The Night of the Comet: A Non-Fictional Scenario about November 8, 2016 Revisited (A Preface for the Midterm Elections of November 6, 2018)


The Mainstream Media has been trying to induce the idea that the 2018 midterm elections would bring the Democrats the most-awaited shift in power and their majority in Congress, based on two factors: the so-called Democratic „blue wave” and the midterm historic patterns.

I beg to differ.

As to the „blue wave”, there are two clarification points to be made.

First, there is no „blue” wave. I resent this premise. Democrats don’t belong to any „blue” party, simply because their party is the „red” party. This big mess with the party-color change, popularized in 2000 by the late Tim Russert (God rest his soul), is something I am not going to put up with.

Second, there is no „wave”. While polls in December 2017 gave Democrats a double-digit advantage in the generic ballot, some of that early momentum starts to disappear with midterm primaries underway, on the background of booming economic growth, a reality admitted even by leftist publications like „Vox”.

As to the midterm historic patterns, studies showed that, indeed, in most of the cases, the president’s party almost always loses Congress seats (92% for the House seats and 73% for the Senate seats since the end of the Civil War).

Again, two clarification points.

One: this does not automatically turn into a shift of power between parties.

And two: there can be factors of an exceptional nature (e.g., the backlash against the impeachment of President Clinton or the 9/11 attacks for President George W. Bush) that actually help the party in power to pick up seats in both chambers.

Other studies, more realistic, based on the final generic-ballot polls, suggested that the apparent statistical advantage that the Democrats seem to be enjoying currently, may translate in Democrats falling far short of what they need to regain control of the Congress or, at best, in Democrats being about a „50-50 proposition to take back” one or both Congress chambers.

As far as I am concerned, President Trump has broken many patterns so far. So, in spite of what all the Mainstream Media is striving to demonstrate, I will repeat my prediction that I made on October 19, 2016 about the presidential elections of November 8, 2016, and published for the first time on October 22, the same year.

I am attaching that prediction below, as a refresher for the Mainstream Media, who doesn’t want to learn its lesson.


„The Night of the Comet”

Now that the year-long political beauty pageant they call presidential debate cycle finally came to an end on October 19, this is what will happen in the remaining two weeks or so before the Grand Coronation Night of November 8, called Election Day.

The Candidates

Trump will continue his popularity rallies, gathering a couple of dozen thousands of supporters or even more, where he will be explaining the obvious – that America will be great again, provided that the American people care to detour from the Obama and Clinton’s cul-de-sac. That they are willing to genuinely engage themselves in an act of profound reparation of a broken, corrupt, and free-falling society. And that they truly desire to force a comeback to the American traditional values.

Hillary Clinton, on the other hand, will continue undisturbed to seek shelter in her Chappaqua nursing home, sending her surrogates and cronies to campaign for her all over the place. She will be fully assured that the liberal mainstream media, together with the hordes of bipartisan establishment activists and obfuscated “conservatives,” will propel her toward a pre-announced landslide victory. Occasionally, she will appear in friendly milieus, comfortably sitting on soft plush sofas, chit-chatting with her fan club scribblers who call themselves journalists, or comics acting as talk show hosts. Or she will consistently support herself from sturdy podiums, in 200-or-so-people gatherings she calls “rallies.” She will brag robotically, bobble-heading, with scripted jokes about – “you know” – that ”Stronger Together” thing. Meaning, y’all and her. Or about what else Trump privately whispered decades ago about women currently searching for instant fame, weeks before the elections.

The Mainstream Media

Meanwhile, the plethora of talking heads will continue to reshape their own narrative about whatever things Donald Trump SAID whenever, as a private citizen: the tax deductions, Putin’s sympathy, Alicia Machado’s antipathy, the allegedly groped lady on a plane in the 1980s, Trump’s intent to take a closer look to possible election frauds…

They will continue to ignore or spin what Hillary Clinton DID (wrongly or illegally) as an elected or appointed official: Hillarycare, Vincent Foster’s ”official” suicide, Travelgate, Filegate, the Lewinsky affair, the Chinese donations, the Russian “reset” button, the Haiti get-rich-quick schemes, the lucrative paid speeches, the Arab Spring, Benghazi, the private server, the quid pro quos…

And, of course, they will put the blame for all these revelations on the “vast right-wing conspiracy” and the Russians.

They will also continue to debate zealously about the national-flagged colors of Hillary’s pantsuits on various occasions, her over-rehearsed alleged gotcha phrases, the jab-trading at the Al Smith dinner, the First-Female-President ballad, and her (no-legacy) 30-year experience.

The Pollsters

They will continue to provide surveys with leftward polling, based on previous models from the 2012 and 2014 elections, that sample Democrat, Republican, and independent “registered voters” in 45-35-20-percent ratios, instead of sampling likely voters in 35-35-30-percent ratios.

They will not tell you about the percentages of “independents” and “undecideds.” Nor about how many Democrat-leaning independents will vote Republican (although the primaries have given you a hint of that). Nor even about how many incumbent-leaning undecideds will stay home compared with the newcomer-leaning undecideds who will actually show up and vote.

And everything will go nice and smooth. Until The Night of the Comet.

The Turnout

Turnout is not known by pundits, nor designed by pollsters, and it will hit hard. The year 2016 is The Year of the Insurgency. And election night will be The Night of the Comet.

At the end of the day, the pundits’ and pollsters’ magic crystal ball, that has helped so many times the pundits to go wrong about Trump, will shatter. All of those responsible for creating parallel realities will have to pick up the shards from the floor. They will scratch their heads with amazement, asking themselves what the heck just happened.

We know. We have witnessed this before. Just ask one-term president Jimmy Carter about November 4, 1980 or Tom Brokaw’s “Florida declared winner” Al Gore about November 8, 2000 or the non-Brexiteers across the pond about June 23, 2016.

They have witnessed comets coming, too.


NOTE – A version of the article was published previously in AMERICAN THINKER.


TIBERIU DIANU has published several books and a host of articles in law, politics, and post-communist societies. He currently lives and works in Washington, DC and can be followed on MEDIUM.




3 comments to The Night of the Comet: A Non-Fictional Scenario about November 8, 2016 Revisited (A Preface for the Midterm Elections of November 6, 2018)

  • The night of November 8, 2016 brought for many the most unexpected shift in the presidential power, and the author predicts and presents this event with great mastery and refinement with almost three weeks before the event actually happened.

  • Trump explained that America would be great again, and he had confidence that his supporters would prevail at the voting booths. His victory was an act of profound repair of a corrupt society that would return to its traditional American values. In the meantime, Hillary Clinton, being absolutely sure that she would win, sent her surrogates to support her campaign in the country.

  • In a sharp contrast with Hillary’s narcissistic message, Trump won the public with a simple message about immigration, tax cuts and fixing the current rigged political system. “The Night of the Comet” was, indeed, a big surprise whose effect continues to paralyze the Democrats even now.

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