There Will Be More Charlottes

A Black police officer shots an armed black gunman in Charlotte. Once again it leads to riots and protests that decimated the downtown Charlotte area. The Black police Chief and Mayor are told they must resign because they were responsible.
The protesters, who could be aptly described as rioters went on to burn and damage property, troll the area for white people to beat, and after that call for “Justice”. Where is the justice for the business owners, some of who had been in that area for over 30 years, or the whites who spent time in the hospital because of the actions of those who created this chaos?
Looking on the numbers that have been promulgated by Todd Walther, spokesman for the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Fraternal Order of Police shows that the majority, over 70% of those arrested during the rioting were from out of state. These rioters were actually bused in, for no other reason than to foment chaos. They are criminals, and I would suggest that most did not even know of them man who confronted police, or that the officer involved were black. It was widely hidden by the mainstream media until they had to report it because others called them out. The situation was used as a reason to riot, not to create a protest that could lead to discussions that could have resolved the situation.
There are laws against going across state lines to foment unrest, to organize, promote participate in or carry on a riot. From the Federal Judicial Center it is made quite clear:
“Whoever travels in interstate or foreign commerce or uses any facility of interstate including but not limited to the mail telegraph, telephone or radio or television with the intent to incite a riot to aid or abet any person in inciting or participating in a riot shell be fined no more than $10,000 or imprisoned for no more than 5 years”
This situation is also covered in United States code 62 Stat. 808 Pub.L103-322 title XXXIII para 330016
Where is our Department of Justice on the out of state rioters and agitators that converged on Charlotte? There was no mention of prosecution of these rioters, making the DOJ complicit in the pursuit of the Soros agenda .From Ferguson, to Baltimore, to Charlotte, instigators and communist sympathizers was noted, and there has been no repercussions to those who were a part of this action? Perhaps because the Soros financed BLM has found an avid supporters in this administration and our globalist Muslim president. Hillary is of the same ilk as Obama, meaning her election will continue to push the Soros agenda. Obama has tried to convince the American people that Charlotte, and the riots in all the other locations that Soros has financed are “just a few people doing it the wrong way”. Obama, ever the uniter has convinced a majority of blacks that justice in not always color blind. I have seen no examples of this statement being true either by Obama or this administration. More whites are shot by blacks every year, but that is not mentioned. The black- on-black murders are never mentioned, or as they were in Hillarys debate, made out to be the ranting of someone like Donald Trump with no merit.

There is one man who has been in the center of the rioting in this country and the Black Lives Matter movement. George Soros. Starting in Ferguson, along with the Islamic Jihad and Hamas, Soros was the one who put forth the effort and money to foment these protests. It was Soros who donated $33 million dollars to BLM and other groups to turn white-on-black police shootings to a flashpoint that would envelope the entire country. The fact that Michael Brown was shot while attacking a police officer is irrelevant to Soros and his minions. They will use any and all situations as a provocation to create more chaos.
The president of the NAACP in North Carolina has taken a step to push the narrative on Charlotte. In a news conference he stated that Transparency is required and the videos must be released. Ridiculing Donald Trump and calling police “trigger happy”. Of course, this same man would not comment on the five officers murdered in Dallas, although it would not surprise me if he claimed they were at fault. Going forward, and sounding like Hillary Clinton, he claimed the criminal justice systems was tilted against blacks. Blacks in this country are a minority, but commit as man crimes as the white majority. But according to Rev. Barber and Hillary, they should only be incarcerated in a percentage that matches the percentage of the population they are. Evidently, commit a crime-go to jail is no longer relevant to the progressive socialist pushing this agenda. Millio0ns have been given by Soros to various NAACP organizations, and with the money came the marching orders that the NAACP now follows. It was Rev. William Barber II, who moved the North Carolina NAACP from legislative to action in the streets for his organization, advancing the objectives and priorities of the Open Society Foundation.

Of course, Ken Zimmerman, the director of U.S. Programs for Soros’ Open Society Foundation, claims that there wasn’t any money given to BLM, a lie as proven by the Washington Post. DC Leaks has shown that the reason for this was to dismantle the culture and values of the country to make the rebuilding of the country as Soros envisions his corporatist, socialist agenda.
BLM is a socialist tool being used by Soros, and other elitists such as the Ford Foundation, the Center for American Progress, founded by Clinton protégé Podesta, to destroy race relations within the United States, and with the help of this administration to create the progressive socialist utopia for their profit.
A byproduct of the chaos being created is that It also helps Hillary. The mainstream media, being a part of the problem, cover each protest, each riot, and continue to place the blame on the police and whites. It is no surprise that George Soros is a major contributor to Hillarys campaign.
George Soros is a globalist, considers himself a god, and is willing to do whatever it takes to create his vision of a one world government. Together with his associates at the IMF, the UN and the World Bank

Soros has made billions off of the chaos he has fomented in Europe, and has now turned his efforts to the U.S .Much as he has done in Europe with the refugee resettlement program, he is now attempting to do the same here. The end game is the undermining of national sovereignty. Soros and our current President Obama have both declared that nationalism is a threat to the globalist agenda, and both have proven the borders should be dissolved. Obama has effectively done that by not securing our national borders, and by executive action making our border patrols unable to perform the duties they were hired to do. This will lead to a national crisis which of course will require a global solution.
Demos, another Soros organization is now in the United States. In leaked memos it was made clear that the goals of this organization are two fold
1. To implement UN Agenda 21 and 2030 to eradicate national sovereignty in favor of a globally controlled government and
2. The complete globalization of the U.S. culture to effectively destroy the very nature of what American culture is
But it is to be expected that such occurrences as black –on-white crime would be a non- story. When the Democrat/socialists endorse BLM, and the Soros agenda. They claim “systemic racism” and police violence against blacks. In the draft of the resolution they claim “extrajudicial killings of unarmed black, women and children. This resolution was passed by the Democrat National Committee on the same day that Darren H. Goforth, a 47 year old sheriff was gunned down. Where was the DNC resolution on that?
Once again the Soros agenda is to create division and chaos to collapse civil discourse in the country and to collapse the way of life that, while not perfect, has stood the country well for over 200 years. The new order that Obama, this administration and the global socialists look to sow in this country of cop hating, the deterioration of law and order and the rule of law, black nationalism, and the collapse of the sovereignty on our country is claimed to be the new normal and the foundation of the Democrat Party.
It will get worse before Obama leaves, and if Hillary gets elected will move forward until the destruction is complete.

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