To Bette Midler and the Leftist Hollywood Elite: Don’t Judge the Duggars Before Reading Your Party’s New Planks

Caricature of actress/vocalist Bette Midler.

Caricature of actress/vocalist Bette Midler.

Your Majesty Queen B[ette], 

I beseech your forbearance following your sardonic attack against the Duggars for their lurid past involving incest and pedophilia allegations. You see, you and your Nazi-sycophant elitists not only have little room to disparage, your party actually supports rape, incest, polygamy, human trafficking, child prostitution and last, slavery. In essence, the Democrats, the party of liberals, of “open-minded common folk”, have surpassed Marxism and Hitler’s own National Socialism as a faction far more evil due to your innate ability to become elected following indoctrinating the electorate it not only is kosher to play the role of Mandingo as the black African slave somewhere over the LGBT community’s plantation, but to commit suicide is somehow a virtue. The Democratic Party successfully convinced scores of voters alive and dead that life is evil. Heck, “Hanoi Jane” may claim she regrets her open admission through action she is a communist, but actions speak louder than words. Leopards will rarely shed their spots — and Oprah Winfrey will still insist white people must die because we are each racist by birth (you too, Queenie). However, she will never admit how she is contributing to the Democrat eugenics policy towards the black community. How rich and delicious the irony of the absurd, indeed.


Now, now, I know what you are going to say — my charges against your moral character and your profession’s far-left wing bloc are unfounded, anecdotal to the point of a new “vast right-wing conspiracy” setting a new standard for hyperbole. But I believe you might in being lectured how all the policies from your own party not only have never caused you or your peers reason to blink, but no shame and apologism because you are in deep support of the world devolving into one of street corner harlots and sodomites. So here I go, employing you in place of the Left as means for applying face to perpetually-festering America’s case of “The Clap”. As I count the ways, you will be addressed in the third person.

PEDOPHILIA: Where to begin. I want to address Queen B[ette]’s support of elderly men and women loving life and their “love children”… except this does not mean the myriad bastard children the bulwark of Hollywood elites have sired with women or men.

One of the scores of intellectual darlings within the higher education field is legal scholar and practicing attorney-at-law Margo Kaplan. After all as a high-falutin’ blood-sucking leftist lawyer, she obviously understands through expertise “pedophilia is not a crime” — and quite possibly personal experience for all I know since grade school educators seem to be getting in on the fun too. And because of this, the same standards apply to statutory rapists as do the LGBT community, down to the very strategy of declaring their “mental-illness” is not criminal, but comes naturally [no pun intended].

ISIS agrees with Ms. Kaplan and might choose to cherry-pick Queen B[ette]’s own children or grandchildren. In fact, here is Ms. Kaplan’s op-ed piece in The New York Times. I promise you this is not a contemporary English transliterated copy of Boris Nabokov’s Lolita.

Margo Kaplan article "Pedophilia: A Disorder, Not a Crime"

Margo Kaplan article “Pedophilia: A Disorder, Not a Crime”

Since Roe v. Wade and the declassification of homosexuality as a mental-illness in 1973, “being gay” is only not a medical issue of bad genetics when it suits the rising sodomites of the world politically. The trend has shifted to a new pedophile civil rights putsch, most notably among pervert gays even in terms of religious establishments (Islam, the Roman Catholic Church) where this is a “non-issue” to Queen B[ette] with one faith. The LGBT Nazis would love nothing more than to open more bathhouses, walk into their straight neighbor’s home on Wisteria Lane to steal their babies, to cause what no longer would be a crime by raping them ragged of far more than their innocence. The Left is so open-minded that we seque to a notable Christian conservative family embroiled in such a scandal where the father acted like a true man and treated his son the way he should have as a potential pedophile. God forbid Jim Bob Duggar, who ran as a Republican for U.S. Senator nearly thirteen years ago, might have stood by his moral conviction three years later rather than placate to the trending winds of political popular culture — and in guilt by at least the association, Queen B[ette], who supports pedophilia.

The Labour Party in Britain now proclaims openly, “We can’t prove sex with children does them harm.” And after all, socialist Europe to Queen B[ette] is far more advanced and sophisticated intellectually as an “open” society. Democrats virulently oppose Mr. Duggar’s push for a capital legal statute for incest.

INCEST: Queen B[ette] now supports the idea incest can be best. The Left now overwhelmingly supports its legalization because somehow, looking like a Klingon is cool. Hollywood has an unholy knack for providing catalysts for change.

Don’t believe me? Meet Admiral Allahu Akbar, who actually is a Muslim, a proud recipient of home cooking for untold generations. And believe me, if Barack Hussein Obama really had a son, it might be him, as it is sanctioned under Sharia law.

Muslim victim of inbreeding.

Muslim victim of inbreeding.

