ThePolitical Game: New Ball, Rules and Players

It is hard to deny; in politics nothing is left as it used to be.  The once self-evident became invalid.

Let this begin with America. One used to have a clear idea of the standard GOP and Democratic program and their fans. Today, most of the old truths and patterns do not hold water. The Donald’s comet like appearance is not caused by puncturing the urns that hold Democrats and Republicans. No, Trump is not a cause, Trump is a symptom. Yes, being astute, he has noticed that the game is played by new rules. A glider provides an analogy. It gains height because the pilot knows where the air rises. However, the pilot does not create the lifting force.

A year ago the knowledgeable –including your correspondent- “knew” that Trump’s nomination was “impossible”. This experts’ failure carries a message: Past patterns have reduced relevance. Trump heads not a party but a movement that expresses a trend. His is not a traditional party as Trump fuses elements that used to reside in different political camps.

It is high time that we admit what many dislike to acknowledge: America and Europe have tiptoed into a new political age.

The break with the past – a revolution is an attempt to break with it- is personified. There is Trump in America. The shortened list continues with Wilders in Holland, Le Pen in France, Petry in Germany, and Orbán in Hungary. Scandinavia, Britain, the Visegrád Four, and Central Europe, are all headed toward new pastures because the docile cattle noticed that, besides Merkel’s thistles, little grass grows on the old acre.

In what way do the new politics and its representatives differ from the “usual” stale fare? Generally, the leaders are “new men”, from outside the old party machines. Le Pen seems to be an exception. The impression, created by her father’s role, is misleading. Daughter Marine has moved the National Front away from its sectarian ideology and emphasizes new themes. Peeved, Le Pen senior has left the party.

Odd party careers relate to an appeal to supporters “from across the political divide”, while their new themes are presented in a novel style. This means that those that would not have “made it” before, stand on platforms that used to be anathema, and that the mavericks present their case in ways that were once no-nos.

As for style, the emergence of original haircuts is revealing. The representatives of the new vague do not look like the proper senator of Hollywood classic. The way programs are presented has changed. Diplomacy -obfuscation when one does not say what one thinks- is going out of style. “The message” is broadcast in a tone that sounds the way normal people talk when they “tell it the way it is”. The result does not beat around the bush so as not to insult those that love to be offended. Robust and un-coded, while clear and honest, is the message because its point is meant.

Now that we have referred to who communicates and how, the missing link is the message sent without an ideological burka. Earlier, parties indulged in the cult of acquiescence. The program stated what was assumed to be the opinion of all. Going from there, a text was chosen to state the innocuous that could not offend. The result conformed to what the political class regarded as a placebo that calms the mass. Who were these people? They led the parties that contested each other according to a ritual that gave the appearance of change without altering anything. The goal; modify appearances so that, benefitting the insiders, all could remain the way it was.

For decades, the set-up to cooperate according to insider rules worked. Then came crises. In Europe as well as in America, these pierced the remote public realm to touch the citizen. This made it obvious that public affairs has an impact on private lives. “Joe Sixpac” was made to look critically at results of “the leaders”, and that revealed that all was not swell. Even if they oozed empathy, the Chimps proved to be inept managers of the zoo.

There are two issues whose handling had alerted the public. Even with the sirens turned off, its house was burning. One is, as yet, not fully discernible. The coming collapse of the financial system, which uses borrowed money to serve as the collateral for the bills it prints, is meant. Already visible is a crisis of an uncontrolled, invasion-like, migration. The calamity makes the relationship between the led and the leaders unravel. We have millions of illegals and millions gathering to break through borders. They crave the good life’s welfare, and attack the infidel host. The caving of the “system” which avoids the control of migration because it hopes to absorb it, becomes difficult to hide. The promise “trust us, we will run your lives well” sounds hollow even to those that like to stick their head in the sand because we are running out of sand.

There was a time when “everybody” felt alone holding “inappropriate” views. The perception was of isolation in an insane asylum due to the condition of sanity. To avoid ostracism, this silent majority withheld its opinion. The current mess that issues from the mismanaged invasion, has brought a crisis from a remote level down to a personal one, experienced throughout the neighborhood.

The knifings, decapitations, bombings, rape, and shootings has made it difficult not to grasp the wantonly caused collapse of security and those responsible for it. The upshot; the impression of isolation in a PC determined universe, is muting into a sense of being part of a previously silent -because silenced- new majority. The docile ones that trusted that “they know how to govern” becomer, in PC-terms, “radicalized”.  Uncensored that means “alerted” by the collapse of safety and the rise of anarchy.

The old order of the consensual sailing through tranquil waters, navigated by elites, is more than only challenged; having failed, the system will not return. Terrorism’s bomb has blown the system to smithereens. The bits of old illusions are now rising in the air toward the cloud of multicultural bliss. Rest assured that, the floating matter will soon settle back on earth. However, the parts will not return to their old place and the passing of time will not enable us to return the burst parts to their old space.

Duly Noted

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