To Trump or Not to Trump?

The GOP civil war taking place over Donald Trump becoming the party’s presidential nominee has been painful and damaging to the Republican Party. Conservative leaders who were once cordial now publicly slam each other. Friends who worked on political campaigns together get into nasty feuds on social media, resulting in defriending incidents. Instead of respectfully disagreeing, many Republicans on both sides accuse those who differ with them of attempting to destroy the country. First, those who opposed Trump during the primary race accused those who chose to back him of supporting Hillary Clinton, because he was polling so poorly against her. After he was certain to get the primary nomination, his supporters turned around and did the same thing right back, accusing Republicans who do not want to vote for Trump in the general election as supporting Clinton.

While both accusations could be valid, whatever happened to free choice? This is why we have private, anonymous ballots in this country.

Some disgruntled conservatives believe they are being principled by not voting for Trump, and would rather gamble with the risk of Clinton getting into office instead, in order to send a message to the GOP that the party better promote someone for president seen as more conservative next time.

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