Democrats support the total abolition of the Constitution in favor of a full transfer to such a peaceful religion’s totalitarian legal code. It is in the works already through incestuous marriage. New York State just legalized these unions between nieces and nephews and their uncles and aunts. Let us not omit Germany, now looking into universal decriminalization of incest between siblings. Imagine what the Left once stated regarding people from Kentucky confusing their brother as their father twice removed on their mother’s side. Love truly knows no boundaries — except when it no longer is politically expedient. The royal bloodline of Camelot at Martha’s Vineyard in Massachusetts looks to be watering down. The idea of “kissing cousins” will never be the same.

POLYGAMY: The Left despises Mormons almost as much as they do Christians. It appears here, however, the dust in the bin never quite reached the landfill, instead taking a hard-turn to the Left to Greenpeace’s recycling receptacle. Many liberal friends state once Proposition 8 was overturned by the U.S. Supreme Court, they intend to apply the same strategy towards polygamy. But I have a sneaking suspicion this has nothing to do with a sudden zeitgeist political romance whispering sweet nothings into the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints’ right ear’s past.

A federal court struck down a ban on portions of Utah’s anti-polygamy statute, citing violations of the First and Fourteenth Amendments, permitting a man to marry one woman and to live with others he considers his spouses. The Mormon church banned polygamy in 1890, but fundamentalists still insist they apply the old tradition into practice. And of course, the issue with civil rights statutes for Queen B[ette] could not arrive in the scenario at a better time with the official concern by the church.

“This is bad news for the LDS church and its public image,” Christopher Bigelow, a member of the church who co-authored the book “Mormonism for Dummies,” told International Business Times. “As polygamy becomes legal, the LDS church will likely come under pressure to accept polygamists back into its membership ranks. With the law on their side, polygamists could ratchet up a ‘civil rights’ campaign within the church along the same lines as we’re currently seeing with the church’s gays and feminists.”

Suddenly, we are dealing with Bette Midler Eyes permitting the Left’s amorality as the lone legal conscience regulating the layperson’s guide. 

HUMAN TRAFFICKING, CHILD PROSTITUTION AND SLAVERY: Holy Sweet Sixteen, Batman! Bill Clinton loved his trips with Alan Dershowitz, Britain’s Prince Andrew and convicted felon and Democrat billionaire donor Jeffrey Epstein to pay for illicit sexual romps with underage girls. Clearly there was too much grass in Monica Lewinsky’s infield to mow further towards the warning track.

Bill Clinton featured on the cover of The National Enquirer as part of the "Lolita Island" sex ring.

Bill Clinton featured on the cover of The National Enquirer as part of the “Lolita Island” sex ring.

Since Queen B[ette] will support legalizing child slavery so the former president can get his rocks off (and save face for Hillary), why not link this to Democrats’ unconscionable support for… wait for it… slavery and human trafficking?

Satirical meme of Bill Clinton referring to the Monica Lewinsky scandal.

Satirical meme of Bill Clinton referring to the Monica Lewinsky scandal.

You see Queen B[ette], conservatives as the Left’s political-rape victims have to keep voters casting their ballots through their vaginas happy, so naturally this comes to the fringe’s platform. Democrats attempted to block a bill by GOP senators that would target among other establishments, Planned Parenthood, which are guilty of trafficking child prostitutes and young women as slaves. After all, barring money from abortion clinics complicit in the sex slave trade for the performance of abortions was too much for Democrats to bear given it would be the GOP’s means for “keeping up with the Sangers”.


And rather than thinking of the children we know are live human beings, the focus on maintaining used vaginas happiness after a pleasurable mistake, to perpetuate their cause for post-term abortions are akin to The Who singing of those “deaf, dumb and blind” kids who sure play a mean pinball. To Democrats, it really isn’t “rape” if they believe the victim is “laughing” since they will force a chuckle through brute force.


To Queen B[ette], black lives really do not matter, else she would not condone the Sanger-inspired means to Adolf Hitler’s “Final Solution”. (End of third person.)

Queen B[ette], you have been served. Please do check your enormously wealthy, Hollywood-elitist privilege before attacking a contemporary family you hold to a higher moral standard than your own silent amorality. Your party loves slavery so much, Mandingo will soon become any black child casually raped by future Bill Clinton acolytes because of its policies. You support Planned Parenthood’s circulation of young adolescent sex slaves in order for business to expand for the Abortion Industrial Complex (A.I.C.). Because the Left hates God but learned to love Allah, since Sharia law teaches the exact tactics for voluntary submission through coercion, rape is all part of the liberal game. Slavery, we now know, never left the Democrat plantation. As Clayton Williams stated during his ill-fated 1990 Texas gubernatorial campaign as a Republican — and not in the same context one might recall — rape victims will be demanded to relax and enjoy. After all, we have no choice but to grin and bear each time a Democrat is elected given the Obama brigades (DHS, FBI, Al Sharpton, the New Black Panthers, CAIR, MAS and the Muslim Brotherhood) intend to steal our babies if guilty of “white privilege”.


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