they would call me later about my concerns.The Associate Dean of Student’s called back and told me I had to complete the surveys. They said I could, “meet with them in person and express my concerns”. This was just another Liberal ploy, which was trying to make me feel better about the situation. Nothing was going to change. They also said “the information is private, no one will see it”, but the University will of course. The University would use this information and categorize everyone for the Universities own benefit. I have yet to even open the other survey called “ThinkDrink” and I don’t plan on ever doing so.

These Liberals have infested every single place and it’s almost impossible to avoid them. These are ideas I never wanted implanted in my head. These are things I hope to never see and never know about. Being forced to follow the Liberal agenda, even to get into college, truly affected my whole experience. Many people say college was one of the best times of their life, but so far I am going to say otherwise. This has been my experience so far, at The University of North Texas.

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