The Wicked Lie of White Privilege – Who Really Is Guilty Of Profiting From Discrimination and Exploitation?

lie of white privilegeOne of the most scurrilous narratives promoted by self-hating liberals, anti-capitalist leftists and men-hating feminists is the injustice of white privilege. This narrative accuses the white peoples of Western civilization of profiting and benefiting from the cruel oppression and persecution of minorities: Women, homosexuals and especially, the impoverished peoples of the third world whose lands were invaded by racist white colonialists who stole their land and wealth and worst of all, enslaved millions of helpless Africans.

As if that wasn’t enough, those nasty racist whites are also guilty of unfairly discriminating against third world minorities who have emigrated en masse to advanced, civilized Western nations.

All white people throughout the West are judged to be guilty from birth of this immoral white privilege. Even though they played no part whatsoever in colonialism, they’re accused of unfairly benefiting from it and this gross injustice must be redressed. Those who have appointed themselves as judge, jury and executioners assert the sins of the fathers fall on the children and for these unforgivable transgressions, the peoples of the West must surrender their territories, dilute their cultures and hand over their wealth by way of atonement. Failing to do so is a sign of white privilege. And no act of contrition, no matter how great, will ever be enough to earn forgiveness. It’s payback time for whitey and there’s no end to the paying.

Handicapped by their natural feelings of empathy and pity, millions of white people have pleaded guilty as charged and remorsefully accept the punishment. Mired in blissful ignorance, they’ve been brainwashed to believe the white race – and in particular, white males – have been oppressing and persecuting people throughout history and continue to do so. And the only reason Western civilization became more advanced and wealthier than other civilizations is because of the exploitation of non-white races and women. That the mendacious narrative of unjust white privilege is a false Marxist re-writing of Western history never occurs to them.

There’s something rotten – let me say “racist” – about this wicked narrative. Because it singles out one race as being the only people who have exploited, oppressed and enslaved human beings and unfairly benefited from it. So let’s look at this mendacious accusation of “white privilege” and see who really has benefited from the unjust oppression and persecution of human beings.

First, let’s make a vitally important point about Western colonialism and especially, the greatest empire ever created in human history, the British Empire. Westerners didn’t just invade lands, enslave and murder people, steal all the wealth and leave. They introduced systems of education, just rule of law, thriving agriculture, flourishing commerce, state-of-the-art transport and communications infrastructures and perhaps most importantly of all, their advanced medical science.

Let’s take South Africa as a prime example of colonial largesse. Between 1900 and the fall of apartheid in 1994, the black population increased from 3.5 million to 35 million. How can this happen under such a wicked, oppressive, racist system such as apartheid? The reason is because whites – at their own expense and through their own industry – had introduced medical care for blacks which lowered the infant mortality rate and increased life expectancy. Furthermore, white rule also stopped the many tribes of South Africa from waging internecine wars which had been fought for centuries.

These miracles of Western civilization were introduced throughout the third world, benefiting hundreds of millions of people. In fact, Westerners are still helping the third world to solve its problems via generous foreign aid and a gamut of charities operating throughout Africa and other developing nations. But you’ll never hear the phrase “unearned black privilege” to describe this humanitarian aid generously given to the peoples of Africa. It doesn’t fit with the anti-West, “whites are cruel racist oppressors” narrative you see.

I’m not saying the colonial powers were angels. Yes, it’s true, the colonial powers committed many sins. But they gave much more than they took, they certainly gave much more than other empires as you’ll now see.

Islam is a supremacist ideology that’s spread by the sword since the jihad began in 622. The faith spread from the Middle East to Africa, India and Eastern Europe and it has murdered and enslaved more human beings than any other ideology and continues to do so.

One of the sticks leftists use to beat the West and ram home the accusation of unjust white privilege is the Trans-Atlantic slave trade practised by the colonial powers in Africa. What they neglect to mention is that slavery had existed for centuries before the white man set foot in Africa. Not only had African tribes enslaved each other, Muslims waging jihad arrived in the 8th century and began murdering and enslaving millions of Africans. The East-African slave trade had been in place for some three hundred years before the first Europeans set foot on the Dark Continent and it continued to operate after the white man had departed. In fact Muslims are still enslaving Africans to this day.

Over 85% of African slaves died during the East African Islamic slave trade whereas 85% of Africans enslaved by the colonial powers survived. You can learn more about the barbarity of the Islamic East African slave trade by watching this video.

The last Islamic caliphate was established by The Ottomans who not only slaughtered unbelievers throughout their empire, they practised a barbaric form of slavery very few people have heard of. Devout mujahideen waging jihad in the way of Allah would capture the male children of infidels, most of them Christians, and force them to convert to Islam. The boys would then be pressed into military service, a form of slavery called “Devshirme” which was in effect a blood tax.

And let’s not forget to mention that between 1915 and 1923, Turkey conducted genocide against its Armenian people with around 1.5 million Christians exterminated.

