Thursday Will be a Circus

This Thursday is turning into a circus. Under enormous pressure and lies and threats the next Supreme Court Justice, Brett Kavanaugh will be pilloried by the progressive socialist Democrats looking for a seat on the 2020 Presidential train.

The lines have been drawn, the protesters have been paid and the low information voters are acting like bobble-heads to the lies being told by the leftists and the helpful media. Our public discourse has been debased, our legal system is lying in tatters, and the leftists have shown their true colors. Agree with us or suffer the consequences.  The progressive socialist that today call themselves Democrats will allow no opposition but will seek revenge that has no decency, ignore the facts and impugn the integrity of one the greatest jurists in our country’s history all in a dance to retain and grow the power that they feel should only belong to them.

Thursday will starkly show that the accuser is lying. There can be no proven credibility to the accusations when even a place, date and time cannot be established. They clutch their pearls and demand that the FBI investigate while stomping their feet. Just what is there to investigate? The where, when, and who combined with the fact that the accuser can’t even tell who she went there with or how she got home, do not give a great many details for the FBI to investigate. It is not a federal crime, and there would be no reason for the FBI to investigate. The accuser’s lawyers have been making demands that are not feasible, even to the point of what media may cover the proceedings this Thursday. Do they think that will keep the real story from getting out? Or do they have such a low opinion of the citizenry, (much like the Democrats) that they think they can control the narrative?

Of course, you will always have to put up with people that will always insist that she must be telling the truth. Kirsten Gillibrand, Kamala Harris, and Maize Horono actually think that telling her therapist about something sometime in the past, and even then did not name Judge Kavanaugh, is enough proof for a conviction of a man who has shown no inclination to do what he is accused of doing.

The story has collapsed, even the witnesses that the accuser claims were there do not corroborate her story. Mr. Judge, Patrick J. Smith both have issued statements to the committee, and most damaging of all is Ms. Leland Ingham Keyser, obviously a female, stated she did not have knowledge of the party, does not know Judge Kavanaugh and has no recollection of attending any party that Kavanaugh may have attended. If Sen, Gillibrand proclaims that all women must be believed, she needs to explain why Ms. Keyser is ignored.

And where is the media coverage of the accuser working for a company, Corcept Therapeutics that manufactures an abortion-inducing pill?  As first reported at the site Gateway Pundit, the company makes mifepristone, commonly called RU-486, and the first accuser has coauthored at least eight publications to promote the company’s pill.

Now that the first accuser has been shown to be a failure, there is now a second accuser that has admitted to her friends that she doesn’t even know if Judge Kavanaugh was the person in question, but after a few days of talking to a Democrat operative who has been assigned as her lawyer, now is convinced that the Judge was indeed the culprit. Her story was so poor that after investigating the New York Times, a paper that is no friend to Trump or Kavanaugh, wouldn’t consider running it. It was then shopped to The New Yorker, and the bomb throwers there were all too happy to put it out as a further smear to Judge Kavanaugh. Now this morning, three ladies are supposedly ready to claim that the first accuser told her about the incident. More than convenient, they are now going to be used with no corroboration to further smear the Judge and be used in an attempt to delay the proceeding further.

I place even money on the first accuser even showing up on Thursday. Contrary to the rules of the Senate, the accuser has made demands that are irrelevant. You don’t get to pick and choose or make demands. But then again, the progressive socialist Democrats have already found Judge Kavanaugh guilty, so it really doesn’t matter if she says anything at this point.

The main objective here is to smear Judge Kavanaugh to the point that the public turns against him. There are already “polls” put out by left-wing organizations that declare that women are against his nomination. True numbers show that over 70% of voting age women are behind Judge Kavanaugh and will not fall for the lie that he will overturn Roe V Wade. We cannot allow this debacle to continue. Nor can we allow the progressive socialists to devalue the intent of the millions of Americans that voted for our President. The Republican leadership needs to put an end to this now. The hearing on Thursday, if she shows up and does actually testify truthfully, will be another Democrat circus complete with Kamala Harris and Cory Booker pontificating on how Kavanaugh is some sort of serial rapist and should not be elected even dog catcher. Let them whine and cry, stomp their feet and then have the vote of Friday. These games the progressive socialist play, complete with protests, disruptions, and violence must stop. The will of the people must be done.

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3 comments to Thursday Will be a Circus

  • Chip Henry

    I read an article today that put it all into perspective, at last. When Romney announced who he might pick for the Supreme Court, Kav was on that list. Shortly following that, what’s-her-face made an appointment with a counselor. They planned it in Romney’s day. That is what we can expect in any location that Dems control. Anarchy? Look at Chicago. Look at Obama. Look at current events. Look at what it’s going to take to maintain America’s freedom. We picked Trump. We won. We win. Sorry, and thanks, to Kav and family, and we all look forward to great court cases!

  • Pilot Dave

    We hope the Liberals keep up their hate for our President Trump… it will solidify their Blue Wave in November, but it will be a blue wave of their tears as they cry all night from a loss at the polls the MSM promised they would win, again.

  • oneoeight nams

    These dishonest dem “senators” don’t even follow the presumption of innocence until proven guilty. They should all be arrested and jailed for misleading the public, for starters. Same for their enabling rinos.

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