Trump Tower on Obama Avenue: The Democrats’ Despicable Name-Change Game

Trump Tower in New York City — Barack Obama

The Democrats are playing their despicable name-change game again.

First, in 2015, President Obama changed the name of North America’s tallest peak from McKinley (honoring the Republican president from Ohio) to Denali. After the 2016 presidential election, President Trump wanted to reverse the name change, but the two Alaskan RINO senators, Lisa Murkowski and Dan Sullivan, told the president that they did not want this to happen, and Trump agreed not to reverse the name change.

Suffice it to say that Murkowski herself submitted a January 2015 bill to re-propose renaming the highest peak to Denali. As for Sullivan, a senator from 2015, he forgot that, during his 2013 year-end campaign finance report, out of the $1.2 million total campaign contributions, more than $400,000 came from Ohio.

Both Murkowski and Sullivan have been well-known Trump opponents since the 2016 presidential race.

After that, the Democrats were struck by the mania of changing the names of schools and streets named after “undesirable” statesmen, like President George Washington or Confederate President Jefferson Davis and Confederate general Robert E. Lee.

Dumb local counselors, blinded by fury after Trump won the presidential elections, wanted to flex their muscles in front of their communities. They organized ad-hoc meetings where they proceeded to change the “undesirable” names, ignoring the will of their communities and the additional expenses that such decision would involve. That is, sign replacement, new uniforms, sports fields and equipment changes, letterheads for official correspondence, and other associated costs in their already tight budgets.

Now, the last scheme the Democrats are cooking is to rename the street Trump Tower is on after Barack Obama. A petition on, delivered to New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio and New York City Council, seeks to rename the stretch of Fifth Avenue between 56th Street and 57th Street “President Barack H. Obama Avenue” and to change accordingly any addresses on that stretch of Fifth Avenue. Started around October 2018, the petition has recently garnered over 250,000 signatures online.

The petitioner, the 56-year old Elizabeth Rowin, told Newsweek that she wrote to the New York City Council and some members told her that if she got enough signatures, they would look into the matter.

If the effort proves successful, Trump Tower’s 725 Fifth Avenue address would become 725 Barack H. Obama Avenue. However, there is one little problem: regulations require that honorees be dead for two years before they can be considered.

The name-change strategy continues already the trend of bigoted left-wing activists wanting to impose in schools and communities a new alternative language based on politically correct “terms” and a different division of genders.

These name-change games will continue. If not stopped, they will irretrievably change the fiber of the nation, the traditional American onomastics and toponymy, and we will wake up one day living in another country.


NOTE – A version of the article was previously published in AMERICAN THINKER.


TIBERIU DIANU has published several books and a host of articles on law, politics, and post-communist societies. He currently lives and works in Washington, DC and can be followed on MEDIUM.






5 comments to Trump Tower on Obama Avenue: The Democrats’ Despicable Name-Change Game

  • VladTheImpala

    I’d be alright with “Nobama Freakin Way”.


    Among the political strategies of the left, there is the name changing. President Obama changed the name of the highest mountain peak in North America, from McKinley (honoring a Republican president) to a local name.


    Liberal local activists changed the unpleasant names – for them – of some prestigious schools and streets (like George Washington, Jefferson Davis, Robert E. Lee) with other names of left-wing activists.


    All this name changing is very costly, but those who make the changes ignore the high costs (since they don’t pay them anyhow).


    Currently, the liberals have a new target: to change the name of the avenue in New York where the Trump Tower is located, with the former president Obama’s name. This wave of name changes must be stopped.

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