When have you ever heard Arabs, tormented by guilt and lamenting the sins of their forefathers, apologize profusely for their long history of slavery? And you can bet your last dime you’ll never see Turks condemning their colonial history and feeling deeply ashamed of their ancestors who built the brutal Ottoman Empire and who committed the first holocaust of the 20th century.

Nor will you ever hear such phrases as “unjust Muslim privilege,” “unfair Arab privilege” or “racist Turkish privilege” because Arabia and Turkey aren’t infected by the cancer of cultural Marxism or Multiculturalism. Both Turks and Arabs are proud of their warrior ancestors, their bloodthirsty histories and of course, their supremacist religion of Islam. Throughout the Islamic world, religious minorities and women are persecuted and discriminated against virtually ignored by the International community. However, Muslims can never be guilty of unfair discrimination, only nasty white people can commit such a heinous crime.

Speaking of Marxism, what about the people who delight in pointing an accusing finger of blame at the people of the West, the disciples of Karl Marx on the left? I’m talking about socialists, communists, progressives, feminists and devout multiculturalists. In this group I also include bleeding-heart liberals who naively gobble up the nefarious accusation of white privilege and use it as an excuse to indulge in guilt-driven pity for other races and to wallow in self-loathing and hatred for their own people, history and nation.

As these self-righteous, judgemental bigots froth at the mouth whilst ranting about unjust white privilege, it seems they’ve all had a collective and convenient memory lapse. So let’s remind the self-proclaimed “Social Justice Warriors” about THEIR not-so-just history.

Let’s start with the first red empire, the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics, the USSR. Surely, such a socialist utopia would put to shame the evil, greedy colonial powers? Well not quite. Not unless you consider the mass murder of between sixty and seventy million people as social justice? Then there’s the forced imprisonment and enslavement of 18 million people who were dispatched to the notorious forced labour camps of the Gulags. Perhaps those who throw around the sly accusation of white privilege believe some slavery is more equal than others.

Curiously, no one ever accuses today’s communists and socialists of “unfair red privilege.”

Maybe socialism looks a little more humane in the second mighty red empire, The People’s Republic of China? Alas not so. Under the tyranny of Chairman Mao Zedong, Chinese communists killed an estimated SIXTY-FIVE million people. And just as the Soviets used Gulags to enslave people and maintain communist power, so too did the Chinese with between forty and fifty million people imprisoned and enslaved in the Laogai. Half of these ill-fated, exploited and abused human beings were tortured to death. Red China continues to imprison and enslave human beings in the Laogai to this day, and although the name has changed the cruelty certainly hasn’t.

China is now becoming a wealthy world super-power. But don’t hold your breath waiting for accusations of “unfair yellow privilege” whatever you do.

Mao Zedong is the worst mass murderer in history and his theories on how men oppress women through marriage were adopted by second-wave feminists during the 1960s. That’s the same period in history when Mao was murdering and enslaving millions of his own people – including women – with impunity. But of course men-hating feminists aren’t guilty of “unjust Maoist privilege” and many of them are blissfully ignorant about what occurred in the oppressive, murderous socialist dystopia ruled by their hero, the communist tyrant Mao.

To bring this article to a pertinent finish, let’s recall that only two nations have fought to end slavery: Great Britain and the United States of America. During The American Civil War, more than 600,000 men, the vast majority of them whites, laid down their lives to ensure the principle that “all men are created equal” prevailed. And after millions of Western men were slaughtered on the battlefields of Europe during The Great War, millions more Western men once again answered the call to fight the vicious enemies of freedom, Hitler’s German National Socialists and the cruel Imperial Japanese. Millions of these brave men fought and paid the ultimate price to uphold the precious value of freedom. As they went over the top to be mowed down by a hailstorm of bullets, burned alive or blown to pieces, no one accused them of “unjust white privilege”. Shrieking leftists, feminists and liberals who accuse the white race of unfair privilege abuse the freedom paid for with the blood of those warriors and they defecate all over their sacrifice.

The false narrative of unjust white privilege is trying to distort, twist and erase what those men gave not just for their nations but for all of humanity. It must not be allowed to go unchallenged. Lest We Forget.

Leftist and liberal hypocrites turn a blind eye to the heinous crimes against humanity committed by their red comrades but delight in pointing the finger of blame at others. They see the speck of dust in the eyes of those who dare to oppose them but not the splinters in their own. These pious, bullying despots do not have the moral high ground and have no right whatsoever to accuse white people of unfair privilege. If they truly are concerned about unjust privilege and unfair discrimination they’ll find an abundance of them in their own diabolical history of socialism and the brutal histories of tribal Africa and totalitarian Islam.

Christopher J. Green is the author of the new book: Death of the Family – True Stories of the Charlatans Who Deceived the World and Broke the Backbone of Our Society. To discover how and why feminists adopted the subversive theories of Mao Zedong to break down the traditional family unit and land a devastating hammer blown to Western society, click here now >>

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